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Megan’s office makeover | desk chair slipcover

Remember the "Franken-chair" I made out of two broken desk chairs for Megan's office makeover?  Well, it has a new dress. Here's what it looked like before...   The base is from the chair on the left and the seat is from the chair on right. And the slipcover is made out of Megan's old cream cotton curtains! We're replacing them with a pretty green buffalo check that works with  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | part 4 | wall colors & design elements

I spent a good part of the day at Megan's house, helping her paint her office.  If you're just hopping in on this series, we're in the middle of giving her small office a farmhouse-style makeover on a budget of $1000.  Here are the previous three posts, so you can get caught up! part 1 | the before part 2 | the “franken-chair” part 3| the plan In a nutshell, here's the plan for the  (read more …)

vintage-style deck makeover

I've always been what you call an "indoor girl" when it comes to home decor.  When we put our house on the market (and ended up not selling it) last spring, our realtor put an "I'm Beautiful Inside" sign above the "For Sale" sign.  That's realtor code for "It looks better once you walk through the front door." It's not that I didn't care about the outside, but with two little boys, a business to  (read more …)

megan’s office makeover | part 3 | the plan

After a few weeks of marinating on things, sourcing, kicking around ideas, I have come up with a plan for Megan's office makeover.  If you missed the first two posts in this series, you can check them out here... part 1 | the before part 2 | the "franken-chair" And now, I'm finally sharing the plan, letting you know the direction we're heading. Here's what the office space looked like the  (read more …)

megan’s office | part 1 | the before

My brother called the other day and asked how I was doing after "the post."  I knew exactly which post he was referring to and you probably do, too.  "I'm really fine!  99% of the comments were constructive and they helped me think through what's next." My brother pointed out that it's time for the next.  "You have been telling a story, as you've been working on your home over the years.  Now  (read more …)