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ironstone, a tool tote, bottles & tags

After all of the craziness of Lucketts, I decided to take the week off.  I knew I probably would, so I cleared the calendar.  Sometimes I think I'll want a break and then I don't. I feel the momentum and I am raring to go.  This time I thought I would want a break and I was right.  I really needed it.  So, I had a "jammie day" and splurged on a massage and I even did a little antique shopping just  (read more …)

on the truck to Lucketts | the smalls & littles

Thanks for all of the encouragement in your comments on yesterday's post.  As I'm in the heat of last minute details, it was really uplifting. So, yesterday I shared the furniture.  Today, I'm sharing the smalls & littles.  I've shared a few times that these are the pieces that bring life to a space, whether it's your home, a styled photoshoot, or a retail space.  My smalls used to be more of  (read more …)

last minute Lucketts haul

It's getting down to the wire. I had an errand to run yesterday, so I decided to do some last minute shopping while I was out.  The day away from the studio was good for me, anyway.  There is still a lot to do, but sometimes I just invent more things to do when I'm in the studio! It ended up being an amazing shopping trip.  I found a few things that made my heart beat a little faster... I  (read more …)

the antique display case makeover

A large part of finding "good stuff" at antique stores and junk shops, is taking the time to really look through each booth and, in some cases, to dig around.  I know when I hit antique stores that I will usually end up needing a good hand-washing and a change of clothes when I'm done with the place! This cool, really old wood and glass display case was literally buried.  It had another cabinet  (read more …)

the whole house makeover & painted ironstone

When I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I came across this sweet little birdhouse... I almost passed it up, because the colors were a little drab, but I decided to give it a chance.  I decided to paint it in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack with Boxwood on the "grass".  Kriste loves little projects like this, so I asked her to paint it while I was working on something else. For some contrast  (read more …)

antique haul for the Lucketts Spring Market

One thing that I love about what I do and being "the boss" is that I can (most of the time) chose to do the kind of work that suits my mood on any particular day.  Last Friday, I was in a get-out-of-the-studio mood, so I decided to do some more shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market (May 20-22, 2016.) My mom and I set out for a newly opened store about 25 minutes away and hit another  (read more …)

all the pretty things

There have been so many things coming into the studio lately that it's been impossible for me to photograph each one, so I thought I would go around the "Lucketts staging area" and snap a few pictures. I found this old lineberry cart on Craigslist, of all places!  We just cleaned it up and applied a coat of Hemp Oil to bring out the richness of the wood. You can also see some of the beautiful  (read more …)

the green double wash basin

I know my fellow antique hunters will understand when I say "you know it when you find it." I've been hunting for a double wash basin for about a year and, while I have found several of them, I never found one that was just right. Just the right price, just the right color, right shape, right everything. Well, I spotted this one and I felt that rush that happens when "you know it." It's just  (read more …)