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kim’s coastal bedroom makeover | the reveal

My parent's bedroom makeover, officially called "Kim's Coastal Bedroom Makeover" here on the blog, is finally finished!! This is a looooong post, so you might want to get a snack to enjoy while you're reading this one. It's been a long time since I shared the before pictures of this room, so let me give you a then and now rundown before we get into the details. This is how the room looked  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | Susan’s awkward fireplace

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to apologize to those who still want to buy hemp sheets, but they are sold out.  I was floored with how quickly my largest order ever was exhausted!  We do have some more from that shipment to list, but the weight is a bit different.  I will give everyone a head's up before I list them (most likely early next week.) Also, I will place another order for  (read more …)

Sarah’s Fireside Room

Do you remember Sarah's wood stove decorating dilemma that I posted about this summer?  Well, I received an update from Sarah on her progress and her plan, so I thought I would share it with you. Here is the inspiration board Sarah sent me... Here's how the room looked when I shared it back in August... And here is how it looks now.  She decided to paint the walls in the kitchen and  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | which comes first?

A few weeks ago, I received a question from Jan and figured I would answer it in a post.  Especially since I've learned a lot about this over the past few years. "I have a question....picture me waving my hand in the air.....oh oh Miss Marian!!!! Do you pick your wall color or fabric first?  My walls need to be a shade of green because I am doing a restoration and the original wall color was  (read more …)

Leigha’s Bedroom Update

Do you remember Leigha's decorating delimma?  She was the one with the room that looked heavy and dark.  I put a plan together with some ideas for her space, based on what she told me she liked... Here's how the room looked before... Here is how it looked after a reset and she painted the walls in a creamy white (she's still going to swap out the lamps or change the shades)... ...and the  (read more …)

room reset challenge | part 2 | time to play

In part one of the room reset challenge, we took everything out of the room except for large pieces of furniture, rugs and curtains that are definitely staying.  If you were on the fence about something, it came out of the room. While the walls are bare and the room is mostly empty, it's a good time to paint the walls, if needed, and if you know the direction you want to take the room.  If you're  (read more …)

room reset challenge | part 1 | everything out

I've talked about doing a "room reset" often on my blog, in my book, and in our Design Ramblings on YouTube.  If a room is feeling busy, boring or it's just not "right", a room reset is my go-to way to either get back on track or give the space a fresh look. I first introduced the "room reset" five years ago when my living room was starting to feel over-crowded, dark and heavy. I stripped all  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | massive, masculine furniture

Leigha has been a thrifter her entire life.  The talent to find a good deal was used to furnish her home and she eventually sold her finds out of two booths at antique malls.  She's recently been honing her style and realizes that "her home no longer speaks to her."  While Leigha's ready to sell it all and start over, the fact that she has a busy life (works as a librarian, married to a  (read more …)