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tiny topiaries & “just our stuff”

Last year was a big year for me.  I finally decided to give gardening and indoor plants a real effort.  I was actually going to water, tend, prune, weed, and fertilize.  Guess what happened?  I didn't kill everything! I only killed some things, but I learned a lot along the way. I was not excited about warmer temperatures, because the A/C is broken in my van, but I was looking forward to the  (read more …)

bObi robotic vacuum review & giveaway

When someone sends you an e-mail asking if you would like to try out their robotic mop and vacuum, you say yes.  You just do.  Because it's a robotic vacuum AND mop! Before I had the studio and I worked from home, I felt like I was able to keep the house cleaner, except when we were in the "fuzzy-floor-days" of Lucketts prep.  The studio has relieved my house of the duties of being a photo  (read more …)

four questions & Haven 2016

If you're clicking over from Mom 4 Real, welcome!  Everyone else, you're welcome, too! I have a backlog of furniture makeovers and projects to share, but today I am sharing about the upcoming Haven blog conference. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I am a co-opening-keynote-speaker with my dear friend, Shaunna, and I'm also a Haven Maven Mentor along with some amazing bloggers... The whole  (read more …)

haven, lucketts & thinking bigger

This week has been about diving in and getting things done.  Chairs that have been sitting around for over a year?  Done.  An old mirror frame that has gone unsold at sales twice?  Revamped.  Stuff that is just stuff taking up space?  Pitched.  It feels pretty awesome. I have to admit that one of the pieces that was pitched was a piano stool that beat me.  It's the only piece I can think of that  (read more …)

what makes your heart feel alive

Jeff and I have been talking a lot lately about what "makes us tick" or, more eloquently put, what makes our heart feel alive. I think society encourages us from an early age to be sensible and doing the things that make your heart feel alive don't always sound sensible.  Get on the honor roll.  Your SAT score will dictate how successful you'll be in life.  Go to college.  Get a job with a  (read more …)

favorite Ikea finds

We live about 90 minutes away from an Ikea, so I don't go there often.  Maybe once every three or four years.  On Friday, my mom and I made the trek and spent the day "doing Ikea."  It really is like a theme park.  Wear comfortable shoes, get your map, make your lists, so you don't miss anything.  Make your plans, so you hit lunch at the right time.  It's an event. I went with a pretty sizable  (read more …)

country living | behind the scenes

Several of you have already come upon a secret I've been keeping since June of last year.  My home was featured in the March 2016 issue of Country Living. AHHHHHH! And, yes, lots of geeking out has taken place.  Lots of high-pitched squeals and pinch-me moments and slowing down to soak it all in. It was the most involved shoot I have ever been a part of.  It was a half day of styling and  (read more …)

money talk

I remember it vividly.  Like it was yesterday.  I was a teenager with my own checking account, which was awesome.  What wasn't awesome is that my dad had to drive me to the bank, because I had overdrawn the account.  Like, a lot.  He sent me to the desk by myself to tell the manager that I hadn't reconciled my account, I spent more money than I had, I was irresponsible and it wouldn't happen  (read more …)