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ironstone, linen tea towels, quilts & more

Last week, I set out to find a desk for Calvin's room in a local antique store and, while I was out, I picked up a few things to list in the online shop. I found a bunch of ironstone - some very pretty tureens were the highlight, but I also got sugar jars, small pitchers, a set of dinner plates, platters, bowls, etc. This one is particularly special, but I have enough "special" tureens and I  (read more …)

antique haul | 8.22.16

Late last week, I hit a wall.  I love my work, but sometimes I need to step away from my house and the studio and recharge creatively.  A day out shopping usually does that for me.  So, my mom and I hit a craft store for more watercolor and sketching supplies and we also hit one of my favorite antique stores. I was shopping mostly for inspiration, but I also kept an eye out for things I could  (read more …)

fresh finds, pretty flyswatters & studio flooring

It's been a while since I've been able to take a day to mill around an antique store.  There has just been too much to do at the studio and, of course, things have been off-kilter with the summer schedule, my recent trip to Atlanta, etc.  School starts in a couple of weeks and then it'll be back into the routine. Hopefully. While I haven't been able to make it out shopping, a few things have  (read more …)

a white cabinet, antique textiles & ironstone

I've found some beautiful things lately and I was inspired today to put them together for a little show-and-tell post on the blog. First off, the cabinet... It was a craigslist gem and I just might be keeping it!  It's a really special piece with that wavy glass... ...and the old hardware and paint.  It's also a petite size, so it would be great in a hallway or bathroom. I also got in  (read more …)

how to clean old bottles

Before I get going, I wanted to let those who have been waiting for hemp sheets know that I just got a shipment in today!  I will list them in the online shop on Thursday, July 14, at 8:00 pm EST along with some other recent finds. I shared on my "favorites lately" list that I've found an affection for old bottles.  I was never really into them before, but all it takes is meeting one bottle  (read more …)

latest furniture haul

First of all, thank you so much for the amazing feedback on our latest video project!  Just like the "yellow dress and the dresser" video, it literally popped in my head and then happened so organically.  I am very much someone who does their best work out of inspiration, not on demand!  I imagine most of us are that way and we don't feel as proud of things we created just because necessity or  (read more …)

antique haul | 6.27.16

Last week, I acquired a few fun things.  One of my "pickers" brought me a load of ironstone (plus I brought in some pieces from my house) and I found some goodies at a local antique shop. Here's a video showing everything... This is the small blue & white pitcher I mentioned in the video... Isn't it so sweet? After studying it a bit, I thought it looked familiar.  I matched the  (read more …)

white splint basket

If you've been reading my posts over the past few weeks, you know that I have a new-found love for baskets.  I collected a lot of them to sell at Lucketts and I enjoyed using them as props around the studio.  During one of my shopping trips, though, I bought a basket for myself. It's this beautiful, antique splint basket with chippy white paint... Splint baskets are made out of thin wood  (read more …)