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how to sew custom piping | slipcover series part 1

I finally did it.  I've been promising to do it for years and I have, at long last, made good. Years ago, I made a six part video slipcover series on how to make a slipcover.  I tried to write posts about it and I always fumbled over the wording and the posts were confusing and long.  Imagine paragraph after paragraph of "with right-sides together, insert piping between pieces of fabric and pin  (read more …)

dear reader | to the one with “internet intimidation”

One of my milk paint retailers sent me an e-mail, asking for some decorating advice for her home.  I gave her my opinion on it and this was her reply... "Thank you. I lived so long with wrong decorating choices that I started to get too used to the way things are.  Wrong mindset. I'm tackling things now. I started with the toilet haha, it felt safest. All three bedrooms got a makeover. Working on  (read more …)

idea overload & glass glitter banner kits

This weekend, I'm presenting at the Holiday Expo at McLean Bible Church, just outside of DC.  (I shared the details HERE, if you're interested in attending.)  With a sick kid, I was a little behind with getting my presentation together, but I'm going to the set up and rehearsal tomorrow, so I needed to get myself in gear today! As I've been thinking about what table setting I want to present, I  (read more …)

The Retreat | Dining Room, Study & Foyer

I've spent most of the last few days at home with a sick boy.  My youngest has strep throat, poor little guy.  He's on antibiotics now, though, and is finally on the upswing. Several days at home, away from the studio, squeezing work in where it fits, doesn't get me very good blog material.  Fortunately, I still have pictures of The Retreat to share. In case you missed my initial post about it,  (read more …)

kim’s coastal bedroom | selecting a wall color

You would think that selecting a wall color would be really simple.  Right?  Well, if you've ever strolled into a paint store and picked a color based on a little chip and spent a day painting, only to realize that the color was much brighter, darker, bluer, greener, pinker, whatever-er than you thought it was in the store, then you know it's not as simple as one would think. I've gone through  (read more …)

Leigha’s Bedroom Update

Do you remember Leigha's decorating delimma?  She was the one with the room that looked heavy and dark.  I put a plan together with some ideas for her space, based on what she told me she liked... Here's how the room looked before... Here is how it looked after a reset and she painted the walls in a creamy white (she's still going to swap out the lamps or change the shades)... ...and the  (read more …)

room reset challenge | part 3 | making lists

In part two of the room reset, we were playing with our stuff.  Like our room is one in a dollhouse and we're moving around the pieces until we like it.  Adding some things, taking away others, assessing the space and trying to think outside of the box.  This is about using as much of what you have to make this room what you want it to be. Now, it's time for part three.  Making lists.  I  (read more …)

white on white on white

Soooo...I am really starting to love white.  I've been moving in that direction for a while, but lately, it's what I'm drawn to the most. The key to whites being successful is texture and tone.  The shades of white you use in a space can either look warm and intentional or stark and bland.  It's a fine line. I love mixing crisp whites with those that are creamy.   On the white slipcovered  (read more …)