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finding your style under clutter

For those of us who love collecting pretty things, there is a problem.  When is enough, enough?  When do the amazing things we own prevent our style from even being visible?  Our style is buried under the clutter.  Too much furniture and collectibles wedged into a room not big enough for it all.  But we love it all, so how can we get rid of any of it? I went through this in my living room,  (read more …)

design ramblings | episode 10 | investment pieces

Happy Friday!  Kriste and I are back with another episode of Design Ramblings.   In our 10th episode (woohoo) we talk about investment pieces for the home.  It took me many years of decorating and redecorating to learn that some things are worth a splurge...   Yep, I'm a little bit passionate about bed frames, in case you didn't notice!  The bed frame I mention in the video is the Vienne bed  (read more …)

design ramblings | episode 9 |decorating ideas for renters

It seems like, for most people, a stepping stone to home ownership is renting.  It's probably safe to say that most of us started out our adult lives as renters and many are still renters for various reasons.  Living in a rented space was the norm for me as I was growing up, since my dad was in the military.  I also experienced renting for the first six years of our marriage and now I'm  (read more …)

design ramblings | episode 8 | ceiling fan debate

Ceiling fans can be a hot topic, believe it or not.  There are folks who are all about function.  They want air moved in a room and it doesn't matter how ugly or obtrusive the air-moving-device is as long as it's doing the job.  Then, there are people who will remove a fan from the hottest, stalest room and replace it with a chandelier...all for the sake of form.  More often than not, males are  (read more …)

Design Ramblings – Susan’s space & hanging curtains

Sorry our Design Ramblings is late this week!  It was just one of those weeks.  Between sickness, snow days and a family game of Monopoly last night, I couldn't get this video up and posted on time.  The Monopoly game was totally worth it, though!  The boys are really enjoying playing it for the first time. Anyway, in this episode, we answer some more viewer/reader questions.  Susan from Texas  (read more …)

workshop preview & farmhouse style ramblings

Today was a big day.  We hosted our very first workshop in the Mustard Seed Studio!  Twelve delightful ladies attended and I think it's safe to say that we all had an amazing time.  Here are a few pictures as a preview, but I'll be sharing more, of course.  For Design Ramblings this week, we decided to chat about another trend prominent on blogs, Pinterest and in magazines - Farmhouse  (read more …)

design ramblings | contentment with your home

Kriste and I thought we'd mix up the ramblings a bit and talk about contentment and how it relates to our homes.  I've written about contentment before and it's something I've struggled with off and on.  I'm sure it's something we all struggle with, especially in the day of blogs, magazines, Pinterest, HGTV...there are so many sources of inspiration, but they can also make you feel like what you  (read more …)

design ramblings | sliding barn doors, paneling & painted fireplaces

It's time for another Design Ramblings...  I hope you're all enjoying these, because we sure are! I think Kriste and I are both getting more comfortable chatting together in this format.  Since it is "design ramblings", most of the episodes will be us talking about a specific design-related subject, but we already have some field trips planned as well as videos that are more  (read more …)