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evolution of my home | part 5 | the family room


And now it's time to take an in-depth look at the history of my family room.  This is an awesome space for entertaining and hanging out, but it's a bit of a tough one when it comes to arranging furniture.  It's long and narrow, with a bit of a strange traffic flow, so when I start getting the urge to shuffle furniture around, this room is usually where I start. Here's how it looks  (read more …)

the evolution of my house | part 4 | the kitchen


And now, it's time to walk through the evolution of my kitchen.  This is part four in a series where I'm showing how each room in my house has evolved over the nine years since we moved in. I have always loved a good before and after, but the truth is that there are usually a lot of steps between those two pictures.  In the case of my house, each room has been years in the making...pieces bought  (read more …)

the evolution of my house | part 3 | the home office


Thanks so much for all of the great feedback on this series.  I've enjoyed going through my house in a bit more detail and seeing how far this home, that was not love-at-first-site, has really come along.  If you missed parts one and two, here they are... Part 1 - the evolution of the living room Part 2 - the evolution of the dining room And here we go with part three, the home office. This  (read more …)

a generous gift & hydrangeas


Well, I'm writing to you today with four less teeth than I had yesterday!  Yep, at 36 years old, I finally had my wisdom teeth removed.  So, I've had my mouth stuffed with gauze and a ice pack wrapped around my head (Jacob Marley style) for the better part of the day, but I'm doing okay.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers, well wishes and tips.  You're all wonderful. I just took another pain  (read more …)

decorating the deck


As I've shared in previous posts, I've been working on the exterior of our home...the gardens and the deck, which is our outdoor living space.  Jeff and I have always talked about having a nice outdoor living space with a fireplace, a covered area, maybe even retractable screens.  Our deck is nowhere close to that dream space.  It's a simple deck with warped and faded boards, no shade, no  (read more …)

evolution of my house | part 2 | the dining room


This is part two in a series that's a more in-depth follow-up of my 2015 summer home tour.  Showing the entire house in one post made me realize what a change this home has undergone and I thought it would be encouraging to others if I share the slow process from "before" to "after".  If you missed part one, the evolution of my living room, you can check it out HERE. Now, onto the dining  (read more …)

Summer 2015 Home Tour


It's been a long time since I've participated in a home tour, so I'm excited to be a part of this one.  Welcome to day two of the bHome Summer Open House Home Tour!  It's a great group of bloggers who are participating, so make sure to check out the links at the end of my tour. I think, for the first time ever, you're going to get to see all but one room of my house, all in one place. So, this is  (read more …)

plan for the deck


Our deck has always been an afterthought.  There are times when the weather was beautiful and we would sit outside, but we've never been "outdoor living" people.  As the boys are getting older and I'm getting more into gardening, we are spending more time outside.  And, aside from a few tweaks and finishing touches, I'm basically finished with the inside of the house, so I've been "noticing  (read more …)