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home gratitude


"Your home is a gift and a blessing."  Those are the words that lead off day 1 of the 31 day challenge in Loving the Home You Have, a new book by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room.  Reading those simple words pushed me into really thinking about my attitude towards my home. If someone asked me, "Are you thankful for you home?"  I would answer without hesitation, "Yes."  But if someone asked  (read more …)

installing a stair runner


I shared several weeks ago that I wanted to add a carpet runner to our steps.  We have 1940's stairs that are shallow, by today's standards, and entirely wood.  That combination has led to more than one topple down the steps by pretty much everyone in our family.  Adding a runner wouldn't help with how shallow the steps are, but it will at least cushion any future falls.  It also makes the pokey  (read more …)

upstairs bath progress


I finished the wall paper mural in the upstairs bath last week and I've been bursting to take a picture of it to share!  I've just been really busy and didn't have the chance until yesterday afternoon.  The bathroom still isn't done, but it's far enough along that you can get the idea. This bathroom is teeny tiny, so I decided to take some risks.  HGTV asked if I would write a tutorial on hanging  (read more …)

some things just don’t need a makeover…


As I shared a few days ago, I have been on a roll with finding French chairs.  Just last week, I found a pair of French wing backs, a pair of Bergeres, a pair of balloon backs and two single French-style chairs, including this pretty one... When I first saw it on Craig's list, in a poorly lit, slightly blurry picture, I assumed it would need to be reupholstered.  When it saw it in person, I  (read more …)

design ramblings | selecting creamy white paint

Miss Mustard Seed-250

In this week's Design Ramblings, Kriste and I answered another e-mail from one of our fans, Laura.  She asked how to select the perfect paint color, specifically a creamy white.   Here's what we had to say on that subject... A few of you suggested showing our bloopers at the end of each video, so we did that in this one.  It is fun to share those candid moments and I feel like you can get a  (read more …)

boy’s room | monogram pillows & accessories


I shared a few days ago that one of my goals is to start taking on design clients.  That's a pretty scary step for me, though, and I still have to think through how I'm going to work in that capacity.  I'm not scared of designing a space, that's the appealing part.  I'm also not scared about working with people, different tastes, personalities and budgets.  It makes me nervous, because I'm used to  (read more …)

how to custom mat a photo | video tutorial


I've shared before that I grew up an Army brat.  Some kids really hate the instability of moving around, but I thrived on change and, despite crying when they were ripping up flower beds to work on WWII era pipes, I loved living on a military base.  We could walk everywhere and had so much freedom as kids.  There were also tons of programs to get involved in.  I did theatre, baton twirling, tap  (read more …)

gallery wall in a stairwell


A couple of weeks ago, I started turning a stash of family photos, mat board and old frames into something I could actually hang on a wall. The wall in the stairwell, to be exact. And, last week, my mom came over and we "put the puzzle together." We were dealing with a really odd space and a lot of mis-matched frames, so we didn't try to approach it with a goal of perfection and symmetry.  (read more …)