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a chandelier, watering live evergreens & blue checks

The living room is in the front of our house, which faces south.  Most of the day, the room gets beautiful light..streaming through the dining room and front windows in the morning and in long, golden beams through the west-facing windows in the afternoon.  At night, though, this room is dark.  That is because it has no overhead lighting.  The house was built in the 1940's and having lots of  (read more …)

joss & main #holidayhostess event!

I know it's not even Halloween, yet, but it's about time to start thinking about the holidays and the parties, guests and decorating that comes along with it!  I've partnered with Joss & Main to kick off their Holiday Hostess events that will be running over the next few weeks.  It's a great lineup of bloggers including the ladies from Stone Gable, French Country Cottage and Finding Home. For  (read more …)

bright white ceiling & pearly white walls

Today the boys are off school for the Columbus Day holiday.  Three day weekends like these always catch me by surprise, but we always find a way to just roll with it.  Jeff was out for the day, so it was just me and the boys.  We took this day to hang out in our jammies at the house.  I was planning on being in the studio today, pricing my weekend finds and working on things for the Chapel Market,  (read more …)

the winner of the debate

If you're up to speed on my living room, you know that I have been pondering taking down the curtains in the living and dining room.  Yesterday, after this photo shoot, I took them down... The sunlight poured in and it was so bright and wonderful.  I was convinced that I would go drape-free.   I continued removing the curtains from the dining room.  In case you can't figure out how  (read more …)

silvertone finds a home & French chairs get a fresh start

I've been working on restoring an antique Silvertone phonograph for a few months.  I got into painting furniture, because stripping, refinishing and restoring is so tedious and takes forever.  Just give me a brush and a couple of hours and let it be done!  But, sometimes it's worth it and I've found a labor of love is good for my patience every now and then. I have wanted a photograph for several  (read more …)

blooming & bringing an umbrella

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  Sometimes you just plow through life and other times you stop and take stock.  Lately, I've been examining things a bit harder. What am I pushing towards?  How do I want to spend my time?  What do I really feel fulfilled doing?  What things bog me down and pull me away from the priorities? ...and a lot of other  (read more …)

Photo Shoot Pics

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and well wishes.  I am feeling sooooo much better today.  I was back in bed yesterday, but felt like myself today.  I still have to stop speaking when my eye twitches and a sneeze is building up and I'm going through tissues at a pretty impressive rate, but I feel better.  My mom and I spent the day shopping for supplies for some upcoming freelance projects  (read more …)

The Style Shift

As I've been working on my home over the past few months, a few realizations have hit me.  The first one was that I have too much stuff and I've talked about purging, selling, donating, organizing and paring down in recent posts.  I find myself grabbing more and more things to put on the sale pile.  The other day I was cleaning out kitchen cabinets and Jeff stopped and stared at me, sitting on the  (read more …)