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primitive hutch makeover


Last week was a busy one and we got a ton of things accomplished.  I'm a bit whipped from it and I need to pace myself better, but it feels good to be really productive. Here's one of the pieces I picked up and painted this week... I spotted it on Craig's List and immediately texted my dad to see if he could get it for me. I have been looking for a great hutch or cabinet that could be a  (read more …)

furniture finds


I've been on the hunt for furniture to start working on for the Lucketts Spring Market in May.  Every year, I put pressure on myself to best what I did the year before.  Well, last year was pretty awesome, so I don't know if I'm going to beat it, but I at least want to match it. I've been shopping at some used furniture stores and on Craig's List and have found some really great things so  (read more …)

some things just don’t need a makeover…


As I shared a few days ago, I have been on a roll with finding French chairs.  Just last week, I found a pair of French wing backs, a pair of Bergeres, a pair of balloon backs and two single French-style chairs, including this pretty one... When I first saw it on Craig's list, in a poorly lit, slightly blurry picture, I assumed it would need to be reupholstered.  When it saw it in person, I  (read more …)

a sled, ski poles & French wing chairs


The snow is melting and spring is in sight.  That is spurring me on to make lists, attack my "to-do" stash at the studio and get things done.  Between freelance articles, things to do for the Milk Paint line, getting ready for Lucketts and an upcoming magazine shoot, I have plenty to work on! After an intense day of planning and making lists, I needed to get out, so yesterday, Kriste and I set  (read more …)

boy’s room | monogram pillows & accessories


I shared a few days ago that one of my goals is to start taking on design clients.  That's a pretty scary step for me, though, and I still have to think through how I'm going to work in that capacity.  I'm not scared of designing a space, that's the appealing part.  I'm also not scared about working with people, different tastes, personalities and budgets.  It makes me nervous, because I'm used to  (read more …)

ironstone cake pedestal


If you're an ironstone collector, then you know that cake pedestals are like the Holy Grail of ironstone.  Well, maybe not the Holy Grail, but they are rare and expensive when they do surface.  I snagged one with my pooled birthday money last year and I'm so glad I did.  It really is one of my favorite things. So, my jaw dropped and I got all giddy when I spotted another one in an antique  (read more …)

decorating with shutters & doors


I've shared my love of doors and shutters here before, but it's been a while.  I think it's an idea that used to be a little odd, but it has been catching on and snowballing over the past few years.  The unfortunate thing about that is that demand and price for them has increased, but the good thing is that more doors and shutters are being saved from tear-downs.  I happen to live in an area where  (read more …)

wheels, racquets & more…


I had sort of a quiet day, so I thought I would share a few more of my finds from last week as well as some things happening in my house. I've had a thing for bread boards for a while now and this one was just too pretty to pass up.  The patina on the wood, the shape and the way the planks are connected made this piece a keeper.  You'll definitely see it in some photo shoots before I sell  (read more …)