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holiday snuggles with Sebastian

My regular readers have come to know and love Sebastian, the Border Collie-Australian Shepherd mix dog who became the newest member of the Parsons' family this fall. He has become my little shadow and we all love him so much.  He's sweet, well behaved, playful, and brings such warmth to our home.  I've learned a lot about caring for a dog and specifically for Sebastian - learning his likes and  (read more …)

Noble Fir for the Living Room

I decided to get two Christmas trees this year. I have done just one large one the past few years, but I was really looking forward to Christmas decorating this year, so two trees seemed fitting! I got a 8.5' Fraser fir for our family room from a local tree farm and I partnered with Green Valley Christmas Tree farm to get a 7' Noble Fir for my living room.  I was excited to get a tree variety  (read more …)

there is a time & place for spray paint

I am just going to admit it.  I am a bit of a paint snob.  That is probably not a huge surprise to anyone, since I am an unabashed paint enthusiast and, therefore, I am a bit picky about my paints. That being said, even though milk paint has my heart, I do use other paints on occasion, like latex for walls and trim, acrylic for some hand painting, and I even have a few cans of spray paint on my  (read more …)

the new old desk

My desk-sitting days pretty much ended when I left the corporate world over 12 years ago.   Since then, I prefer to spread out on the floor or a large table, perch at the kitchen counter, or prop a laptop on my lap while I lounge on the sofa.  I have had a desk at the studio for a couple of years, but I rarely, if ever sat at it.  It was basically a large, disorganized filing cabinet and  (read more …)

drawers galore, a tiny hutch & more

I don't know about you, but I love things with cubbies and drawers.  I know I'm not the only one who feels that way, because those pieces tend to be pricey when I do find them!  But, when I was out shopping before Thanksgiving, I tripped across these... They were such a good price that I made my mom stand with them while I fetched a cart!  I was paranoid someone would snatch them before I  (read more …)

christmas decorating begins & other things

The past couple of years, I have reserved Christmas decorating for myself and my family.  I shared what I did on my blog, but I wasn't doing things just to blog about them. I needed it after years of Christmas going until February (due to photo shoots), circling back again in April (for freelance projects), and making an early appearance in September (for retail.)  By the time December rolled  (read more …)

antique pine hutch

I went out antiquing last week and I wasn't planning on purchasing any furniture.  But, I just can't help myself.  Furniture seems to find me the way a lost dog often seems to end up in the path of a dog-lover. I mean, literally...within five minute of shopping, I spotted and purchased this beautiful step-back hutch... It has the original wavy glass...    ...and a beautiful  (read more …)

a goat bell for a horse

When I was out shopping last week, I found a little goat bell.  It was inexpensive, I think $4.00, so I picked it up.  I initially envisioned using it as a Christmas decoration, with some evergreens, etc., making it into a small wreath. The leather was really dry, but a little Hemp Oil hydrated it and made it pliable again. As soon as I finished photographing the bell, a thought hit me...  I  (read more …)