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“farmhouse” finds

When shopping for a retail space or event, I used to just buy whatever I liked and felt I could make a profit on.  A few years ago, I learned that it was easier to focus my shopping/making/painting efforts around a loose theme.  This year, in homage to our new MMS Milk Paint Color, the theme for Lucketts will be "Farmhouse White." Kriste and I have been developing the idea a little further, since  (read more …)

favorite things | antique flatware

I'm sometimes asked what I look for when I'm out shopping for things for my home or things to sell.  The broad, non-specific answer is that I look for whatever speaks to me.  Certain things just capture my attention.  I like them. Why do you like what you like?  You just do. One of the things that I am a total sucker for is antique flatware, specifically bone-handled, French ivory and Bakelite.  (read more …)

furniture in waiting…

I know it's only January, but I'm already starting to think ahead to the Lucketts Spring Market in May.  It's my biggest event of the year and I work really hard to fill my booth with goodies. So, the shopping has begun. I was trolling craigslist this weekend, sending links along to my craigslist-shopping-secret-weapon (my dad.)  He contacts the seller, negotiates for me, picks it up in his truck  (read more …)

favorite things | primitive cupboards

Oh, I loved all of your comments on yesterday's post.  I found myself smiling as I was reading the stories about treasured items with dings and dents.  I had planned on writing a lot more about how it applies to the way we view ourselves and aging and all sorts of things, but it felt right to leave the post where it was.  And we were all on the same page.  It was a pretty sweet thing. Anyway, I  (read more …)

the little things | wooden spoons

I think it's easy to be intentional when making choices about the big things you bring into your home.  The big commitment items like sofas and china hutches and statement pieces.  I don't think it's quite as easy to be intentional about the little things.  Things that are utilitarian and inexpensive. But, if you're going to buy something, anything, even something little, relatively cheap, and  (read more …)

the most popular horse in blogland

You know when you're out shopping and you find a little gem?  Something that screams out at you to buy it.  It speaks to you. Well, I was rummaging around in the somewhat ransacked Christmas section of TJ Maxx and I spotted this sweet wooden horse, just one, with a red bridle and saddle and the sweetest shape.  I think it was $25.  I grabbed it up without hesitation and immediately imagined it  (read more …)

Raleigh flea market & antique finds

Last Saturday, when I was in Raleigh visiting Jeff's family for Thanksgiving, I spent the better part of the day shopping local with a great group of ladies.  We met up at the Raleigh Flea Market, hit a few antique stores and lunched at a local soup & sandwich shop. This is the second time I've done a meet-up like this in Raleigh and it was such a special day.  I loved getting to connect with  (read more …)

freestanding kitchen

Just imagine a kitchen without built-in cabinetry and long stretches of counter tops.  That's a pretty radical idea in the US in this day and age, but, for our next house, that's exactly what I want. photo via I've been thinking about it for a while now...a kitchen that is gutted and furnished with freestanding antiques mixed with some modified or custom-built pieces to make the space  (read more …)