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Tips on Shopping for Ironstone

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about ironstone, but I thought I would write an updated post.  I've been showing a lot of my recent finds and selling some in my online shop and that has brought out a lot of questions about ironstone. What is ironstone? I answered this question in my first ironstone 101 post, so I'll quote myself.  "Ironstone china is a glaze-covered earthenware. It was  (read more …)

Guide to Shopping The Chapel Market

Well, this is a guide to shopping my space specifically at the Chapel Market tomorrow.  First of all, here are some pictures of my space and the things that are for sale (and everything is for sale!)... I did not bring t-shirts, because I am almost sold out and need to reorder, but I did bring a bunch of books... ...and I'd be happy to sign them for you.  Also  (read more …)

Love it. Buy it?

Those of us who have the collecting/thrifting/junking gene know that it's hard not to buy something we love, especially when it has a great price tag.  Then, we all end up at the same place...too much stuff, not enough space, but we still want to buy more.  Right?  So, what is one with this dilemma to do?  Here are some good principles to follow...First of all, clear things out  (read more …)

10 Secrets to Thrifting Success

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is how I find such wonderful things at ridiculously low prices. Today, I am going to share the secrets of my thrifting success. Unfortunately, I can't help with the most important aspect of finding great things (luck), but I do think you can improve your chances by following some easy tips.1.) A.B.H. - Always be hunting. There are times when I go out  (read more …)