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living room pillows | welting vs. gimp


In case you missed it, Kriste and I are heading to Wisconsin tomorrow!  We're going to be in Milwaukee and Sun Prairie, on Friday and Saturday respectively, to teach workshops, demos and just hang out with blog readers, milk paint lovers and friends-we've-yet-to-meet.  You can find all of the details of our trip HERE. Between the long weekend and our trip, though, we've been trying to squeeze in  (read more …)

10 minute decorating | “antique” bread board


I was asked by one of my blog buddies, Laura from Finding Home, to join a "10 minute" challenge each month along with some other awesome bloggers.  I tend to take on projects that are more involved..refinishing, painting, upholstering, etc., so I like the idea of pinning myself down each month to do something simple and quick. The theme for this month is "10 minute craft". As soon as I saw  (read more …)

learning to garden | tips for beginners like me


Let me start off by saying that I have never been a gardener.  I would look with envy at beautiful yards, edged, green, blossoming, arranged in wild perfection.  I never "got" gardening.  It was too unpredictable and high maintenance and required too much patience for me. When you drove up to our house, it was pretty evident that we were "inside people" and I always felt like I needed to preface  (read more …)

Lucketts Finds 2015


Between the heat and humidity, bruises and goose-eggs from moving furniture, early mornings, and take-out and fair food, my body was crying out for rest, healthy food and a bit of pampering.  I'm finally starting to feel a bit more like myself this afternoon.  I slept in, spent the morning unapologetically binge-watching Masterpiece Classics, ate mixed veggies and baked chicken for dinner and even  (read more …)

and at the house…


While all of the preparation for Lucketts has been going on, I've been working some on my house for an upcoming photo shoot as well.  (And 10 Christmas freelance articles, but that's for another post.)  April and May are just busy months for me, as I'm sure they are for many of you as well.  It's just how things stack up and it seems to happen this way every year.  So, we buckle down and push  (read more …)

pennants + golf club = window treatments


I made a few updates in the boy's room over the weekend.  All three of my boys (including Jeff) have been sick, so I've been playing nurse most of the time, but Sunday afternoon was so beautiful and the sunshine and warm weather gave me a boost of energy.  I threw open the windows, so my "patients" could benefit from it as well after hanging out under blankets in dark rooms for a couple of days.  (read more …)

how to gold leaf a frame


 When I was out shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market last week, I was looking for artwork for my living room as well.  I was really hoping for a pair of charming paintings, but I didn't have any luck.  I did find two vintage Currier & Ives prints, though.  They were sweet farmhouse scenes and I thought they would work well with a new frame and mat.  The frames they were in looked a  (read more …)

swapping chairs


Sooo...I've been know to rearrange, trade and swap furniture in my house.  I've always done that, but it's so much more tempting (and easier) when I have a steady stream of awesome furniture coming into my possession as I'm getting ready for an upcoming antique market.  Sometimes I need to love a piece for a while before I send it off into the world.  There are other times when I trip across  (read more …)