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Latest Ironstone Finds

I don't try to hide the fact at all that I love ironstone.  I spotted it about 12 years ago in a magazine and the love has remained constant.  I've waffled on crazy quilts, baby dresses, milk glass and silver plate, but I have never waffled on ironstone. My collection has grown to the point that I have to pick and choose what I want to keep and what I want to sell.  When I find a new piece I want  (read more …)

How to Clean Ironstone & Houzz

I often show off my ironstone collection and when I do, I almost always receive questions about how to remove stains.  I've never actually whitened my ironstone, because I love when a piece shows its age.  I understand that some people want their ironstone bright white or might want to remove a stain if it is unsightly.  So, I got some advice from Kim of Truffle Pig Treasures (she's an avid  (read more …)

I Love Ironstone

From the moment I spotted a hutch full of white Ironstone in a magazine, I knew that's what I wanted to collect and I have hunted it down for the past ten years.   I don't look for the high end stuff, though.   I look for the bargains.  Pieces that are chipped, crazed, stained, missing tops, missing bottoms...whatever.  I don't mind.  Of course, if a fabulous piece falls in my lap, I don't turn my  (read more …)

Ironstone 101

I have received a lot of questions lately about ironstone, what it is, and how to identify it. I am certainly not an expert, but I have been collecting ironstone for about ten years now and I have a pretty large collection (I've lost count), so I know it when I see it. I remember reading a magazine years ago, drooling over the ironstone collections in some of the featured homes.  I loved  (read more …)

Ironstone Attic Heirloom

When I stumbled across Emma Calls Me Mama's Heirloom Party today, I was bummed that I didn't have a post to share. I have so many wonderful heirlooms, so I got out the camera, took some pics, and put this post together, so I could participate. My grandparent's attic has yielded many wonderful treasures, but this has to be my favorite. One visit I did my usual digging around through the bug  (read more …)