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Furniture for the Family Room & Calvin’s Room


A few days ago, I shared the new arrangement in our family room as well as the progress on Calvin’s room.  I said I would give all of the details on the new pieces of furniture and this post is making good on that promise!

Now, I admit, furniture stores have never been my thing.  Give me a flea market, antique store, thrift shop or yard sale!  That’s where most of my pieces have been found and I’m pretty proud of my resourcefulness and ability to make-do.  But there are some pieces that can be difficult to find second-hand and it’s also nice to mix in the new with the old to make a home a little more comfortable, functional, or hard-wearing.

A few months ago, I rearranged the furniture in my family room to a two-sofa setup in an “L” shape.  One sofa was leather and another wore a white slipcover.  The pieces fit well in the room, it was nice to have more seating, and it was comfortable, but it looked a little disjointed and awkward.  What we really needed was a sectional.

I knew there were some stylish sectionals out there, but I cringed at even the thought of bringing a sectional into my house!  Even the word evoked the idea of some monstrosity with cupholders and mauve upholstery that looked like it was ripped out of a Winnebago.

I combed through the new Ashley HomeStore catalog, angsting over which sectional was “the one”.  I kept coming back to Salonne three-piece sectional.  I was concerned about the light color and more modern styling, but I went with my gut and ordered that one.


We absolutely love it.  It’s very comfortable, yet supportive, it’s neutral in color and style, and it fits the space like it was custom-made for it.


I like comfy sofas with deep seat cushions that you can sink into.  This one definitely fits that bill, but it does have a nice spring to it as well, so you don’t feel like you’re going to be eaten by the seat cushions.

The thing I am particularly pleased with is the fabric.  I was a little nervous about how it would look and feel in person, but it’s a lovely oatmeal color in a soft, durable weave.  Even though it’s light, it doesn’t look like a fabric that’ll be grungy in six months.  I did tell Jeff and Marshall that their salsa-eating needs to be a safe distance from the sofa, though!


The sofa came with seven pillows.  The fabric is nice, but not really my taste, so I’m going to recover them.  The great thing is that they are feather-filled pillows!  It was like a little bonus gift.  I am a bit of a feather pillow snob.  (Again, I like to sink into things!)


I’m playing with some fabrics to make new covers, but I just used some pillows I had for right now.  The oatmeal color of the upholstery works perfectly with the linen and hemp pillows I had.


I also found a TV console and coffee table for the space.  If you remember, I sold the French provincial buffet we’ve been using as our TV stand for a few years at Lucketts.  I was ready to let it go, but I didn’t have a replacement lined up for it.  For a few months, we’ve been using an antique dresser that didn’t fit the space well.

I’ve been combing craigslist for an apothecary-style cabinet piece that would fit the space.  I found one that was almost perfect, but the drawers were way too small for the components and it was about 3′ too long.  I could hardly believe it when I found the Keeblen TV Stand from the Ashley HomeStore.


It was just what I was looking for and the fact that it wasn’t an antique piece meant the back was already made to accommodate cords and the size of the drawers was just right for an Xbox.  In fact, all of the drawers are actually cabinets…


…so all of the “ugly stuff” can be behind closed doors.


I like the rustic look and feel of the finish even more than I thought I would.  It adds just the right amount of warmth to the space.

mms-1690  mms-1686

And, then there is the Vennilux coffee table.  It looks like an old Lineberry factory cart with the added functionality of having a bottom shelf.  We’ve had an ottoman in front of the sofa for a few years, but the tufts caught all of the dust and fuzz and the fabric was really pilling.  It’s looked grungy for a long time, so I had it covered with a quilt most of the time.


With the addition of the sectional, though, we lost the side table that was between the two sofas, so we needed a hard surface to put drinks and such.  The coffee table provides a place for that and to prop up our feet, which we all like to do.


It’s nice that it’s on wheels, too, so we can move it out of the way if we need the space for a wrestling match or cushion fort.


I am just thrilled with how the family room looks now and I like it more and more each day.  It’s just the right balance between pretty and practical.


We also made a few additions to Calvin’s room to make it look more masculine and boyish.  I was originally thinking I would keep the white iron bed, but as I started working on his room, the shape and style of the bed were just too feminine.

I stepped out of my decorating comfort zone and ordered the Wesling Panel Bed.  It definitely has a bit of a modern edge, but the distressed boards framed on the headboard and footboard make it work with my style.  It’s also a much better fit for the room, since the footboard is low, even with the height of the mattress.  It makes the tiny room look a little larger.


I kept the white bedding I had, but added the Alecio Quilt and shams in navy.  They balance out the white, make it look more masculine, but it’s not too kiddish.  It’ll still look great as a guest room when it needs to serve as that.



