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thankful for small things

Th-r- ar- things in lif- that you tak- for grant-d.  You don't notic- th-m until on- day th-y ar-n't th-r- and you r-aliz- that you n-v-r took th- tim- to b- thankful for th-m. W-ll, on- of thos- small things quit on m- this w--k. Can you gu-ss what I'm missing? Y-s, th- "e" k-y on my comput-r has l-ft th- building.  I can only us- it if I copy and past- it, which isn't v-ry practical.  Can  (read more …)

Christmas 2016 recap

For the second year in a row, I actually took a break over the Christmas holidays.  I did some inbox maintenance and spent a little time on business stuff here and there, but I didn't write any blog posts and I didn't work at the studio.  I was even pretty quiet on social media. I spent a lot of time, like entire days, in my jammies.  I played video games and board games with Jeff and the boys.  (read more …)

Christmas Song 2016 | Born is the King (It’s Christmas)

It's become a tradition here on the Miss Mustard Seed blog to share a Christmas song.  It started with me sneaking into another room and playing a song on the guitar with a camera propped on a chair.  One year, Jeff and I did a duet, written by a friend of ours.  Last year, I extended a last minute invitation to my family and Kriste & her husband to join in and we recorded Oh, What a Glorious  (read more …)

marinated skirt steak & an All-Clad giveaway

The pot rack in my kitchen might be the one thing in my house that we installed a week after we moved in 10 years ago and hasn't moved an inch.  It's never even been under threat of being moved.  I love, love, love my pot rack.  That's an odd thing for me, because it's not an antique, but it is so functional and I honestly like having all of my pretty pans and copper pots on display. And yes, I  (read more …)

Thank you, New England…

I'm still in Massachusetts as I write this, but I'm hanging out in a hotel room and wanted to share how my trip has been going so far. First of all, I just love New England!  I felt that way when we came up here on a family trip to Maine and I feel even more so now.  I love the architecture and little towns and the brilliant fall colors and the history. So, my trip started with a short flight on  (read more …)

baked potato soup recipe

I shared a couple of weeks ago that I made a full-fat, no-skimping-on-the-good-stuff baked potato soup as a treat.  I love creamy soups and casseroles, but I don't make them very often anymore, because they are just so calorie-laden. But it was a dreary day and both Jeff and I were in the mood for soup. And a baked potato soup recipe that I used to make came to mind and I couldn't shake it.  So,  (read more …)

four chairs, a pin cushion & poutine

I totally missed announcing that I was listing some new things in my online shop tonight, but they are there!  I listed a few larger pieces as well, including the hand painted night stands that were in our master bedroom for a few years. I'm going to head out tomorrow to do some more shopping, so hopefully I'll have some more awesome finds to list next week. And, speaking of awesome finds, I  (read more …)

Joining the ranks of dog owners…

Sometimes timing, place and circumstances all align and something happens that you don't expect. So, last week, I shared that I did a photo shoot of a porch and Kriste and I had a couple of dogs for company.  As I worked on the shoot, I thought the time is coming soon when our family will get a dog.  We've been thinking about it for over a year, but never pulled the trigger on actually getting  (read more …)