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Lucketts leftover sale this week

I have received a bunch of e-mails and comments asking about the fate of the leftovers from Lucketts.  As we did last year, we will list them all in the online shop, so readers who aren't local and have a crack at purchasing some of the pieces I've shared on my blog over the past few weeks. So, what's left?  I took the week off, but I did sneak over to the studio this weekend to get some pictures  (read more …)

indigo dyed napkins

A few of you spotted (and asked about) the blue napkins I used in my table arrangement last week..., this post is all about them. These napkins are actually antique linen napkins from my Oma.  They look quite lovely in the picture below, but they were actually a very yellowy-cream that I never cared for... The color was so off that I never used them.  I always went to prettier white  (read more …)

styling tips | for retail

I've written several posts about styling over the years, but I've grown a lot and learned a lot along the way and it's probably time for an update.  (I have also received a few comments and e-mails about it lately.) Styling is a broad topic, so I'll break this up into a series.  In my work, I do three kinds of styling - for photography, for the home, and for retail.  They all have similarities,  (read more …)

ironstone, a tool tote, bottles & tags

After all of the craziness of Lucketts, I decided to take the week off.  I knew I probably would, so I cleared the calendar.  Sometimes I think I'll want a break and then I don't. I feel the momentum and I am raring to go.  This time I thought I would want a break and I was right.  I really needed it.  So, I had a "jammie day" and splurged on a massage and I even did a little antique shopping just  (read more …)

Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 3

Saturday was the early day of the Lucketts Market, kicking things off at 8:00, so it meant another early morning after a full day Friday.  I also didn't sleep very well the night before.  My mind was swimming with the events of the day and the tasks for the next.  Sometimes it's just hard to shut it off. We drove down to Lucketts and it rained the entire way.  The forecast was so grim, I even  (read more …)

Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 2

Before I continue with the story of Lucketts 2016, let me rewind to one year ago, VIP Day 2015.  We had tons of help lined up, cameras at the ready to capture the frenzy that usually happened when the gates opened.  The anticipation was building as we neared 10:00.  The gates were opened and customers strolled in.  There wasn't a rush at all.  Everyone was relaxed and took their time.  We had a  (read more …)

Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 1

My alarm went off at 5:15 am on Friday morning.  I don't usually do 5:15 am (or anything before 8:30, if I can help it.)  It was like Christmas morning, though.  Your body feels energized instead of groggy.  Exciting things await, so let's get to it. I showered and put on the linen shirt dress and jeans I set out the night before.  I usually wear a t-shirt to Lucketts, but I opted to wear a "real  (read more …)

“it’s like getting off of roller skates”

I'm going to give a full recap of Lucketts once my brain solidifies once again.  It's total mush at the moment. When I was driving home from the market on Friday, I was trying to articulate to my mom how "out of it" I felt after such a full day.  I almost didn't recognize the exit for my house! She came up with a perfect analogy... "It like when you get off of roller skates." I knew exactly  (read more …)