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milk-painted wash stand

I was done buying furniture, but my friend Traer offered this old wash stand to me at such a great price that I couldn't refuse.  It's sort of like fitting in dessert after a big dinner.  It's just a little piece of furniture, so we can find room for it! The finish was pretty messed up and it was dirty and lost its luster, so painting it was an obvious solution. This was another tag-team  (read more …)

the antique display case makeover

A large part of finding "good stuff" at antique stores and junk shops, is taking the time to really look through each booth and, in some cases, to dig around.  I know when I hit antique stores that I will usually end up needing a good hand-washing and a change of clothes when I'm done with the place! This cool, really old wood and glass display case was literally buried.  It had another cabinet  (read more …)

the whole house makeover & painted ironstone

When I was out shopping a couple of weeks ago, I came across this sweet little birdhouse... I almost passed it up, because the colors were a little drab, but I decided to give it a chance.  I decided to paint it in MMS Milk Paint Grain Sack with Boxwood on the "grass".  Kriste loves little projects like this, so I asked her to paint it while I was working on something else. For some contrast  (read more …)

tiny topiaries & “just our stuff”

Last year was a big year for me.  I finally decided to give gardening and indoor plants a real effort.  I was actually going to water, tend, prune, weed, and fertilize.  Guess what happened?  I didn't kill everything! I only killed some things, but I learned a lot along the way. I was not excited about warmer temperatures, because the A/C is broken in my van, but I was looking forward to the  (read more …)

antique haul for the Lucketts Spring Market

One thing that I love about what I do and being "the boss" is that I can (most of the time) chose to do the kind of work that suits my mood on any particular day.  Last Friday, I was in a get-out-of-the-studio mood, so I decided to do some more shopping for the upcoming Lucketts Spring Market (May 20-22, 2016.) My mom and I set out for a newly opened store about 25 minutes away and hit another  (read more …)

decorating dilemma | joy’s family room

I got a text a few nights ago. "Hey there! OK, decorating question...we have a big two-story family room with plenty of natural light. Everything is brown now and I want to lighten it up with some greige paint. But I have oak trim that my husband won’t let me paint. Do you have a favorite greige color that would go with oak? Trying to think who in my life knows paint... Oh, right....I know a  (read more …)

updated tips for shopping craigslist

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you've probably caught on that craigslist is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture.  I'm often asked about it, so I thought I would share some updated tips along with my craigslist strategy and how I sort through the trash and treasures. First of all, I know I'm in a "good area" for finding furniture and antiques.  I live in south central  (read more …)

cleaning cart turned garden cart

Before I get into today's post, I am so excited to share that I will be a speaker at The Sage Farm Antiques Autumn Spectacular in Rochester, New Hampshire, October 7-9, 2016. You can get more details on the Sage Farm Antiques event's page. I'll share more details when we get closer to the event, but I'm excited to see New Hampshire for the first time and visit with some of my New England  (read more …)