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Better than Drop Cloths…

My family room has been undergoing some changes over the past few months...years, really.  It's been one of those slow makeovers that has happened (and is still happening) as the money and time are available.  It started a couple of years ago when I painted the walls and cabinetry and made new curtains.  In January of this year, we installed new hardwood floors.  Since then, I've been waiting.  (read more …)

Trickery | Vaseline Resist Technique

Well, I received another oh-crap-call from Lucketts on Saturday.  The Painted Empire dresser sold the day after I brought it in.   I guess I wasn't the only one in love with that finish!  Here's how I did it... I've heard about using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) as a paint resist for a while, but I never tried it.  On this empire dresser, I pictured layers of blue and wanted to have  (read more …)


We all know that hardware is like the jewelry on a piece of furniture. It's the finishing touch that can make a piece special. It's also where a piece can go really wrong.   When I first started refinishing furniture, I felt like I had to replace the hardware on every piece.  I've since changed my tune.  If the hardware is original, in good condition and complete, I keep it.  If there  (read more …)

Decorating with Doors

There are certain decorating tricks I go to again and "secret weapons." One of my favorites is using old doors and shutters to fill up an empty wall and to add some texture or color to a space.   Think about how much you would spend on a piece of artwork, even a cheap reproduction, that is 3' x 5'.  I bought the pair of shutters in my bedroom from a junk shop for $45. I got out of  (read more …)

how to hang a curtain rod | made simple

When I realized I was going to have to hang four curtain rods in the family room, I came up with a solution on how to hang curtain a curtain rod to make sure they are all hung at the same height and the same distance from the window. This process in the past has involved measuring up, measuring out, using a level, repeat. Sometimes it would involve drilling multiple holes when something didn't  (read more …)

Oil & Vinegar – Not Just For Salads

A few weeks ago, I found a wonderful tip about using oil and vinegar to revive and clean old wood.  This is one of those tips that sound really cool, but I was pretty skeptical.  It may be the kind of thing that makes a piece look good long enough to snap a picture and then, when it dries, it looks like crap again.  Well, this solution is the real deal...and I used it on just about every piece of  (read more …)