I also added the Beldier rug, a knotted cotton/wool rug that works with our black/gray/blue color scheme and is soft underfoot.


This room is an awkward size, so it doesn’t fit the “proper way” a rug is supposed to fit under a bed, but to an eight year old boy, it provides a soft play area and he loves that.


And what little boy room would be complete without a bean bag chair?  I selected the Teardrop Shag Bean Bag Chair, which isn’t available online, but can be purchased at select Ashley HomeStore locations.  Calvin loves running and diving on it.  


I’m sure the time will come when he wants to actually curl up on it and read a book, but for now it’s a stunt accessory.

And Marshall wants one, too.  I’m sure all sorts of antics could happen with two bean bag chairs.


I hemmed the curtains already, but I still have a few more things to do to the room, like swap out the curtain rod, add a light and valance above the desk, deal with the closet and dresser, add some book storage, etc.  So far, though, I love how the room is coming together and, more importantly, Calvin loves it.


I’ll share more on his room progress and all of the rest of the sources in another post.

Another side note on working with Ashley HomeStore, as someone who moves a lot of furniture, I really appreciate it when people do it well and they do it well.  Their team was professional and careful.  They padded all of the doorways and stair railings with moving blankets and wore booties over their shoes, so they wouldn’t leave anything behind but the furniture.  They also provided excellent customer service, following up with a phone call to make sure everything met my expectations.  I haven’t ordered a lot of new furniture, but I’ve never had such stellar care.

Anyway, things have stayed pretty much the same for a year or two, which is a long time for me, so it’s been a lot of fun for me to spend some time on my house again.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ashley HomeStore.  They provided the furniture and accessories I selected for my home and compensated me for this post.  All words and opinions are my own.  I am so pleased with the pieces and services I received from them and was excited to share it with my readers.

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  1. Lisa from Montana says:

    Wow. Bet you didn’t see all the controversy coming, eh Marian?! We humans can be so averse to change at times. :)

    I also use an eclectic mix of old, not so new, and new in my decor. I purchased some of the larger items (sofa and my bed) new and then built around them using new and not so new. It’s me, it’s a nice style, and it works for my family. That’s who I have to please.

    Like the 81 yo grandma stated up above, your style (and most of the furniture!) will all be different in a few years anyway. Please continue with the wonderful inspiration and G-d bless your adorable family. They’re the ones that have to sit and sleep and live with what you choose.

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, lots of opinions here. Personally I love all of your new furniture, just as I love all of your decor. I can relate to the new pieces as something I could actually have in my home. I love your antiques, but it’s not like I can go out and buy a duplicate. I think your new furniture will be great for you and your family. My favorite piece is that new coffee table. I am seriously considering getting one just like it. I also love the fabric on your new couch. It looks so comfortable!

  3. lynne says:

    I love the new sofa style and fabric you choose. It looks so comfortable! I love the media cabinet too, the way the drawers drop down to hide the uglies and the fact that the drawers aren’t drawers but cabinets. We all need that storage for our CD’S, DVD’s and other gadgets. I think it is a very well planned out piece of furniture. The coffee table is nice too and I am glad that Ashley is making some neat furniture for those that can’t afford antiques. I will have to check them out!

  4. Red in Ca says:

    It all looks great!! Looks good with your other things.
    I used to have almost exclusively old things in my house. Partly due to having to “make-do” because of finances, partly because it was so exciting and rewarding to Find the Finds. But as we became able to change things out, I’ve replaced some “found” items with new purchases. I got rid of a lot of the smaller items, doilies, and bric-a-brac. And just like you with your “Virtual” friends…I had friends comment about the items I sold. Sometimes it was a little disconcerting. If I asked ‘Do you like this?’ It was ok to hear that the vintage sofa had more style. But when people just walked in, looked around, and commented that they did not care for the change, or the new lamp set doesn’t have the personality of the antique unmatched lamps, it came off to me as a bit rude. LOL. FORTUNATELY, I am thick-skinned as you are, Marian.
    I like change. I love old stuff but sometimes old does not perform as well as new. I don’t wear the same pants or skirt as I did ten years ago–why should I have to keep the same lamps and chairs and pictures on the wall? Plus, I find that I like a little less stuff sitting around today than I did a few years back. I love the soft Ben Moore Titanium in my bedroom instead of Laura Ashley Gold #2 from 2006. My old kitchen was red. This one is Ben Moore Gray Owl. You are still Miss Mustardseed. But you are MMS moving into 2017 not trapped in 2014. If someone prefers your old style, well, thanks to the Internet they can copy it faithfully. And if the new Ashley coffee table doesn’t feel right in February, we just may see something completely different when we next come visit?

  5. Christi says:

    I think it all looks wonderful!! I love the sectional and think it mixes very nicely with everything else in the room. However, what completely amazes me is how completely rude some people are! I have two young boys also and I have always taught them like my mother taught me, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. Keep your head up and keep doing what you do. Prayers for you that the negative doesn’t get you down.

