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other pieces to paint & favorite finds

I hit a lucky streak on craigslist last week and I also scored some great finds when I was out shopping.  So, the studio is full of pieces waiting for their makeovers. And giving furniture a makeover is like therapy for me.  I put on some loud music and paint and it does me good. One of the pieces I'm really excited about is an antique step-back cupboard.  I got it for a good deal, because it  (read more …)

blue onion jackpot

If you don't know what "blue onion" is, well, let me introduce you! Blue onion is a blue & white transferware design found on dishes and serving pieces.  The Rice jar in the back left is the classic blue onion design and the rest are variations, but can be referred to generically as "blue onion", although the pattern is a little different. Anyway, I found an amazing collection of it when I  (read more …)

baker’s table & hutch top

And so it begins...the shopping marathon for the Lucketts Spring Market was officially kicked off with a late-night scouring of craigslist that yielded four pieces already with a few more that we're scheduled to pick up.  It feels good to have furniture coming into the studio again and to see a queue start to form. Two of the pieces that were just rolled in on a dolly are these primitive  (read more …)

a grain bin turned coffee table

When I shared the industrial-style coffee table a few months ago, some of you called it.  It just didn't work with my style.  While I like the table a lot and it was very functional, it was too large for the space and the longer I lived with it, the more it felt off with everything else in the room.  Great piece, wrong space. Since I realized that, I've been looking around at antique stores and  (read more …)

the new old desk

My desk-sitting days pretty much ended when I left the corporate world over 12 years ago.   Since then, I prefer to spread out on the floor or a large table, perch at the kitchen counter, or prop a laptop on my lap while I lounge on the sofa.  I have had a desk at the studio for a couple of years, but I rarely, if ever sat at it.  It was basically a large, disorganized filing cabinet and  (read more …)

drawers galore, a tiny hutch & more

I don't know about you, but I love things with cubbies and drawers.  I know I'm not the only one who feels that way, because those pieces tend to be pricey when I do find them!  But, when I was out shopping before Thanksgiving, I tripped across these... They were such a good price that I made my mom stand with them while I fetched a cart!  I was paranoid someone would snatch them before I  (read more …)

antique pine hutch

I went out antiquing last week and I wasn't planning on purchasing any furniture.  But, I just can't help myself.  Furniture seems to find me the way a lost dog often seems to end up in the path of a dog-lover. I mean, literally...within five minute of shopping, I spotted and purchased this beautiful step-back hutch... It has the original wavy glass...    ...and a beautiful  (read more …)

a goat bell for a horse

When I was out shopping last week, I found a little goat bell.  It was inexpensive, I think $4.00, so I picked it up.  I initially envisioned using it as a Christmas decoration, with some evergreens, etc., making it into a small wreath. The leather was really dry, but a little Hemp Oil hydrated it and made it pliable again. As soon as I finished photographing the bell, a thought hit me...  I  (read more …)