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wood lovers, eat your hearts out

Thanks for all of the great comments on the family gallery I am working on and wrote about yesterday.  My mom and I worked on hanging the pictures tonight, so I'll share photos of that soon. I also will write/film a tutorial on how I cut mats. Today, I have a treat for wood lovers.  I know some of you out there take issue with certain pieces I paint, but the thing is, I'm a wood lover, too!  I  (read more …)

checkered rug

I've shared before that rugs are my nemesis, but I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on what I like and what works with everything else happening in my space.  I had a plain jute rug under the table in the family room (off the kitchen), but we rolled it up and put it in the basement when we set up the Christmas tree.  It was fraying and the color just looked a little bland, so I didn't put it  (read more …)

hanging plates & swapping chairs

Today, I was supposed to be taking out the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with my dad in order to get things ready for the floor to be tiled.  Well, if you're in the northeast, you know that it's been brutally cold and there was some snow to boot, so the tiling had to be delayed until the temperature at least flirting with going above freezing. So, the toilet stayed put and I needed to shift  (read more …)

Christmas decorating | family room

I am not detail oriented when it comes to picking out a Christmas tree.  I figure one is just about as good as the next, so I don't angst over it.  I had the guy at the tree farm hold out one and it was clear that the bottom was a bit mangled, so I asked if he could show me another one.  He lifted it up and gave it a turn to fluff the branches.  Jeff was standing behind me and the boys were  (read more …)

a girl can change her mind (and often does)

Soooo...the curtain saga continues.  I've confessed that rugs are my nemesis, but now that I've switched to sisal and jute blends, I've made peace with rugs.  It seems like curtains might be my new nemesis.  I think the struggle I have with curtains is that it's not a design choice that's easily (or inexpensively) changed.  In a room with one window...okay, it's not that big of a deal.  But my  (read more …)

pillows for the family room

I made a few pillows for my family room yesterday and made a few more today.  It felt so good to work on the details of a room and towards the goal of finishing.  I tend to get a room finished enough and then move onto other things, never circling back to finish.  Then months later, maybe even years, I'll find the fabric I planned to use, the supplies for a project or frames waiting to be filled  (read more …)

painted “swedish” bench

I always have a hard time getting refocused after a big event or project.  I seem to work at my best when there is a date looming, but at the same time, I dislike the pressure of deadlines.  So, I'm conflicted.  I love and hate due dates.  To combat the unfocused work approach, I decided to knock out a few projects that have been on my list for some time.  I grabbed the bench at the table in our  (read more …)

jelly cupboard, organizing & family room fabric

I have been on a streak with finding amazing empire pieces.  I currently have five in my stash!  Now, these aren't usually this easy for me to come by, but I've just been catching Craig's List and my favorite furniture haunts at just the right time.  It's also helped to have my dad, who should win some sort of Craig's List award for his success percentage  when it comes to getting pieces I want.  (read more …)