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recent finds & photo shoots

Miss Mustard Seed-246

When we were in Charlottesville last week, Jeff extended the invitation to me to do a little antique shopping.  He knows this means I will most likely fill our van with a bunch of things he doesn't really "get."  It means I'll buy things that I expect him to fix and it even may mean he gets longing looks from me over a beastly piece of furniture that I want to rearrange everything in our van for.  (read more …)

epic craig’s list find

Miss Mustard Seed-3104

I have found a lot of great pieces on Craig's List over the years...chandeliers, dressers, hutches, cupboards, chairs, name it.  I've bought a lot off of Craig's List.  When I'm getting ready for a market, I troll the local antiques & furniture sections daily in our local areas to see if I come up with anything good (and I often do.)  And I have another ace up my sleeve when it  (read more …)

workbench & walls

Miss Mustard Seed-2603

When I attend antique markets as a vendor, I try to keep blinders on for the most part, so I don't end up bringing home a van load of stuff!  I think Jeff would be less than pleased if I did that!  When I find I'm getting sidetracked, I try to remind myself that I'm there to sell, not to shop, but sometimes there is a special piece that just cannot be ignored!  Last year, I bought a chippy white  (read more …)

get your beautyrest

Miss Mustard Seed-0580

As I'm sure you've noticed, there's been a lot of shuffling going on in the guest room.  I hand painted a bed in a Bavarian style and started decorating the entire room around it.  Then, after I had it for only a few months, I sold it. Now, I like change and I'm fickle when it comes to decorating, but I'm not quite that fickle.  I really loved this bed and it was hard to sell it, but there was a  (read more …)

transferware, a ring mold & more

Miss Mustard Seed-1991

We are back safe & sound from The Chapel Market, which is quite an accomplishment given our high-mileage van.  It's very reliable, but it might've decided at 202,000 miles as it's hauling a very heavy trailer, that we've asked too much of it.  It didn't, though, and brought us there and back home again with a sigh of relief.  We've already decided that the time is near when we need to get a  (read more …)

bunny pull-toy

Miss Mustard Seed-2206

I know...again with the kid's stuff, but this bunny pull-toy was just too cute to pass up!  I got it at a good price, because it didn't have its original paint and, unfortunately, someone who wasn't very artistically inclined tried to paint a face and spots on him.  The eyes were big and black with Raggedy Anne styled lashes.  It was just a little overdone and took away from the beautiful shape  (read more …)

The Chapel Market Preview

Miss Mustard Seed-2513

Here we are!  Right on the brink of the Chapel Market, which happens this Saturday, October 25, 2014.  It starts at 9:00 am and admission is $3.00.  (The address is 24 Ring Around Rd, Pike Road, Alabama 36064.)  I will be set up inside the chapel meeting hall, in the same space I was in last year. I have been shopping, painting, sewing, cleaning, fixing and pricing for several weeks to get ready  (read more …)


Miss Mustard Seed-1967

I keep a running list in the back of my mind of antiques I'd like to buy if ever the piece, price and timing are right.  Through the years, I've found some of those industrial cart, a dress form, an ironstone cake pedestal to name a few.  One thing on that list was an antique cash register.  I thought it would be so fun to use at sales and events.  And honestly, it would just look  (read more …)