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using old quilts every day

I definitely have a thing for old textiles.  I love table linens, fabric, clothing, embroidery, name it.  I'm always drawn to the "linen lady's booth" in antique stores.  I like to look through the stacks to see if anything catches my eye.  I'm usually looking for blue and white, of course, nubby linen, pretty monograms, crochet trim...things that will compliment the decor of my home,  (read more …)

styling tips | for home

A few days ago, I shared part one of the "styling tips" series - for retail.  Now, it's time for part two - styling tips for the home. While styling for retail and photography is about making a space and individual items look beautiful or appealing without much regard to practicality, styling the home is about making the everyday beautiful. It's a whole other ball of wax. As an example, here is  (read more …)

indigo dyed napkins

A few of you spotted (and asked about) the blue napkins I used in my table arrangement last week..., this post is all about them. These napkins are actually antique linen napkins from my Oma.  They look quite lovely in the picture below, but they were actually a very yellowy-cream that I never cared for... The color was so off that I never used them.  I always went to prettier white  (read more …)

styling tips | for retail

I've written several posts about styling over the years, but I've grown a lot and learned a lot along the way and it's probably time for an update.  (I have also received a few comments and e-mails about it lately.) Styling is a broad topic, so I'll break this up into a series.  In my work, I do three kinds of styling - for photography, for the home, and for retail.  They all have similarities,  (read more …)

updated tips for shopping craigslist

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you've probably caught on that craigslist is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture.  I'm often asked about it, so I thought I would share some updated tips along with my craigslist strategy and how I sort through the trash and treasures. First of all, I know I'm in a "good area" for finding furniture and antiques.  I live in south central  (read more …)

why I use my silver everyday

I've talked about this before, but it's worth talking about again. When I shared pictures of my new drawer organizers, I received a few comments and questions about my flatware.  The most common one was, "Do you really use your silver everyday?" The answer is yes, I really do.  Even with two young boys, I do.  Even with a husband who would be content using plastic picnic ware, I do. It wasn't  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | Susan’s awkward fireplace

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to apologize to those who still want to buy hemp sheets, but they are sold out.  I was floored with how quickly my largest order ever was exhausted!  We do have some more from that shipment to list, but the weight is a bit different.  I will give everyone a head's up before I list them (most likely early next week.) Also, I will place another order for  (read more …)

dressing a chandelier with fresh greenery

Some of you noticed the greenery hanging from my chandelier in the pictures I shared of my teacup & pedestal advent wreath and asked to see more and for me to share how I do it.  So, that's what I'm doing today! Here's a better look at the chandelier in the dining room... I've been dressing my chandeliers for Christmas like this for a few years now and it's always the no-brainer in my  (read more …)