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le bon lait, a bed frame & peppers

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I have to admit that this purchase was a total impulse buy.  A few weeks ago, I was looking through Furniture Feature Friday links to pick out my favorites.  As I was scanning through the thumbnails, I clicked on this table makeover inspired by Country Living by Kathy of South of Main... My eyes were immediately drawn to the Normandie milk bottle.  Oh, I would love that for photo shoots and to  (read more …)

the woman behind Eulalie

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In my business, a lot of amazing things have come out of a random e-mail.  Checking my inbox is so fun and almost addicting for that reason.  I started working for through one e-mail and the milk paint line came out of an e-mail.  The woman behind my branding, Reni, sent me an e-mail one day, out of the blue.  My book and almost all of my magazine features all started with an e-mail. I  (read more …)

family gallery wall

civil war letter gallery

When my dad was stationed on an Army base in Stuttgart, Germany, my mom had access to a framing shop.  She took some classes and started framing old family photos, eventually creating a huge gallery wall.  It didn't matter how many times I looked at those pictures...I would still lean in and study them.  Who did I take after?  Do I have her eyes?  Does this one look like my brother?  That rocking  (read more …)

finding an “antique” queen guest bed


I'm still sorting through all of the inquiries about the bed that I received in response to yesterday's post, but I think it's safe to assume I'm going to be able to find a buyer for it!  I also received a lot of interesting comments about the price of the bed, so I'm going to speak to that in another post. I think you'll all be interested in know why I price some things so low.  It has a lot to  (read more …)

a full look at the hutch

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I shared a preview of the hutch HERE, but many of you were asking for a full view of it.  So, here you go! It's smack by my front door (in the living room) right now, so it's not in a great place to be showcased.  Now, my usual rule is that if I don't have the perfect place for something, I don't keep it.  It's getting a little tough now, as our house in on the market, so I have given myself  (read more …)

“playing” & glass glitter beauty shots

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This morning, I woke up with an intense desire to decorate.  I feel like I can't touch anything, since our house is on the market, and it's driving me a little nuts.  I really thrive on scooting around furniture and trying out new things in my home and I've been feeling very inspired lately.  I've also been feeling like the finishing touches in some of my rooms have been lacking.  I get enough  (read more …)

a fresh way to organize

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I've been working on organization for the past year or two, off and on when I have the time.  And I've been getting better and more proficient at decluttering and organizing with every pass.  I started with getting rid of the obvious items.  Then, I took it further and got serious and asked myself why I had certain stuff.  I think I just got used to the things around me, so I didn't even think  (read more …)

wisdom from the prairie

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We started watching through the classic TV show Little House on the Prairie as a family a few weeks ago and we're enjoying it so much!  It was already a few seasons in when I was born, so I watched a lot of it as reruns when I was older.  I liked the show, but I have an entirely new perspective watching it as an adult.  It's so refreshing to watch a TV show that, while it's a little corny and too  (read more …)