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family gallery wall

family gallery wall family gallery wall

anthropologie finds

anthropologie finds anthropologie finds

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party furniture feature friday | favorites & link party

capturing hope

capturing hope capturing hope

Antique Farmhouse Giveaway

Antique Farmhouse Giveaway Antique Farmhouse Giveaway

family gallery wall

civil war letter gallery

When my dad was stationed on an Army base in Stuttgart, Germany, my mom had access to a framing shop.  She took some classes and started framing old family photos, eventually creating a huge gallery wall.  It didn't matter how many times I looked at those pictures...I would still lean in and study them.  Who did I take after?  Do I have her eyes?  Does this one look like my brother?  That rocking  (read more …)

anthropologie finds

Miss Mustard Seed-9665

We just got back from a week in North Carolina.  We started out with three days at the beach, which was awesome. (I had crazy hair the entire time, but I just have to be at peace with that when I'm in humidity and wind.) My boys have never been swimming in the ocean before. They did some wading in Maine a couple of years ago, but it was way too cold to swim.  It was so amazing for me, as  (read more …)

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party


I found some really great features for you tonight.  There were a lot of great ones, but these three were no-brainers for me to feature.  Enjoy the party! This pair of "map cabinets" actually started life as modern laminate side tables.  I had to do a double-take, because it was hard to believe how they started and where they ended up.  I love Kristine's work on the Painted Hive and her  (read more …)

capturing hope

Miss Mustard Seed-3

 I'm not a portrait photographer and I don't plan on expanding my business to include that, but I've been asked on occasion to take pictures for my friends and family.  One family from our church saw some pictures I took of "Mini" and they asked if I would take Hope's senior pictures.  This family is so loving and generous, so I was happy to do it. I introduced Hope to Pinterest and she brought  (read more …)

Antique Farmhouse Giveaway


I really love that some retailers are catering to those of us who love things that are vintage and antique.  While I almost always prefer the real deal, there are pieces that are best to buy new for reasons of function or practicality or cost.  One of the companies offering some great new/vintage home decor pieces is Antique Farmhouse.  Here are some of their latest finds, fresh off the  (read more …)

finding an “antique” queen guest bed


I'm still sorting through all of the inquiries about the bed that I received in response to yesterday's post, but I think it's safe to assume I'm going to be able to find a buyer for it!  I also received a lot of interesting comments about the price of the bed, so I'm going to speak to that in another post. I think you'll all be interested in know why I price some things so low.  It has a lot to  (read more …)

the fate of the guest bed

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I knew this day would come, but I didn't think it would be so soon. We've always had a full-sized bed in our guest room and it's always worked just fine, but we've had it in the back of our minds for a while that we wanted to upgrade it to a queen.  I'll share more on it in a few weeks, but we now have the opportunity to upgrade to a queen, so we're doing it.  I'm so happy for our guests,  (read more …)

what I’m working on…

Miss Mustard Seed-9356

As I shared yesterday, after a week of dealing with a lot of details of doing business, I was really ready to do something creative.  So, I headed to the basement to work on some pieces that were waiting for me. The first piece is a great old kitchen cabinet that belongs to Kriste, my online shop manager.  She's going to start working with me on some creative things as well, which is exciting for  (read more …)