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wing chair drop cloth slipcovers

I try not to get too engrossed in my blog analytics and all of the numbers, but it's interesting sometimes to check them out...see what's popular and what is most often pinned.  One trend I've noticed is that my readers loved my drop cloth projects.  I still get questions about which ones I use and how I bleached them.  Well, I thought I would give an update on my pair of wing chairs that I  (read more …)

3 minute, no-sew bolster pillow cover

I was working this weekend on my guest room, getting it ready for a photo shoot.  I was in a bit of a crunch, because of some unexpected delays, so I wasn't able to put this room together in a leisurely way.  The mattress was delivered and I had to put the room together in two days.  I didn't have time to shop, so it had to come together with what I had. It was like old times and I think it  (read more …)

painting a primitive cupboard

A week or two prior to Lucketts, I spotted an amazing primitive cupboard on Craig's List.  I intended to buy it to sell at the event, but I was absolutely smitten with it and decided to keep it.  Believe it or not, I'm usually pretty disciplined about that sort of thing, but this piece was just so special and I could imagine it filled with ironstone and other pretty things. I actually bought  (read more …)

French Style & a fabric wall

I received an e-mail a few months ago, asking if I would contribute to a new magazine, French Style.  Well, that sounds right up my alley!  Yesterday, I found the magazine in Target and snapped it up. First of all, it really is a beautiful magazine.  I loved looking through it and I felt so proud that I was a small part of it and I was very pleased with how my article and photographs turned  (read more …)

My Favorite Decorating Books

When Jeff and I were too poor to have cable, internet or dinner and a movie out, we would occasionally go to a book store and hang out for a couple of hours.  He would wander off and look at...I don't really know what he looked at, but I would make a bee-line for the home & garden section and camp out on the floor.  I didn't care that it might not be proper for an adult to sit on the floor in  (read more …)

Hanging Plates on the Wall

Many of you have noticed the plates hanging on my walls throughout my home.  If you haven't noticed, plates, platters and lids are pretty much my go-to wall art.  It all started because I could find plates at yard sales and thrift stores...sometimes for as low as 10 cents a piece.  I ended up with enough plates to feed a small army, so I started hanging them on the walls.  I first hung plates in  (read more …)

resetting & trading up

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed a lot of furniture and accessories coming and going.  You may watch that and think something like, "Well, of course she can do that!  She's an antiques dealer and a blogger and all of that is a part of her business, but what am I supposed to do?" Yes, the fact that I buy and sell things as a part of my business makes it much easier  (read more …)

Wax Puck Tutorial

I'm just getting in from enjoying the beautiful Collegiate Peaks in Colorado, so I've asked our MMS Milk Paint Primary Educator, Abbe Doll, to share a tutorial with you.  I haven't had a chance to shoot or write a tutorial on using Wax Pucks, one of our new products, so Abbe, who is a machine, made one for me!  Enjoy! Let me just start by saying I love this little thing! It fits so  (read more …)