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the sanded floors

the sanded floors the sanded floors

upholstered Christmas banner tutorial

upholstered Christmas banner tutorial upholstered Christmas banner tutorial

there’s no turning back now…

there’s no turning back now… there's no turning back now...

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party furniture feature friday | favorites & link party

mason jar “snow globes”

mason jar “snow globes” mason jar "snow globes"

the sanded floors

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This weekend, we finally took the plunge and sanded down our floors.  I've been wanting to for a long time...well, and not wanting to at the same time.  It's a total pain.  It's messy and it's really hard work, but I got it in my mind that I really wanted it done before decorating for Christmas and then closing out 2014 and Jeff went along with it. In can you haven't seen them before, this is  (read more …)

upholstered Christmas banner tutorial

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A few weeks ago, I was browsing Christmas decor and tripped across this sweet "Happy Christmas" banner at Terrain.  The vintage-looking stuffed velvet letters appealed to me, but I wasn't a fan of the color or the unevenness of the letters. I liked the idea of making one, but I had to think through how to make it.  The inspiration banner looks like each letter was sewn and stuffed.  That  (read more …)

there’s no turning back now…

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Thursday morning I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to get a head-start on sanding the floors.  I've had refinishing them on my to-do list for over a year now, but it is a very not-fun, messy job and I've been putting it off and delaying and procrastinating.  I've been on a mission of late to get things in the house finished, so it's time to tackle the floors.  I want to get them done before  (read more …)

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party


This was another week when the entries for FFF blew me away.  It's like everyone is trying to get a bunch of furniture painted, refinished and spruced up before the holidays!  Speaking of, can you believe Thanksgiving is just a week away?  Wow...yeah.  So, next week we won't be meeting.  We'll all be too busy hanging out with our families and eating pie.  We'll pick things up the following week  (read more …)

mason jar “snow globes”

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I have to start off by saying how much I enjoyed reading all of the comments in response to my post yesterday.  In a way, it was very therapeutic for me to write and I'm glad it was encouraging to others as well. This is definitely one of those not-new-at-all ideas, but they are so cute that I thought I would make a few mason jar "snow globes".  Kriste is the one who introduced me to them and she  (read more …)

letter to a new blogger

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As I've just passed the five year mark of being a blogger, I've been thinking a lot about the early days of my blog.  I laugh at some of the things I did and wince at others.  I pressed the "start a blog" button on blogger with very little clue of what I was getting into.  My friend, and talented artist who designed my MMS logo, suggested I start a blog.  I thought blogs were political rantings  (read more …)

recent finds & photo shoots

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When we were in Charlottesville last week, Jeff extended the invitation to me to do a little antique shopping.  He knows this means I will most likely fill our van with a bunch of things he doesn't really "get."  It means I'll buy things that I expect him to fix and it even may mean he gets longing looks from me over a beastly piece of furniture that I want to rearrange everything in our van for.  (read more …)

epic craig’s list find

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I have found a lot of great pieces on Craig's List over the years...chandeliers, dressers, hutches, cupboards, chairs, name it.  I've bought a lot off of Craig's List.  When I'm getting ready for a market, I troll the local antiques & furniture sections daily in our local areas to see if I come up with anything good (and I often do.)  And I have another ace up my sleeve when it  (read more …)