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Christmas decorating | family room

Miss Mustard Seed-306

I am not detail oriented when it comes to picking out a Christmas tree.  I figure one is just about as good as the next, so I don't angst over it.  I had the guy at the tree farm hold out one and it was clear that the bottom was a bit mangled, so I asked if he could show me another one.  He lifted it up and gave it a turn to fluff the branches.  Jeff was standing behind me and the boys were  (read more …)

Christmas decorating | master bedroom

Miss Mustard Seed-255

I bought some greenery over the weekend (and clipped some from obliging trees as well) and we picked up the Parsons' family Christmas tree yesterday.  The intention was to have it all decorated by the evening, but that didn't happen.  As soon as we got the tree in the room, I realized it was the largest tree we've ever had.  The diameter at the base is almost six feet and it is very full!  We had  (read more …)

tips on sanding floors

Miss Mustard Seed-3258

This is my second time refinishing floors and I learned a lot through my errors the first go-around.   Since scooting around on diaper boxes to wipe up excess stain (you can read about those antics HERE), I have learned a lot about finishing wood and have done a lot of reading on sanding and finishing floors specifically.  There are so many ways to approach it...everything from sanding an entire  (read more …)

the sanded floors

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This weekend, we finally took the plunge and sanded down our floors.  I've been wanting to for a long time...well, and not wanting to at the same time.  It's a total pain.  It's messy and it's really hard work, but I got it in my mind that I really wanted it done before decorating for Christmas and then closing out 2014 and Jeff went along with it. In case you haven't seen them before, this is  (read more …)

there’s no turning back now…

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Thursday morning I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to get a head-start on sanding the floors.  I've had refinishing them on my to-do list for over a year now, but it is a very not-fun, messy job and I've been putting it off and delaying and procrastinating.  I've been on a mission of late to get things in the house finished, so it's time to tackle the floors.  I want to get them done before  (read more …)

a chandelier, watering live evergreens & blue checks

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The living room is in the front of our house, which faces south.  Most of the day, the room gets beautiful light..streaming through the dining room and front windows in the morning and in long, golden beams through the west-facing windows in the afternoon.  At night, though, this room is dark.  That is because it has no overhead lighting.  The house was built in the 1940's and having lots of  (read more …)

a girl can change her mind (and often does)

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Soooo...the curtain saga continues.  I've confessed that rugs are my nemesis, but now that I've switched to sisal and jute blends, I've made peace with rugs.  It seems like curtains might be my new nemesis.  I think the struggle I have with curtains is that it's not a design choice that's easily (or inexpensively) changed.  In a room with one window...okay, it's not that big of a deal.  But my  (read more …)

blue spruce in a bucket

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I have mentioned it a couple of times already...I am really excited to decorate for Christmas this year!  It's just like old times when the countdown would begin leading up to the day after Thanksgiving and I could finally haul out the bins and put the Christmas music on.  For the past few years, I've been burned out on Christmas decorating.  Decorating for retail spaces and freelance projects all  (read more …)