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The Chapel Market Preview

Miss Mustard Seed-2513

Here we are!  Right on the brink of the Chapel Market, which happens this Saturday, October 25, 2014.  It starts at 9:00 am and admission is $3.00.  (The address is 24 Ring Around Rd, Pike Road, Alabama 36064.)  I will be set up inside the chapel meeting hall, in the same space I was in last year. I have been shopping, painting, sewing, cleaning, fixing and pricing for several weeks to get ready  (read more …)


Miss Mustard Seed-1967

I keep a running list in the back of my mind of antiques I'd like to buy if ever the piece, price and timing are right.  Through the years, I've found some of those industrial cart, a dress form, an ironstone cake pedestal to name a few.  One thing on that list was an antique cash register.  I thought it would be so fun to use at sales and events.  And honestly, it would just look  (read more …)

Pine Cone Hill 20th Anniversary Bed & Giveaway

Miss Mustard Seed-2174

I mentioned earlier this week that a big giveaway was coming up...the biggest one I've ever had on my blog.  Well, this is it. I started working with Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert a few years ago when they sent a rug to borrow for my home office makeover.  It was being photographed for Flea Market Style magazine and they asked me to pick out a rug with some pop.  I fell in love with that  (read more …)

milk crate & a peek at the settee

Miss Mustard Seed-1686

When Kriste and I went shopping last Friday, I was looking mostly for pieces to sell at the Chapel Market, but I was also looking for one specific piece for a specific photo shoot - a milk crate.  I didn't have a particular style in mind, but I figured I would know it when I saw it.  And I did.  Kriste and I spotted this beauty and there was a silent acknowledgement at the awesomeness of the milk  (read more …)

industrial cart & the andrews sisters

Miss Mustard Seed-1649

I've been eyeing industrial carts for years now.  They have so many things going for them!  Really cool hardware, wheels, warm patina on the wood and sometimes even great stenciled graphics and typography, if you're lucky.  While I've always petted them in antique stores and opened the listings on Criag's List, I've never felt compelled to actually buy one.  When my kids were younger, I was  (read more …)

two antique sofas

Miss Mustard Seed-1413

I've been hunting for a sofa for the studio for a few weeks now.  I wanted one that has a great look for photo shoots, but is something we can also sit on or take a power-nap on...depending on the day!  I also didn't want to pay a lot for one, so when I saw this pretty caned back sofa on Craig's List for $80, I jumped at it. Aside from the cushion covers, refreshing the finish, it  (read more …)

recent furniture finds

Miss Mustard Seed-1220

I'm pretty set on larger pieces like dressers and cabinets for the Chapel Market show in October, so I've been looking mostly for "smalls" and smaller pieces of furniture like chairs, stools, small benches, etc.  Remember the theme is French Blue Farmhouse White, so I'm looking for pieces that work with that theme.  Here are a few of the small pieces of furniture I picked up while out shopping  (read more …)

the perfect place for a gift…

Miss Mustard Seed-1271

Today I was getting ready for my trip to Toronto.  It suddenly occurred to me yesterday that even though I'm driving about the distance I would to visit family in Raleigh, I am going to another country!  I needed to call my bank and cell phone provider and get everything lined up, so my credit card isn't turned off for suspected fraud and I can call Jeff.  I also tried on outfits, did laundry,  (read more …)