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a shopping trip & a cleaning day

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to "breakfast at Ballards" a celebration of the opening of the new Ballard Designs store in the King of Prussia mall near Philly.  Usually, invitations like this are too far for me to travel, but this one was just a couple hours away, so Kriste and I decided to take the day to attend the event and do some non-antique shopping. We started super early, so  (read more …)

royal scout giveaway

Once the milk paint line started taking off, my business became more about no's than yeses.  I said no to blog tours, giveaways, almost all sponsored posts, antique fairs and special events I was invited to.  I was saying no to pretty much everything and I think that's what I needed at that time.  I needed to simplify and focus. I got to the point, though, where I felt a little isolated.  I  (read more …)

golden tote review

If you went clothes shopping with me, you would notice a trend in the things I collect to try on.  Most of the items are navy, black or gray and I don't stray far from jeans and a cute, but comfy shirt, scarves and jackets.  I always feel a little out of my depth; trying to find what will fit, flatter and be current, yet age-appropriate, funky, yet professional.  I worked with Ella, a stylist, a  (read more …)

whole30 results & styling session giveaway

I know some of you have been waiting to hear about my whole30 results and I can't believe I haven't shared them before now!  I wanted to share, but I've been debating with myself about how much to share and I always need a little extra time to work up the courage before I get really personal. So, here is my whole30 review and the results... Deep breath, muster that courage and here we go. In  (read more …)

Magazine Features & a Risky Outfit

Before we go any further, I want to clarify that the outfit mentioned in the title of this post is risky, not risque, lest there be any confusion. So, several weeks ago, I received a few e-mails in a row from magazines requesting content for a feature.  I can't imagine a day when I casually sigh and say, "Yeah, I got an e-mail from another magazine editor..." like it's a boring thing.  It's  (read more …)