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the fate of the guest bed

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I knew this day would come, but I didn't think it would be so soon. We've always had a full-sized bed in our guest room and it's always worked just fine, but we've had it in the back of our minds for a while that we wanted to upgrade it to a queen.  I'll share more on it in a few weeks, but we now have the opportunity to upgrade to a queen, so we're doing it.  I'm so happy for our guests,  (read more …)

what I’m working on…

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As I shared yesterday, after a week of dealing with a lot of details of doing business, I was really ready to do something creative.  So, I headed to the basement to work on some pieces that were waiting for me. The first piece is a great old kitchen cabinet that belongs to Kriste, my online shop manager.  She's going to start working with me on some creative things as well, which is exciting for  (read more …)

a full look at the hutch

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I shared a preview of the hutch HERE, but many of you were asking for a full view of it.  So, here you go! It's smack by my front door (in the living room) right now, so it's not in a great place to be showcased.  Now, my usual rule is that if I don't have the perfect place for something, I don't keep it.  It's getting a little tough now, as our house in on the market, so I have given myself  (read more …)

hand painted wardrobe

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I realized I had a furniture make over from Lucketts that I never shared!  How in the world did that happen?  Well, I'm fixing that today.  This wardrobe was by far the worst piece of furniture I purchased to sell at the market. I bought it in a furniture lot that included two dressers, this wardrobe and a victrola.  All of them showed signs of neglect and had some degree of water damage.  This  (read more …)

primitive hutch

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About a week before Lucketts this year, I picked up a beautiful primitive hutch off Craig's List.  The lovely lady I bought it from was moving and needed to sell it.  It seemed meant to be.  I got a good price for it and she gets to pay virtual visits to the hutch whenever she wants!  (She is a MMS blog reader, coincidentally)  The hutch was beautiful, but the blue was a touch too bright for me,  (read more …)

painting a primitive cupboard

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A week or two prior to Lucketts, I spotted an amazing primitive cupboard on Craig's List.  I intended to buy it to sell at the event, but I was absolutely smitten with it and decided to keep it.  Believe it or not, I'm usually pretty disciplined about that sort of thing, but this piece was just so special and I could imagine it filled with ironstone and other pretty things. I actually bought  (read more …)

the guest bed

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I never really showed off the finished hand painted guest bed, so I thought it was high time. To recap, this is the bed I used as inspiration.  I found it in a magazine about ten years ago and always loved it. I knew the chances of finding a bed like that were pretty slim, so I looked for one with a shape that could work and I planned to paint it myself.  I found this bed at an antique store  (read more …)

Typewriter Desk Makeover


...and there's still more!  Furniture makeover reveals, that is. I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed the frenzy of painting and upholstery as I was getting ready for Lucketts.  With everything else I was working on, I didn't have much time for it.  Truth be told, I was probably a little burnt out on churning pieces out over the past few years and a break ended up being really good for  (read more …)