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master bedroom nightstands

I don't show a ton of the goings-on in my house these days largely because there's not a lot happening as far as home improvements or decorating changes are concerned.  We are transitioning the guest room to Calvin's room, but other than that, things have pretty much stayed the same. We are changing a few things up, though, and I must say that it's been refreshing for me.  I love making tweaks  (read more …)

landscape dresser four | part one

 I'm realizing that I should probably start coming up with clever names for these landscape dressers! Well, for now, this one is "number four." I was originally going to try watercolor over MMS Milk Paint, just to see how that worked out, but I tried it on a sample board and I didn't like the look of it.  The things I love about watercolor just didn't happen.  What looks soft on paper, looks  (read more …)

an opinion piece on painted upholstery

I'm often asked for my opinion on painted upholstery, which I usually field as they come, but I decided I would finally share my opinion in a post. Before I share my opinion on the subject, let me say that I get it.  As an unabashed paint enthusiast, I get it.  You have an old sofa or chair that's in good shape, but the fabric is ugly or totally the wrong color or has seen better days.  You have  (read more …)

can you repaint over wax?

Yes. End of post. Okay, not really.  I will elaborate on this one. When I shared my Antiquing Wax tutorial, a reader asked if you can repaint over a waxed surface.  I have heard a lot of people say you can't paint over wax, but I've painted over wax numerous times, so let's throw the "can't" word out the window. If you paint over wax that is "wet" (even though wax isn't really wet) or hasn't  (read more …)

red & white grain sack chair

As I said last week, some things from our guest room will be coming up for sale, since we're converting the guest room into a room for our youngest son.  It's a little bitter sweet for me, since that room has always been one of my "pretty rooms", but I'm so happy that both of my boys will have their own space.  My room was my haven when I was a little girl and I would play in there for hours.  If  (read more …)

settee makeover | part one

Do you remember this settee I showed a few weeks ago? Well, it's all stripped down to the bones now. I tell you what, I have never seen a sofa give up so much change.  We got at least a dollar out of this one when the final count was over. So, now that this one is stripped, I am feeling very intimidated. I know I managed to do a sofa with over forty tufts, but that gap in the padding has  (read more …)

The Tricycle Dresser Reveal

It's been a long time, but I finally painted another red piece... ...and it makes me wonder why I don't do it more often!  This piece really wears red well. Here is how it started... It wasn't bad at all, but the finish was a little tired and a refresh felt in order. I painted it in two coat of Tricycle and finished it with one coat of Antiquing Wax.  You can see how I applied the  (read more …)

How to Apply Antiquing Wax

Before I get into the post today, I wanted to let everyone know I'll be listing a few new items in the online shop Thursday night (July 28) at 8:00 pm EST.  You can see the items that are "coming soon" and a few more will be added tomorrow. I am always in a blue & white mood.  I have to work to step away from that color palette, but sometimes it just needs to be done!  I've been feeling a  (read more …)