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Kim’s Coastal Bedroom | part 2 | the before

I went over to my mom & dad's house today to take some before pictures of their master bedroom, the one that's my next makeover project. I shared the concept for the room in part 1, but here's a reminder... The space right now is a pretty blank slate.  My parents moved here a few years ago and my mom's always been a little stuck on this room. (As an aside, when I first got to the house,  (read more …)

kim’s coastal bedroom | part 1 | the concept

When I mentioned that I had taken on my first design client, Megan, my mom quickly jumped in, "Well, you have to do my master bedroom!" There are two things you might be thinking right now... 1.) Your mom is the reason your business is here and she has been with you every step of the way.  This is an amazing opportunity for you to give back.  Yay! 2.) Working with your mom on a design project?  (read more …)

room makeovers | putting your money where it counts

I received a question in response to Megan's office makeover and I thought it would make a great post.  So, here we are. The question came from Christie... "I would love to see a post on how you make your initial budget.  Did you prioritize curtains and storage ?   How do you know what things to go cheap on ?" Great question! Working on Megan's office was a totally new experience for me,  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | the reveal

It's finally time to reveal Megan's office makeover! Kriste and I met Megan, of the blog Mercy in the Middle, through one of our milk paint workshops.  She then volunteered her time to help as we were getting ready for the Lucketts Spring Market earlier this year.  She mentioned wanting some help with her home, so when I decided to start working with design clients, she immediately came to mind  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | the chalkboard wall

We are so, so close to finishing Megan's office!  Megan and her husband, JT, came to pick up the furniture from my studio over the weekend.  Moving that wardrobe was quite a job and it was even a little nail-biting seeing if they could get it in the space, but they were able to and it will provide loads of closed-door storage. They also picked up the rug, curtains, armchair, accessories, etc., so  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | slipcovered armchair

If you saw the Craig's List wardrobe makeover yesterday, you caught a peek at the slipcovered armchair... As I've shared before, sewing is not my very favorite thing ever in the world to do.  I do it out of necessity, thriftiness, and the desire to customize. Such is the case with slipcovers.  Unless I wanted to eat up our entire budget having this chair professionally slipcovered, I needed to  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | Craig’s List Wardrobe Reveal

After lots and lots of painting, the Craig's List wardrobe we found for Megan's office makeover is finished! And, here she is.  The beast herself... Megan came to the studio yesterday to help us with the final coat of green on the outside (a custom mix of MMS Milk Paint in Boxwood, Lucketts Green and Mustard Seed Yellow) and the interior in Linen. Kriste and Megan also worked on cutting and  (read more …)

Megan’s office makeover | part 6 | the craig’s list wardrobe

When I met with Megan initially about her space, she was really leaning towards built-ins for storage.  Something similar to the ones in our home office, with a desk, lower cabinets and upper cabinets.  As I thought through the space and how she uses it, I felt like a large cabinet would be more functional for her.  We talked about it and agreed.  It was not only more economical, but it would  (read more …)