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deconstructed chair

There is a small furniture trend that you may or may not have tuned into - deconstructed upholstery. Personally, I'm a fan.  Not in every single case and definitely not for every room, but for just the right old piece, it's a way to honor the makers of it - to put the hand-tied springs, basted burlap, and wood frame on full display, in all of its half-dressed glory. photo via I've been  (read more …)

yardage for upholstery

When I share upholstery projects here on the blog, I'm often asked about yardage, so I thought I would share how many yards of fabric you need for certain upholstery projects. Before I give those estimates, I'll say that there are ways you can save on yardage.  Every detail added means more fabric.  Piping, pleating, tufting, and ruffles all add yardage, so you can cut those out if you're on a  (read more …)

a new seat for the “bamboo” chairs

A few weeks ago, I traded for some furniture and ended up with these two faux bamboo chairs as a part of the deal.  They are very unique chairs and I felt immediately drawn to them, but they were problematic.  The caned seat on one of them was entirely punched through and the other one was damaged and sagging. I moved them to the to-do stash and put them out of mind for a while.  As I've shared  (read more …)

slipcovered wing chair & grain sack ottoman

This poor hand-me-down wing chair has been hanging out in my stash for months.  I tend to procrastinate when it comes to slipcovers and upholstery, if you haven't figured that out, yet. I can do it, but it's not my favorite thing.  I do it just because I like the end result and I have a hard time turning down a piece that just needs a little cosmetic love. So, I gave myself a few pep-talks and  (read more …)

the chair that didn’t need a makeover…

...but ended up getting one anyway. It took me months to get the nerve to rip the beautiful Pierre Deux fabric off of this chair... I loved the colors, the pattern and the upholstery was done very well.  There were a couple problems with it - it didn't work with my Farmhouse White theme for the Lucketts Spring Market and the fabric was faded at the back and a little dingy.  You don't really  (read more …)

a curvy chair gets a makeover…

It's really hard to turn down free stuff, especially when it's a curvy chair that just needs a little cosmetic work to make it special.  So, when my friend Traer brought this to my studio, asking if I'd take it off her hands, I couldn't say no. In the flurry of activity, I didn't get a proper picture before we stripped off the upholstery that it was wearing.   It was black tapestry with some  (read more …)

another pair of frenchies

There are some things that I hold onto for years.  They survive the purges and my "selling moods".  I just know I will have the perfect use for them some day. Well, some day finally came for these linen grain sacks that I've been holding onto for years.  A reader, who lived in Europe, found them for me and sold me a few for a great price.  They were something like $5.00/each.  I think she was  (read more …)

tufted sofa reveal

After much deconstructing, button-making, tuft-tying, fabric-stapling, trim-gluing, tack-hammering and cushion-sewing, the tufted sofa is finally done!! I feel like some confetti should've fallen from the sky when Kriste and I put the final cushion in place.  It didn't, but it should have.  This sofa has been the most challenging and high-maintenance piece of upholstery I have taken on to date,  (read more …)