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decorating dilemma | wonky windows & neutral blahs

In this decorating dilemma post, we're actually dealing with two issues... I know the first one is very common...  getting stuck in the world of neutral blahs.  We'll circle back to that one in a minute. The second dilemma is a less common, but I'm sure many of you can still relate.  I know I can! You look at a home and fall in love with the cathedral ceilings and the alcove with the arched  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | a wood stove

Once I wrote about working on Megan's office, I started getting e-mails from readers who weren't local, but really wanted some help with their spaces.  Sadly, I've had to tell them that's not really my forte.  I once tried to do a virtual consultation and ended up throwing in the towel before I really got going. I feel like I need to stand in the space, see the homeowner's style and what they  (read more …)

Finding & Embracing Your Style

This post is about style.  Your style.  Great style.  And how to figure out which is which.  Do you find that you love transitional  beach modern French bohemian country shabby chic log cabin Edwardian cottage junk style?  Do you get your home set in one style and then a magazine or blog will sway you in an entirely different direction?  Do you feel like your  (read more …)

Resetting a Room

Have you been working on a room and you're feeling stuck or it's not looking the way you envisioned?  If so, it's time to press the reset button and here's how I do it.  I've been working on my living room for a few months, now.  When I was looking at it the other day, I realized it's not turning out the way I wanted it to.  It is mostly, but once I added two of the  (read more …)

Ask Miss Mustard Seed – Decorating a Small Space

"How do you paint/decorate to open up a small room? All of our bedrooms are very tiny (10x12 or smaller) and so it just feels very smushed. The kids are little, so their rooms have lots of toys plus beds, and then my bedroom is super tiny and squished. I just want a refined look that makes the room not look so claustrophobic ;) Any tips?"I grew up in military housing and our family of four lived  (read more …)