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Victories, Defeats & Christmas in April

I'll start off with the victories.  I made it through the first block (4 weeks) of P90x.  I can already see and feel improvements in my fitness and have lost some pounds and inches.  I'm going for walks with my family and teaching my six year old how to play tennis. I'm finding some balance, so everything isn't about blogging, antiques, home projects, writing and photography.  It's been great and  (read more …)

Minimizing Miss Mustard Seed

As I mentioned in THIS POST, I'm making some changes in my life to be healthier and lose some weight.  I owned up to gaining 30 lbs since I started blogging.  I didn't gain weight because of the blog.  I gained weight because I didn't make my health a high priority. That changed last August when I kicked processed foods to the curb and became a vegetarian.  Some of you have asked for more details  (read more …)

…it makes me feel like baking.

Most of you know I have given my kitchen a fresh new look with paint, paint, more paint and some hardware.  I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it and have experienced some unexpected side effects.  First of all, I want to keep it super clean, which will eventually drive my family nuts.  Second... makes me feel like baking, which is really no good, either.  Well, it's,  (read more …)