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anthropologie finds

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We just got back from a week in North Carolina.  We started out with three days at the beach, which was awesome. (I had crazy hair the entire time, but I just have to be at peace with that when I'm in humidity and wind.) My boys have never been swimming in the ocean before. They did some wading in Maine a couple of years ago, but it was way too cold to swim.  It was so amazing for me, as  (read more …)

finding an “antique” queen guest bed


I'm still sorting through all of the inquiries about the bed that I received in response to yesterday's post, but I think it's safe to assume I'm going to be able to find a buyer for it!  I also received a lot of interesting comments about the price of the bed, so I'm going to speak to that in another post. I think you'll all be interested in know why I price some things so low.  It has a lot to  (read more …)

a quilt, petite typewriter, ironstone & more

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I have a few more finds from my shopping trip last week to share.  I told you...when I go shopping, I don't mess around.  I want to come home with a van full of stuff, so it's really worth my time away from "the office."  Here are a few more things I found... I love this blue & white quilt.  It spoke to me, so I had to pick it up. I've learned to listen to that gut instinct that says, "this  (read more …)

ask miss mustard seed & more finds

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I am asked a lot of great questions in the comments on my blog. Some I answer in a reply to their comment and some I just shoot an e-mail to, because it's easier.  I received a couple of really good questions over the weekend, though, so I thought I would answer them in a post. The first question was asked by a few people...  Do I worry about lead paint on the chippy old stuff I bring home?  (read more …)

get-out-of the-house-day

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Since I work out of my home, most days I'm, well, at home.  No surprise there.  I'm a homebody, so it really suits me.  I could probably stay in the house for a week straight and be totally fine with that.  It would drive Jeff nuts, so he's usually the one who runs little errands.  But, there are days when I just need to get out!  It's good for me creatively and it prevents me from getting into a  (read more …)

the nesting place

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Back when I was an itty bitty baby blogger, I took a big step and went to my first blog conference - Blissdom.  I went by myself and roomed alone, so it was a little intimidating.  I awkwardly walked around, hoping to recognize someone from their 125x125 profile picture or maybe someone would recognize me, but I wasn't hopeful of that.  I did manage to connect with some other DIY/Home Decor  (read more …)

magnolia homes


Before I get into today's post, I just want to share how encouraging it is to hear how many you are going to pull out your china and silver and start using it regularly in response to my spurring yesterday!  I started to chuckle at the thought of all of the families who came home to a set table with folded napkins and fancy place settings...probably thinking there mom has finally lost it or there  (read more …)

primitive hutch

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About a week before Lucketts this year, I picked up a beautiful primitive hutch off Craig's List.  The lovely lady I bought it from was moving and needed to sell it.  It seemed meant to be.  I got a good price for it and she gets to pay virtual visits to the hutch whenever she wants!  (She is a MMS blog reader, coincidentally)  The hutch was beautiful, but the blue was a touch too bright for me,  (read more …)