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Decorating Dilemma | Marie – Hélène’s Kitchen

Remember Marie-Hélène?  (Look! I figured out how to do the accent marks above her name.  That actually came about compliments of my broken E key.  I had to hold it down to coax it and realized that other E options would pop up!)  Anyway, I featured her family room in a Decorating Dilemma post just before Christmas.   I received an e-mail from her the next day sharing that she was up to her  (read more …)

Decorating Dilemma | Marie – Helene’s Great Room

Man, it's been a long time since I've done a Decorating Dilemma post!  I know my readers enjoy them, but they take quite a bit of time to put together and I just haven't had an abundance of that lately. But, I received an e-mail from a reader asking for some help with her great room and kitchen and I was inspired!  While the spaces are adjoined, I decided to break them into two posts, so this one  (read more …)

Which comes first | how to avoid decorating regret

One of the projects I've been working on lately has me thinking a lot about the design process, specifically as it relates to putting a room together.  I've been pondering the order in which choices and purchases should be made and I've realized that most people, including myself at times, go about putting a room together entirely backwards. Think about it with me...  You've been browsing the  (read more …)

dear reader | to the one who keeps making the same decorating mistakes

Dear Reader (to the one who keeps making the same decorating mistakes), We should start a club.  We'll call it the "I have not learned my lesson" club or the "Oops, I did it again" club.  (Hey!  We have a theme song if we call it that.) We can have meetings and everything. "Hello.  My name is Marian." Psst.  This is where you say, "Hi, Marian." "I just had to repaint my walls for the third  (read more …)

dear reader | to the one with a “stuff problem”

Dear reader, A few minutes after I put my sons to bed a few weeks ago, I heard the sound of feet on the steps. "Mommy?"  My oldest son had crept out of bed with something on his mind.  I walked around the corner to the bottom of the steps.  "What is it, buddy?" Earlier in the evening, we talked with him about buying a new bike.  He had outgrown the one he had in ability and size.  I thought  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | joy’s family room

I got a text a few nights ago. "Hey there! OK, decorating question...we have a big two-story family room with plenty of natural light. Everything is brown now and I want to lighten it up with some greige paint. But I have oak trim that my husband won’t let me paint. Do you have a favorite greige color that would go with oak? Trying to think who in my life knows paint... Oh, right....I know a  (read more …)

decorating dilemma update | sarah’s fireside room

Do you remember Sarah's fireplace room?  We talked about it originally back in August and then I gave you an update on her progress in December.  Last week, she checked in with me again to share their progress. Like most real, non-TV makeovers, Sarah is working on the makeover project-by-project, slowly over time, as life and budget allows.  In her e-mail to me, she shared this, "...sometimes I  (read more …)

dear reader | to the one who doesn’t know what color to paint her walls

When I shared the plan for my mom's bedroom makeover, I received this comment from Judy... "Hi Marian, I love the color palette!  I know that using fabric is a good way to pick your paint colors.  But, what if you don't have that kind of choice? My dining room is in the middle of my house, no windows, neutral floor color (carpet).  There isn't any type of "jumping off point", which always gets me  (read more …)