  6. Clare says:

    I guess I’ll be another one of the rude ones then.

    I’m also surprised that the pottery barn sofa was so quickly replaced. It was such a big deal getting it and now it’s just been relegated to the studio?

    Sponsored posts make me cringe at the best of times but when I see one containing literally thousands of dollars worth of stuff and it doesn’t even look like ‘you’ then I guess it’s time for me to move on. I’m sad to say the old blog where you would make a beautiful and cohesive room out of found and transformed pieces just seems to be gone now.

  7. A sound heart is the life of the flesh:
    but envy the rottenness of the bones. Proverbs 14:30

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Desi, you weren’t commenting to me I don’t think but my comment earlier was a little in the same kind of vein I really don’t think it’s envy. This has been for the most part a very supportive and kind hearted community, centered around Marion and her home and her business. But something about todays post just got a few of us. It’s not envy. I didn’t hear this when Marion got a new super duper mattress or a Renovation Hardware bed (that was the metal one in the room before, right?) . It’s just that some of these pieces don’t seem to be organically, authentically part of her style- new style or old style or anything in between.
      Though peoples feelings are certainly involved here – I’m very aware I’m talking to a dear, real person- it’s a new world that people show their homes and their work and offer it up to comment. But I agree that if today is a glimpse of the future of MMS, then it won’t hold any interest or instruction for me. And not because I can’t go out and buy anything in the Ashely line tomorrow- but because I don’t like it.

      • Teresa says:

        YES. Your response hit the nail on the head. It’s not about Marion buying brand new furniture vs. vintage or about people being jealous she got free furniture for a blog post. For those of us who have been reading since the beginning it feels almost like a betrayal. It’s so completely different from what we’ve come to know and love that it feels like a different blog. It’s been feeling this way for me for a while now. I miss the furniture makeovers, hearing about Kriste, the blogs about the room makeovers in other people’s houses, just the general craftiness of Miss Mustard Seed. I hope the new direction the business is going in won’t change the original MMS we have all come to love.

        • Dolores says:

          I think you miss the honesty, history and value that comes from the hand made furniture that Marian usually uses in her décor and blog- Ashley Furniture offers Chinese goods, and nothing more. The furniture doesn’t have any intrinsic value except for the moment.It will never be passed down, and it will never have a history worth admiring. BUT- a blog is a fragile thing and people stop for a while, and then move on- traffic is fluid-I don’t think a blog could remain in existence if it only kept the original subscribers, so maybe it is important to branch out to include readers who could never find the kinds of furniture that Marion loves and is so good at transforming? Everyone can go to Ashley, etc. and find that sectional, that TV cabinet, etc. and then can enjoy seeing how Marian incorporates it into her home along with her treasures? I don’t think she can stay static in her design…

  8. Linda Moore says:

    I really like your new family room. You continue to inspire me. I have learned so much. I look forward to the new adventures.

  9. Congratulations on your new furniture. I am a lover of old, re-purposed items. However, I remember the joy of getting that first store-bought couch, table or chair. I am happy for you. The thing is, it comes down to the fact that this is what is working for your family right now. And the fact that you got it free, all the merrier!

    Congratulations on your success with the blog, your business and your family life!

  10. Debbie says:

    Well, I think you deserve applause for diving in to try Ashley Furniture especially after some of the remarks I read here. I assume you expected you would get some of that. In my opinion, you deserve a break from having to hunt, clean, paint and fix everything you use in your house.You have worked extremely hard to get to the point where you could be offered the chance to blog about new furniture offered for a review. I think that you have more than earned the right to style any cotton-pickin’ way you wish! Southern lady cussin” there! I don’t read your blog because you have a certain “style” I am drawn to. I read it because I admire all of your hard work and determination thru the years to be a great mom and wife and to supplement your family income and your wish to honor God in whatever you do. I look forward to seeing what you think of the new furniture in the coming year or two. I do love that coffee table~

  11. That’s really nice that you got some new furniture that you like. However, i guess I just hadn’t expected to read one of your blog posts that felt more like a commercial for home furnishings with pretentious names. I kept reading thinking that something, uh, different would start to unfold. Then I realized I need to adjust my expectations regarding this blog.

  12. This post makes me so sad.. We can have commercial junk anytime we want. This is the kind of “practical” furniture I put in my basement rec room.

  13. Heather says:

    I love all of your choices and how great they look in your rooms! My son is super into Star Wars right now too, and he’d LOVE Calvin’s room. We still have the cars, trucks theme in there, but he’s definitely outgrown it. Thanks for the great inspiration. I also love your Star Wars watercolors. They’re amazing!

