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Installing the tile back splash

I woke up today, ready to get to work on the tile.  I had the tile saw (borrowed from a friend), the tile, the supplies and my dad lined up to help.  The morning was cold, but sunny.  So, I started to get everything set up and it started to sleet.  Okay.  No biggie.  We have to use the saw outside, but I'll just set up a canopy tent.  By the time I gathered the saw horses and brought the canopy to  (read more …)

my dirty little secrets

Picture this...I have very important dinner guests over to my house.  I welcome them into my kitchen. They compliment my bright white cabinetry.  I'm finishing some dinner prep and chatting with everyone, gracious hostess that I am.  Are you with me? One of the guests asks if she can do anything to help me.  I ask her to grab a bowl out of the upper right cabinet.  She sees  (read more …)