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crusty counter & other finds

Miss Mustard Seed-0670

I went shopping with Kriste today and I kept pausing to declare how excited I am about the new studio space.  I got a call while we were shopping, letting me know that I can sign the lease on Friday and move in.  I feel like I've been let out of a box, but even so much more than that.  Oh, to have a place to work that's not my home!  To have a place for boxes to be delivered and furniture to be  (read more …)

empire buffet & something for me

Miss Mustard Seed-9914

I have been methodically collecting furniture to makeover for the next MMSMP look book and for the Chapel Market in October.  It seems like a long way away, but I've learned that I shop smarter when I have plenty of time.  So, I've been trolling Craig's List for pieces and scored a third empire piece... ...and it's a beauty!  It's very sturdy and comes with some pretty hardware and the original  (read more …)

free antique piano, a victorian settee & a preview

Miss Mustard Seed-9863

** I've had a lot of inquiries from wonderful people offering the piano a good home and I believe it has found one.  Thanks so much to all who were interested! ** Yep, you read the title right.  I am offering our 100+ year old upright piano for free.  If you read my book, you know the story behind the piano.  For those who haven't or need a refresher, Jeff gave me this piano.  I grew up in a  (read more …)

another alarm clock jackpot, a pet jug & other finds…

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Kriste and I went on a shopping trip/field trip today as planned.  It was so fun having someone along to bounce ideas off of, to point things out and to brainstorm a bit.  (Mom, you're great to shop with, too.  Had to throw that out there.) Anyway, we throughly combed every aisle at the craft store...filling the cart with things for seasonal projects, glitter projects, photo shoots, milk paint  (read more …)

silvertone finds a home & French chairs get a fresh start

Miss Mustard Seed-9737

I've been working on restoring an antique Silvertone phonograph for a few months.  I got into painting furniture, because stripping, refinishing and restoring is so tedious and takes forever.  Just give me a brush and a couple of hours and let it be done!  But, sometimes it's worth it and I've found a labor of love is good for my patience every now and then. I have wanted a photograph for several  (read more …)

the last finds & best pancakes in the world

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Over the years, I've shared a lot of pictures of treasures I found in my Oma and Opa's attic and some things I got from their house after my Opa died.  A few months ago, I went with my mom to clean their house and prepare it to sell.  After all of my years of treasure hunting (with permission, of course), I left the house with my last finds.  It was a little sad that the days of poking through  (read more …)

le bon lait, a bed frame & peppers

Miss Mustard Seed-9693

I have to admit that this purchase was a total impulse buy.  A few weeks ago, I was looking through Furniture Feature Friday links to pick out my favorites.  As I was scanning through the thumbnails, I clicked on this table makeover inspired by Country Living by Kathy of South of Main... My eyes were immediately drawn to the Normandie milk bottle.  Oh, I would love that for photo shoots and to  (read more …)

anthropologie finds

Miss Mustard Seed-9665

We just got back from a week in North Carolina.  We started out with three days at the beach, which was awesome. (I had crazy hair the entire time, but I just have to be at peace with that when I'm in humidity and wind.) My boys have never been swimming in the ocean before. They did some wading in Maine a couple of years ago, but it was way too cold to swim.  It was so amazing for me, as  (read more …)