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market recap & milk-painted wooden toys

We are back home from our trip to Alabama, safe and sound from the Market on Chapel Hill. It is a long trip, but it's always worth it. The worth isn't in the profits made.  (I told someone I would probably cry if I really took the time to figure out my hourly rate for all of the prep, shopping, etc. that is put into these events.)  The worth is in the moments with people...readers, shoppers,  (read more …)

Market on Chapel Hill

Well, I am in serious need of an epsom salt bath, but Kriste and I got the trailer all packed up today and we're ready to head to Alabama for The Market on Chapel Hill this Saturday (October 3, 2015).  Just to clarify, it's in Pike Road, Alabama, NOT Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  It's called "The Market on Chapel Hill", because the market is in and around a chapel/meeting house on a hill. We  (read more …)

to the market…

I have so much more to share about the pieces that I'm bringing to sell at the Market at Chapel Hill, but the event is next Saturday, so I need to post some pictures before it's too late!  I am so excited with how the space is coming together.  I found some very interesting and unique pieces and I love how they all play together. One of my favorite pieces is a zinc-topped chippy white table.  (read more …)

hemp sheets & hemp oil

In yesterday's post, I shared that I just got in a new shipment of antique hemp sheets from Europe and many of you asked what they are.  I've talked about them before, but I don't know if I've ever really explained what they are. They are actually sheets, but not like the modern bedsheets we have today.  They are made of three long, narrow pieces of fabric stitched together to make a larger  (read more …)

German Chalkboard & Market Finds

Kriste and were able to squeeze in some shopping earlier this week on the way back from Megan's house, to stock up for The Market on Chapel Hill.  It's coming up so fast!  We didn't find as much stuff as I had hoped for, but I packed the van full today with some amazing finds when my mom and I hit another of my favorite antique stores.  More on that later. When Kriste and I were out, I did find a  (read more …)

repurposed pram

Do you remember that baby pram I shared last week? Well, now it's a side table! I spot these pretty carriages/prams regularly while I'm out shopping and they always tug at my heart.  Those wheels, the craftsmanship, the generations of babies that may have been pushed in them.  I almost always have to stop a minute and appreciate them, but I never buy them. The reason is that they aren't  (read more …)

papier mache horse makeover

You may have noticed that I have a bit of a thing for toy/rocking horses... I don't find them very often (at a price I can afford), but I get very giddy about them when I do. When Kriste and I were shopping for The Market on Chapel Hill earlier this week, I spotted this one...     I loved the wooden legs and I thought the shape was pretty.  I originally thought it was  (read more …)

Workbench Revamp

 Remember the workbench I revamped for Lucketts? I loved how it turned out and have since been on the lookout for humble handmade workbenches that others might overlook. When I was shopping last week, I found this... I dismissed it at first, because it's a little clumsy, but in the end, the finger-hold handles won me over.  I paid about $100 for it. I added the steel wheels to make it a  (read more …)