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keeping history


I have had a bin of family pictures, a box of matts and glass, a stash of frames and a mat cutter hanging out in my to-do pile for years.  YEARS!  And that is not an exaggeration.  It really is ridiculous.  Since I'm working on the finishing touches on my house, it is time to do some framing. I have had dreams of creating a gallery wall in our stairway since the day we moved in.  Now that things  (read more …)

checkered rug


I've shared before that rugs are my nemesis, but I feel like I'm finally getting a handle on what I like and what works with everything else happening in my space.  I had a plain jute rug under the table in the family room (off the kitchen), but we rolled it up and put it in the basement when we set up the Christmas tree.  It was fraying and the color just looked a little bland, so I didn't put it  (read more …)

hanging plates & swapping chairs


Today, I was supposed to be taking out the toilet in the upstairs bathroom with my dad in order to get things ready for the floor to be tiled.  Well, if you're in the northeast, you know that it's been brutally cold and there was some snow to boot, so the tiling had to be delayed until the temperature at least flirting with going above freezing. So, the toilet stayed put and I needed to shift  (read more …)

the upstairs bathroom…


Before we step into the tiny upstairs 1940's bathroom, I thought I would answer a question that several readers asked -  Why haven't you painted the doors in your house?   When we first moved in, all of the trim and doors in the house were glossy, orange pine.  It was too dark and too much for me, so I mustered up the courage and painted it all white. It made a huge difference and I'm so  (read more …)

paint brush on a stick


I was all set to meet Kriste at the studio this morning, but as I was getting up and about for the day, I realized I really wanted to paint my walls and trim and get the tedious painting project that's been hanging over my head for years, finished.  When the mood strikes to do something like that, you do it.  So I did. I shared last week about some of the painting on my to-do  (read more …)

upcoming home projects


 I sparked quite a conversation about the exterior of my house yesterday!  I'll circle back about that later and share more of my plans for it.  Today, we're back to the inside. If you've followed my blog for a while, you know we've done a lot to our home.  Every room has been painted at least once.  We've overhauled the kitchen, the half bath, the master bath.  We've made improvements to the  (read more …)

painting brick

painted brick 1

So, there's something I've been thinking about doing for a few years.  Can you guess what it is? If you know me at all AND you noticed the title of this post, I'm sure you guessed it.  I want to paint the brick on our house.  Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of brick.  This brick, though, feels a bit dated.  The multi-colored tones really aren't my favorite.  I know that painting it will look  (read more …)

wing chair drop cloth slipcovers

miss mustard seed-4690

I try not to get too engrossed in my blog analytics and all of the numbers, but it's interesting sometimes to check them out...see what's popular and what is most often pinned.  One trend I've noticed is that my readers loved my drop cloth projects.  I still get questions about which ones I use and how I bleached them.  Well, I thought I would give an update on my pair of wing chairs that I  (read more …)