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Arranging linens, silver and ironstone…

As I was preparing for Christmas day, I realized what a mess the cabinets, drawers and shelves where I keep my tableware, serving pieces and linens were.  After a few years of buying, making and using things for photo shoots and then shoving them in no particular order behind a closed door, it was hard to find anything.  Linens were balled up, unorganized.  Serving pieces were stacked, balanced  (read more …)

Dining Chair Slipcover Tutorial

I wrote a tutorial on making dining room chair slipcovers years (and several dining sets) ago when I was a contributor to Cottages & Bungalows magazine.    It's so neat to see how far I've come in my sewing, photography, writing, styling.  I've really grown a lot.  Anyway, since I've improved in a few departments, I thought it was time to make a new tutorial as I worked on my last dining room  (read more …)

Dining Room Dishes & New Rug

A few weeks ago, I received an Anthropologie catalog in the mail.  I couldn't resist flipping through it and I found these dishes... You know why they caught my and white, yes.  I also loved the hand painted scrolled detail and little foxes on the bottom.  They were a nice bridge between classic and current and I loved them.  I immediately went to the website and put some bowls,  (read more …)

the old, new dining room table

I'm reading the book Five Love Languages right now (which is a really awesome book, by the way) and I just finished a chapter on the phenomenon of being "in love."  As I was reading it, I actually thought of how that same phenomenon happens in decorating.  Or, at least, it happens to me.  I make a change or buy a new piece and I get flutters and I walk in the room just to look at it.  I want to  (read more …)

Painting the Dining Chairs

I have been looking for a sturdy pair of oval back chairs to use in my dining room for years.  They were always too expensive or too rickety for practical, regular use.  So, I was ready to buy some from Restoration Hardware, but the day I was planning to press the "purchase" button, I found a set of four chairs on Craig's List.  Woohoo!!  You can read the full story HERE.  They were perfect, but  (read more …)

My Dining Room Today

I had a lot on the to-do list today and I didn't even get to half of it, but one thing I did get done was a photo shoot with my new 24mm lens.  This new camera gear has been so fun!  And it's made me slow down a bit on my shoots.  I don't want to have this awesome gear and then take rushed, crappy pictures with it!  It's sort of a lot of pressure!  But in a good way. Now, the 24mm lens is my most  (read more …)