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evolution of my house | part 2 | the dining room

This is part two in a series that's a more in-depth follow-up of my 2015 summer home tour.  Showing the entire house in one post made me realize what a change this home has undergone and I thought it would be encouraging to others if I share the slow process from "before" to "after".  If you missed part one, the evolution of my living room, you can check it out HERE. Now, onto the dining  (read more …)

corner cabinets in shutter gray

While I was finishing up the slipcovers I shared yesterday, Kriste worked on giving a few pieces in my dining room a fresh coat of paint. (She was standing in front of the sink, mixing paint, and the light was so pretty, so I had to snap a picture.) I wanted to give the corner cabinets and buffet in the dining room a little makeover. The first time I ever used a tinted wax was on these corner  (read more …)

reupholstery tutorial | French wing chair | part 1

It's time for another upholstery series!  If you missed my last one, I showed how to upholster a wood-framed, French-style chair.  You can find it HERE.  If you're scared of upholstery, you're going to like the way I upholster and teach.  I'm a DIY, self-taught upholsterer, not a "professional."  I started upholstering dining chair seat cushions and benches with a manual stapler and then graduated  (read more …)

how to gold leaf a frame

 When I was out shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market last week, I was looking for artwork for my living room as well.  I was really hoping for a pair of charming paintings, but I didn't have any luck.  I did find two vintage Currier & Ives prints, though.  They were sweet farmhouse scenes and I thought they would work well with a new frame and mat.  The frames they were in looked a  (read more …)

swapping chairs

Sooo...I've been know to rearrange, trade and swap furniture in my house.  I've always done that, but it's so much more tempting (and easier) when I have a steady stream of awesome furniture coming into my possession as I'm getting ready for an upcoming antique market.  Sometimes I need to love a piece for a while before I send it off into the world.  There are other times when I trip across  (read more …)

Christmas decorating | the dining room

Decorating the house for Christmas this year has been so much fun for me.  I stayed home from the studio three days last week to blast some Christmas music and fill the house with fresh greens and Christmas decor.  The decorating is all very understated and simple, which I have really enjoyed.  The rooms look festive, but it's not a full overhaul that involves bins and bins of decor that need to  (read more …)

tips on sanding floors

This is my second time refinishing floors and I learned a lot through my errors the first go-around.   Since scooting around on diaper boxes to wipe up excess stain (you can read about those antics HERE), I have learned a lot about finishing wood and have done a lot of reading on sanding and finishing floors specifically.  There are so many ways to approach it...everything from sanding an entire  (read more …)

the sanded floors

This weekend, we finally took the plunge and sanded down our floors.  I've been wanting to for a long time...well, and not wanting to at the same time.  It's a total pain.  It's messy and it's really hard work, but I got it in my mind that I really wanted it done before decorating for Christmas and then closing out 2014 and Jeff went along with it. In case you haven't seen them before, this is  (read more …)