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soft landscape dresser | reveal

The "soft landscape dresser", as I've been calling it, is finished! I had to struggle my way through it a bit, but I've learned that's often the way it is with new creative endeavors.  My first venture into sewing, my first refinished dresser, my first blog post...they were all a learning process.  And let's not even talk about the first time I attempted upholstery! Anyway, I pushed through  (read more …)

soft landscape dresser | part three

I loved reading all of the feedback and suggestions shared on my post yesterday.  Some of you overestimate my abilities, I think! All of the different suggestions were an encouragement to me, though.  Each one of you had a different vision of how it could be finished and isn't that just how art is?  And there are no wrong answers.  Just different interpretations.  (My brother suggested I add  (read more …)

soft landscape dresser | part two

I will fully admit that I still feel out of my depth with this whole landscape painting phase of mine.  I'm inspired by it and moderately terrified all at the same time.  I waffle between loving the piece I'm working on and wanting to put it on the burn pile.  This may be how I always feel, but I hope this internal conflict goes away as I gain some confidence and discover my style. Or at least it  (read more …)

soft landscape dresser | part 1

I came into the studio on Monday morning like a tight ball of stress.  The studio is my "happy place", but I was struggling to step away from the "businessy" things and create.  I finally had to force myself.  I needed it.  I needed to mix some paint, dip a brush in, watch a transformation in progress, feel myself relax with each stroke. I pulled out this little pine dresser and decided to start  (read more …)

second landscape dresser reveal

It's finished!  And, would you believe that it's sold already!  Someone came to pick it up Saturday morning.  Sometimes I like to enjoy my pieces for a while, but I was really glad this one was scooped up right away.  The buyer loved it when it was just a chalked sketch and I love that she trusted my vision enough to ask to buy it before it was even finished. Anyway, here it is... Here is how  (read more …)

second landscape dresser | part three

I really should've thought of a better name for this dresser than the "second landscape dresser".  Well, I'm still working on getting those creative juices flowing. This happened after Lucketts last year as well.  I was just totally drained and it took a while to fill that reservoir back up.  It's filling, though...  Slowly filling. Anyway, I faced my fear.  The cows. I almost chickened out and  (read more …)

second landscape dresser | part two

I avoided the landscape dresser for the better part of the day with great success.  I busied myself with e-mail, phone meetings, writing a post... I was pretty convinced that I was going to mess it up.   That's just the truth. Even though I felt inspired to do more landscape painting, I was really intimidated by it as well.  I finally put my paints on a palette and started. It's just paint.  (read more …)

the hand painted landscape dresser

The theme for the space at Lucketts this year is Farmhouse White, yes, but that doesn't mean that everything will be white.  A lot of things will be white, as you may have noticed, but we don't want to neglect the "farmhouse" side of that theme.  After some creative brainstorm sessions, we decided one way to bring that in was the use of landscapes. And, of course, I immediately imagined a  (read more …)