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slipcover series | part two | cutting the fabric

Hello, all!  I hope you had a great holiday weekend.  We just got back from visiting Jeff's family in Raleigh, which is always a fun trip.  I had the chance to meet up with some readers for a day of flea-ing and antiquing and I'll share all about that in another post. Today, I am continuing the new slipcover series.  You can see part one, the introduction and a tutorial on making custom piping,  (read more …)

freestanding kitchen

Just imagine a kitchen without built-in cabinetry and long stretches of counter tops.  That's a pretty radical idea in the US in this day and age, but, for our next house, that's exactly what I want. photo via I've been thinking about it for a while now...a kitchen that is gutted and furnished with freestanding antiques mixed with some modified or custom-built pieces to make the space  (read more …)

super market sign | black friday “steal” & giveaway

When I shared my freshly painted custom-built cabinet last week, several of you asked about the "super market" sign and I said I would tell you about in on Friday.  Well, now it's Friday.  Black Friday, to be more specific.  And the super market sign is the Decor Steals special Black Friday steal-of-the-day! The thing I really like about this sign is that it's made of metal and the lettering is  (read more …)

milk paint 101 | surface prep

Now, you know what milk paint is (part 1), you've mixed it for your project (part 2), and now it's time to get your piece ready to paint.  This is the part that many people are confused about and where many projects go off the rails.  I'll be honest in saying that I have contributed to that confusion, I'm sure.  In this day and age where no sanding, priming or prep is the trend, there is an  (read more …)

the $125 farm table

I needed to pick up some supplies for the glitter workshop last week and I could hardly be out and about for the day without stealing a few minutes in an antique store!  So, I meandered through one of my local haunts, hitting some of my favorite vendor's booths, picking up a few small things.  I wasn't looking for furniture, but, of course, a piece of furniture found me. I spotted this great  (read more …)

how to sew custom piping | slipcover series part 1

I finally did it.  I've been promising to do it for years and I have, at long last, made good. Years ago, I made a six part video slipcover series on how to make a slipcover.  I tried to write posts about it and I always fumbled over the wording and the posts were confusing and long.  Imagine paragraph after paragraph of "with right-sides together, insert piping between pieces of fabric and pin  (read more …)

Farmhouse White Cupboard

 A few months ago, Jeff and I made a cupboard around a pair of reclaimed doors I bought at an antique market for $40.  They hung in my dining room for a few years, but I always thought they would be perfect in a custom-built cabinet. The full tutorial will be available on at some point and I will link to it when it is. I must admit, this cabinet gave me the "building bug" and now  (read more …)

busy day at the studio…

The studio was hustling and bustling today.  My mom and Kriste came to help, since we had a huge to-do list.  We worked together to get everything ready for the workshop tomorrow.  We have four lovely ladies attending and I'm pretty excited that it's a small workshop.  I think they are more relaxed and you really have the chance to talk.  I also get to pamper these ladies with a fun "buffet" of  (read more …)