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farmhouse holiday series | red wine risotto

This year, I was invited to be a part of a farmhouse holiday decor series with an amazing line-up of bloggers, so how could I say no to that?!  Over the next few weeks, we'll be sprinkling in some seasonal farmhouse-style blog posts to (hopefully) inspire our readers. This week's theme is "farmhouse kitchen and fall recipe". I've shared this before and I'll share it again that other than  (read more …)

my first foray into canning & $150 Ace Hardware Giveaway

I bought a book on canning years ago.  I liked the idea of gardening, growing, harvesting and preserving.  Well, that book was about the extent of my efforts at canning until last week. If you have read my blog for a while, you may have picked up on the fact that I love cherries.  I rejoice when they first hit the stores in May and feel like there should be a moment of silence when they are no  (read more …)

haven 2016

Well, Haven 2016 is in the books.  For those who don't know what Haven is, it's a home bloggers conference for DIY/Home Bloggers and readers.  It is always a shot in the arm for me, being around other creatives and taking some time to network, teach, and learn. I was wearing a lot of different hats at the event.  I was a co-keynote speaker for the opening ceremony with my best blog friend,  (read more …)

multitasking & LG SideKick giveaway

I've mentioned my distain for the task of doing laundry on more than a few occasions here on the blog and even in my book.  It's not that it's a horrible, draining, back-breaking task, but it's never ending.  You finish and there are already dirty clothes piling up in the hamper.  It's never done.  And I am a person who likes done-ness! I have found that a lot of these never-done household chores  (read more …)

5 gallon bucket vs. the entire ocean

I went to Myrtle Beach last week with my family.  While we're not at the same beach I went to as a kid (Long Beach on Oak Island in NC), the beach in general always reminds me of our summer vacations there that started when I was a baby and continued through high school. When I was first introduced to the ocean, it wasn't my thing.  Some kids will sit in the sand, roll in the surf and enjoy every  (read more …)

good gifts

I have always loved getting gifts.  Bring on Christmas and birthdays, special occasions and pretty packages! And an unexpected surprise of this blog has been gifts.  Even my mom, who knows how thrilled I get at a present, commented on it.  "Well, you certainly got into the right business!" These gifts are from readers who have become friends over the years of following my journey and want to  (read more …)

creative endeavors & “ladies who lunch”

If you haven't figured it out, I am definitely the "creative type".  I get lost in my art, whatever it happens to be that day...sewing, refinishing, painting, music...and I tend to forget appointments and I run late for things and I burn dinner and I realize I worked on something that stirred my soul instead of something that really needed to be done. It's been a bit of a challenge to  (read more …)

the business brain & the human heart

Before I get into the thick of it, I have to say that you all overwhelm me so often!  The first installment of the Lucketts Leftover Sale went live today and pieces were selling before I could even get everything live on the site.  So, I'm "listening" to what you're "saying" and I need to have more things for sale online on a more regular basis.  That's a part of a grand plan, anyway, but I can  (read more …)