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my new creative workspace

Yesterday, I was a determined woman.  Despite the gloomy weather, I was in the mood to organize, purge, and get my creative space put together. We have organized and cleaned out the studio here and there, but we haven't picked through each bin and each drawer, keeping only the things that are really used.  It was time.  It was long past time. Kriste and I worked together, emptying out the  (read more …)

Furniture for the Family Room & Calvin’s Room

A few days ago, I shared the new arrangement in our family room as well as the progress on Calvin's room.  I said I would give all of the details on the new pieces of furniture and this post is making good on that promise! Now, I admit, furniture stores have never been my thing.  Give me a flea market, antique store, thrift shop or yard sale!  That's where most of my pieces have been found and  (read more …)

The trials of decorating for an 8-year-old boy

Decorating for kids is hard.  I'm learning that as I'm working with my eight-year-old on transforming the guest room into his room.  We have conversations about it that go something like this... "So, let's talk about your room, bud, and how you would like it to look." "Okay." "What colors would you like?" "Ummm... Red, green, black, gray, orange, blue.  And some yellow." "Hmm.  Okay.  How  (read more …)

styling the girl’s vintage bedroom

When I was a little kid, my favorite toy was my dollhouse.  I enjoyed living out the imaginary lives of the little people who resided there, but my favorite part was arranging and rearranging the furniture.  Even building "additions" with metal lebkuchen tins to make room for more furniture. I carried that into my teen years when I rearranged and restyled my room regularly.  You know.  Just for  (read more …)

Pine Cone Hill Giveaway

When I revealed my parent's bedroom makeover a couple of weeks ago, I shared that I would be hosting a giveaway for some Pine Cone Hill bedding and here it is! Pine Cone Hill furnished the bedding for this room makeover and offered to give away one Boyfriend Matelasse Coverlet in the color and size of your choosing to one of my readers!  This coverlet is available in 13 colors from white and  (read more …)

kim’s coastal bedroom makeover | the reveal

My parent's bedroom makeover, officially called "Kim's Coastal Bedroom Makeover" here on the blog, is finally finished!! This is a looooong post, so you might want to get a snack to enjoy while you're reading this one. It's been a long time since I shared the before pictures of this room, so let me give you a then and now rundown before we get into the details. This is how the room looked  (read more …)

Kim’s coastal bedroom | installing the built-ins

  The room makeover for my mom and dad is finally nearing completion!  I am planning to photograph the finished room later this week. We finally got over the biggest hurdle in the room, the built-ins. I have assisted Jeff with building cabinets and shelves and I felt like it was something my dad and I could tackle, even though it was a bit ambitious. I drew up the design and, over  (read more …)

Kim’s coastal bedroom | non-chippy milk paint

I love the look of paint that has been worn with time.  Chips, flakes, rubbed areas that reveal the warm patina of the wood underneath. It just speaks to me. But, I know some people look at those pieces and wonder when you're going to repaint or refinish them.  It's just not a look that is up everyone's alley.  My mom is one of those people who doesn't like the "chippy look." I know!  Where in  (read more …)