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the “grass sofa” – before & after

Remember this?  This is one of those pieces that people like me have nightmares about.  The dresser that is so saturated with smoke that it needs a bath in bleach.  The upholstered chair that was used as a dog bed...and then a cozy nest for a mouse.  Or the sofa that was stuffed with dried grass.  When I opened this one up, I know I was in way over my head and needed to call in reinforcements.   (read more …)

barrel-back chairs

I bought these chairs back in January from an estate furniture shop.  I loved the shape and, while the upholstery was done well, the fabric was not my thing.  I intended to upholster them myself, but once Ruthie came into my life all of that changed.  I turned over every upholstered piece I had in my queue, including this pair of barrel-back French chairs. I painted the frames in ASCP Old White  (read more …)

resourceful or ridiculous?

Today, the glittering continued.   I received my box of 10 pounds of glitter over the weekend, so the glittering isn't going to stop any time soon.  Even my basement sparkles...and not because it's clean, unfortunately. I also began working on my feature furniture pieces for the Lucketts holiday open house today.  I started pulling apart this sofa, but as soon as I got the  (read more …)

grain sack chair – before & almost after

I'm stingy with a few of my finds...ironstone, grain sacks and French chairs mainly.  I do part with them, but it's always tough.  If you ever buy a piece of ironstone or a French chair or something made out of a European grain sack from me, you can know I really, really loved it and it was very tough for me to put a tag on it.  Today, I took two of my favorite things and made  (read more …)

French Chair Reveal, Glaze Mix, & Simple Upholstery

There's a lot of good information and inspiration in this post, so get ready!  First of all, the beauty shot.  Now, the before shot.  I'm so happy with how these turned out.  I'm taking the pair of arm chairs (only one is pictured in the before shot) to the Ground Hog Day Sale at Lucketts (Feb 4-6).  If you'd like to read about the paint technique  (read more …)

A Happy Marriage?

Can a chair from the 1900's and a quilt from the 1800's come together in a happy union?  This chair was almost naked when it was purchased for almost nothing from an auction.  No finish and stripped down to it's springs.  This quilt fit under an unfortunate label...a cutter quilt.  Although they were from different centuries, they seemed to want to be together.   (read more …)

More on Drop Cloths

First of all, can you believe how cheap the contestants made drop cloths look on HGTV Design Star!  I kid of course.  Well, sort of.  Drop cloths are cheap, but they don't have to look like it.  If you slap a drop cloth from the package directly to the window (especially with some pieces of a taxi cab bag tied to it, a la Design Star), it's going to look cheap.  If you reuse them in creative ways,  (read more …)

My Reupholstery Crash Course

I bought this pair of French chairs at an auction almost a year ago.  I had fallen in love with them and they had to be mine.  I was willing to pay about $100 for the pair, but ended up walking away with them for $20.  Of course, they were orange.  I guess other people just couldn't see beyond that.  I originally made slipcovers for them, but they looked so sloppy after  (read more …)