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tough coat 101 video

tough coat 101 video tough coat 101 video

guest room curtains…check

guest room curtains…check guest room curtains...check

ottoman slipcover tutorial

ottoman slipcover tutorial ottoman slipcover tutorial

good reads

good reads good reads

cinnamon ornaments

cinnamon ornaments cinnamon ornaments

tough coat 101 video

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We introduced the Tough Coat a few months ago as  part of the MMS Milk Paint line.  It was a product that was many months in the making. You see, I'm a pretty tough sell when it comes to adding new products to the line.  I have to really love them, use them and being okay with them sporting my name.  I never planned on carrying a water based poly product, because my preference is for oils and  (read more …)

guest room curtains…check

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I tend to get a little bit aimless around the holidays.  Those aimless times are when it's hard to be your own boss.  I have long lists of things I want and need to do, but I don't have anything pressing.  (Actually, I need to finish my Christmas shopping and that's getting pretty pressing...)  When I start to feel aimless, I usually do one of two things.  One - I'll give myself a break and have  (read more …)

ottoman slipcover tutorial

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My blog was eerily quiet for a couple of days until I realized there was an error with the comments plugin!  Well, it's back up a running, so you can talk to me again. Before the Chapel Market, I made a slipcover for an ottoman I found at a second-hand shop and promised a tutorial.  The pictures were soon buried and I forgot all about it!  I was digging through the depths of my Lightroom library  (read more …)

good reads

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I really enjoy reading.  I don't read novels very often, because I get so engrossed in them that I neglect everything else and stay up until 3:00 in the morning to get to a "good stopping point."  So, I usually refrain unless I can't resist or I'm stuck in bed for some reason.  But I enjoy flipping through a good decorating book or reading something that's inspirational and maybe helps me learning  (read more …)

cinnamon ornaments

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I've been wanting to make cinnamon ornaments for our tree for a couple of weeks and there just never seemed to be a good time to take over the kitchen counters with the endeavor.  We had a dusting of snow this morning and I had a relatively open day, so I decided to dive on in. There are a lot of different variations on this recipe, but this is the one I settled on... Start with two cups of  (read more …)

furniture feature friday | favorites & link party


 I spent a good part of the day today making cinnamon ornaments, which filled the whole house with deliciousness.  It was a fun "craft" to do on an overcast day with occasional flurries.  The boys wanted to eat them as an after-school snack, but I had to explain, at least twice, that they have glue in them and wouldn't be very tasty or good for one's tummy.  I'll share the recipe and how they  (read more …)

how to make yarn pom-poms

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I've been using a lot of handmade wool poms in my Christmas decorating and I didn't even think about making a tutorial for them.  A tutorial was requested, though, so I thought I would oblige. I made these when I was a kid, to use on hats, hair ties, socks, slippers, etc.  I think most of the ones I made ended up as toys for our two siamese cats.  (A little wallet I crocheted out of wool yarn  (read more …)

ramblings, workshops & open by chance

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As we work in the studio, Kriste & I talk a lot about decorating.  We chat endlessly about styles, trends, what's inspiring us now, blogs we like, what we think is being overdone, etc.  Having worked alone for such a long time, I love the interaction and find it makes me think through my own tastes and choices and it broadens my horizons a bit.  One day, we were chatting and I stopped what I  (read more …)