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family room rug victory


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had absolutely perfect fall weather here in south central PA and we took advantage of it.  We have needed to get some things done around the house, so we had a Parsons’ family workday.  The four of us worked together to clean the basement workshop, the shed, and the yard.  Jeff got a fire going in the fire pit and we burned all of the scrap wood in the workshop, last year’s Christmas tree that was sitting in the compost heap, and he decided to literally chop the rotting playground into pieces and burn that as well.  We have a pile for Craiglist, a pile for the trash, and a tidy shed and workshop to show for our hard work.

Towards the end of the day, as Calvin and I were sweeping up the last of the sawdust, he looked over at me and said, “Mom, I like it when I work really hard and then I finish and can look at it and be proud of what I did.”

“Yeah, buddy, me too.  That’s exactly how I feel.”

On Sunday, we attended the JDRF One Walk.  It’s always a special event for us each year, since Calvin has T1D and we believe a cure could be discovered in his lifetime.  It’s definitely worth supporting.  And, we brought Sebastian with us this year, which he enjoyed.

Anyway, onto the rug.

I shared a few years ago that rugs are my nemesis when it comes to decorating.  I have had several rugs in our family room specifically.  We’ve had rugs that were too small, too busy, too blue, and one that was not the right shade of blue.  I finally decided to go with a braided jute rug, which we’ve had for a few years.


I like that it’s neutral and not scratchy.  It’s not exactly comfortable to lay on, though, and it does shed.  So, I’ve been keeping an eye out for a comfy wool rug that didn’t cost a fortune, had the right colors, and the right kind of pattern.  And I’ve been looking for a loooong time.

Well, I was in HomeGoods last week (to shop for a tablescape that I’ll share tomorrow) and I was hoping there might be a rug that fit all of my qualifications.  I made a beeline for the rugs and immediately went to this one…


It was perfect. It’s soft, 100% wool, and very cushy underfoot.  Both the color palette and pattern felt neutral to me and well suited to the room.


Jeff and I rolled it out in the family room this week and it looked just as I hoped it would.  Given that rugs have been such a struggle for me, it felt like a real victory to finally find one that works practically and aesthetically!


And the colors in the rugs go perfectly with my walls (Glass Slipper by Benjamin Moore), pillows, and quilts.



I still love that Pottery Barn braided jute rug, so we moved it to the living room to replace a scratchy sisal rug.

While I’m sharing an update to the family room, I thought I would let you know how we feel about the new furniture pieces we’ve had for a few weeks.

We love the sectional more and more. It’s been comfy and so functional for our family.  There is lots of snuggling and roughhousing that happens on it.  The TV cabinet has been another great addition that fits the space like a glove and offers practical storage.


The coffee table is very functional, but now that I’ve lived with it for a few weeks, it feels a bit too big for the space.   I’m going to keep my eyes open for an antique piece that’s sized a bit better and offers a bit more contrast to the TV cabinet, but I’m not in any rush.  I know I’ll trip across the right piece one of these days.

This is definitely the best this room has been since we moved into this house 10 years ago.  It’s been a room that has stumped me for a long time.  It has to be a workhorse and it’s long, narrow and has multiple doorways and traffic paths, so it’s been a real challenge, but it’s finally getting there!

I’m guessing the day that it’s 100% the way I love it will be about 3 days before we put our house on the market.  Isn’t that how it always works?

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  1. SueSchneid22 says:

    It really is perfect!

  2. June Pope says:

    That is a gorgeous rug and it really is perfect for your room….all the right colors. Must have been YOUR day! Also adds a little tradional pattern. I love it!

  3. Vickie Macfarlane says:

    Beautiful Rug! I love the difference one item can make to an entire room.
    Thank you for sharing Marian.

  4. Well all your items have come together beautifully for your room. And the carpet is the icing on the cake for it all to come together . Great eye!!

  5. You have such a great eye for decorating. Your home looks beautiful and so homey and comfortable.
    Love your blog🙂

  6. Have you thought about foregoing a coffee table and using a couple of sofa tables instead? Just a thought…

  7. B. Folk says:

    That rug adds just the right amount of subtle pattern to complement the rest of the furnishings. Beautiful.

  8. Tonya says:

    The rug is perfect, the pattern is definitely you. Really looks good in your room.

  9. Joanie McLaughlin says:

    Wow! Looks fantastic.

  10. The whole area is so cohesive and inviting. The new couch really does fit the space better than the previous couch! I know this post was about the rug, which is clearly perfect for the room, but every time you post about this area , I am drawn to the basket on the coffee table. I love the semi-painted look to it, and the bulky, almost rattan-like structure to it. I have a similar basket, and am working up the courage to see if I can replicate the finish!!

  11. This rug, with its colors, really grounds the space in a more substantial way, ties in with the furniture, and increases the room’s feeling of quality. Wonderful choice.

  12. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for posting Marian. I too have been searching for “the rug” and recently found it at Home Goods myself. Now I realize it is the exact same rug as yours. My decor is somewhat different than yours, but I love the rug in both rooms!

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