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second landscape dresser | part three

I really should've thought of a better name for this dresser than the "second landscape dresser".  Well, I'm still working on getting those creative juices flowing. This happened after Lucketts last year as well.  I was just totally drained and it took a while to fill that reservoir back up.  It's filling, though...  Slowly filling. Anyway, I faced my fear.  The cows. I almost chickened out and  (read more …)

second landscape dresser | part two

I avoided the landscape dresser for the better part of the day with great success.  I busied myself with e-mail, phone meetings, writing a post... I was pretty convinced that I was going to mess it up.   That's just the truth. Even though I felt inspired to do more landscape painting, I was really intimidated by it as well.  I finally put my paints on a palette and started. It's just paint.  (read more …)

the hand painted landscape dresser

The theme for the space at Lucketts this year is Farmhouse White, yes, but that doesn't mean that everything will be white.  A lot of things will be white, as you may have noticed, but we don't want to neglect the "farmhouse" side of that theme.  After some creative brainstorm sessions, we decided one way to bring that in was the use of landscapes. And, of course, I immediately imagined a  (read more …)

mini dresser makeover & “hand painted” stencils

I am always drawn to child/doll furniture or salesmen's samples (small, portable versions of full-sized pieces of furniture).  There is just something so sweet about them.  But, after buying a few of them and noticing how long it took to sell them, I stopped buying them.  I can get a better bang for my buck if I spend it elsewhere, so I look at them and "aww" and open the drawers and then walk  (read more …)

painted mora clock & farmhouse white in australia

When I decide to paint something, it doesn't take me long to add the powder to the water and dip in a brush. Remember the Mora clock from Antique Farmhouse I posted about over the weekend? It looked beautiful as is, but how could I resist painting it in MMS Milk Paint Mora?  A Mora clock painted in Mora. I painted the trim in Linen and finished the entire piece with a little bit of  (read more …)

trading horses again

Remember my rocking horse?  The one I bought from Restoration Hardware and then painted with MMS Milk Paint to make it look chippy and old?   Well, in typical Marian fashion, I sold it. I wasn't planning to, but a client asked if I could custom paint the same horse for her.  I agreed to the job and we tried to schedule a time for her to drop her horse off at the studio.  As we tried to  (read more …)

farmhouse white table

It was one of those days when I went to the studio, put my music on, and painted.  I love days like that.  I worked on a couple of pieces for the next MMS Milk Paint look book, but I was also playing around with a new milk paint color we'll be adding to the line, soon (early 2016)...Farmhouse White.  It'll get a proper "say hello to..." post closer to the release day, but I just couldn't wait that  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | Craig’s List Wardrobe Reveal

After lots and lots of painting, the Craig's List wardrobe we found for Megan's office makeover is finished! And, here she is.  The beast herself... Megan came to the studio yesterday to help us with the final coat of green on the outside (a custom mix of MMS Milk Paint in Boxwood, Lucketts Green and Mustard Seed Yellow) and the interior in Linen. Kriste and Megan also worked on cutting and  (read more …)