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Room Refresh & Renew with Birch Lane

I have shared in the past that rugs are my nemesis when it comes to decorating.  It's just so hard to find a rug that works with everything happening in a room.  I threw in the towel and had pretty much all jute and seagrass rugs in the house.  I love the look of them and I have found certain styles that feel comfortable underfoot, but the one that was in our bedroom was not one of those.  It was  (read more …)

The business of blogging | ads

If you missed the first series in this blog post, the business of blogging / money matters, you can find it HERE. I have wanted to write a post about the ins and outs of ads and sponsorships for years, but it seems like such a hornet's nest that I have decided to stay away from it.  Well, I'm going to beat that nest with a stick today, so let's hope I don't end up running away with a swarm after  (read more …)

top 5 tips for decorating on a budget | part 1

When I was in New Hampshire, speaking at the Sage Farm Antiques Market, I gave a presentation on decorating on a budget.  As I prepped for that and then as I was teaching, I was reminded how passionate I am about the subject. Yes, it's nice to have a generous budget when you're decorating and yes, there are things that are worth saving for and splurging on, but oh, the creativity you have to have  (read more …)

baker’s table & hutch top

And so it begins...the shopping marathon for the Lucketts Spring Market was officially kicked off with a late-night scouring of craigslist that yielded four pieces already with a few more that we're scheduled to pick up.  It feels good to have furniture coming into the studio again and to see a queue start to form. Two of the pieces that were just rolled in on a dolly are these primitive  (read more …)

Decorating Dilemma | Marie – Hélène’s Kitchen

Remember Marie-Hélène?  (Look! I figured out how to do the accent marks above her name.  That actually came about compliments of my broken E key.  I had to hold it down to coax it and realized that other E options would pop up!)  Anyway, I featured her family room in a Decorating Dilemma post just before Christmas.   I received an e-mail from her the next day sharing that she was up to her  (read more …)

The business of blogging | money matters

When people ask me what I do, I usually say, "I own my own business."  This suffices for those who aren't curious or inquisitive at all.  For others, though, they press further.  "What kind of business?"  And that always stumps me, because my business it multi-faceted and it isn't easily categorized.  Insurance companies and accountants often scratch their head when they are trying to define what  (read more …)

thankful for small things

Th-r- ar- things in lif- that you tak- for grant-d.  You don't notic- th-m until on- day th-y ar-n't th-r- and you r-aliz- that you n-v-r took th- tim- to b- thankful for th-m. W-ll, on- of thos- small things quit on m- this w--k. Can you gu-ss what I'm missing? Y-s, th- "e" k-y on my comput-r has l-ft th- building.  I can only us- it if I copy and past- it, which isn't v-ry practical.  Can  (read more …)

best of 2016

The first week in January is usually when I hit the ground running, but I've been in a post-holiday, pre-head-cold funk and have just wanted to curl up under a blanket and ignore the world!  I'm starting to come out of that, though, and it actually helped me a lot to put this post together and see everything that happened over 2016.  It's sometimes easy to get lost in a daunting to-do list or pick  (read more …)