  14. Emma Walton says:

    Before you buy Ashley Furniture check out consumer for reviews.

    • L. THOMPSON says:

      I do not think I would buy anything from this company. I have heard this before but the reviews are very enlightening and most of them are current and some local to my area. Thank you for the consumer info. Sounds like this company really needed some positive advertising. YIKES

  15. Teresa says:

    There seems to be a somewhat gray area when it comes to sponsored posts and I guess that’s where the problem lies for many readers. Its never been established at least not to my knowledge if a blogger is under a legal contractual obligation to the company on how they are able to speak about a product that they have been compensated for.

    If that’s the case, then for me it becomes a issue of not being able to review a product objectively which I have a BIG problem with. I have seen many sponsored posts and not once in memory have I seen anytime where a blogger later reported if the product didn’t perform to standards or if they had a problem. So that has me wondering.

    With that being said, I do love the new sectional and think it so much more functional for a family. Not all furniture can be vintage especially when you have young children.

    • Emma Walton says:

      Well said. With all the negative reviews, Ashley really needed this blog. I have not purchased anything from them because I heard from a former employee how bad their quality and customer service was. She wouldn’t work under those circumstances.

  16. I had a sectional all the time my kids were little and it was a camel color. Good fabric withstood my 4 kids with ease and I was able to easily get every imaginable stain out of it with the simplest of cleaners.
    When I sold it it was still in excellent condition and I only sold it because I was ready to move on to another style. So don’t fret on the color if the fabric is good quality. Though avoiding salsa eating on the couch is still wise. :)
    I love the t.v. console. I have been looking for one that strikes a vibe with me.
    I love the look of the antique couches you have had but I know from experience they are not comfortable for lounging around watching television and enjoying time with the fam.
    Enjoy your new family room!

  17. Rachelle says:

    Wonderful job! (as always) I especially love the console. We had a similar sofa and I changed and got a high end Vintage style sofa instead because I wanted to have a certain look. I regret it. The fabric is hard to take care of and with 2 small children it’s particularly difficult. It’s a breath of fresh air to see someone show us how to make the practical furniture look beautiful and fit to our style without being boring and cookie cutter-esque.

  18. Denise Cox says:

    Your ” new” family room looks fantastic!!! I love it!! I’m someone who loves color, but I must admit that between you, Yvonne of StoneGable, and Karianne of Thistlewood, I am beginning to appreciate neutrals more!

    Kick those feet up and enjoy!!!

  19. Leasa Hodges says:

    Marion you are absolutely right. It is difficult to find vintage pieces that will stand up to the wear and tear of a young family. The pieces you have selected for your home are beautiful. LOVE Calvin’s room!

    Thank you for demonstrating how to incorporate new with the old.
    Leasa :)

  20. Sandy Henderson says:

    I am not disappointed by YOU but by some of your readers (notice I am not calling them supporters). There will always be those who are threatened by friends who dare to try new things. Sadly it is just they way humans can be BUT there are so very many more who love & admire that you have been couragous enough to “go where Marian has not dared to go” (Star Trek-right?) :-). I admire your unending hard work, creative spirit and honesty. I say press on Marian! Some things will work out and some will not but at least you had the courage to TRY! In scripture(I know you and Jeff can tell me where) we are told to be “encouragers”. Listen to those and just smile and nod to other who judge and try to hold you back.

    P.S. I have a large black board on our porch where I enjoy writing inspirational or funny sayings. One of my favorite ones was shared with me by a friend’s grandmother. “Those who care (are critical/judgemental of whatever!) don’t matter and those who matter do not care”. They just love you.

  21. Marian,

    I have to say – whenever I look at your home I see the same thing that keeps me coming back – a peaceful, serene, calming backdrop for living. Comfort is what I crave in my home, and that sofa, TV console, and coffee table could not look more “Mustard Seed” to me. I love your blog for the photography (I always use one of your pictures as my screen saver at work; right now it is the basket of apples and pears) and for the inspiration. My living room finally looks the way I want it to because of things I have gleaned from your blog. Thanks for that and for keeping your blog going – have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Marian,

    While there are plenty of other bloggers who have great style, the reason yours is the only one I follow is your “voice”. I feel like I’m visiting with a friend when I read your posts. Frankly, most other bloggers come across as a bit stilted, pretentious and trying too hard to be conversational and cute. Your voice feels authentic.

    As far as the “free” sponsored products go – you have paid for them with your consistent hard work and quality brand you’ve built over time. And because you have chosen the items with your discerning eye, they look beautifully in your home. I look forward to hanging out with you in your family room, at your dining room table or in your studio for a few moments each time you post!

  23. Thing is, you’ve become an iconic blogger. And that’s a good thing! I remember years ago when a few of us local bloggers were just starting out and met up in King of Prussia. I don’t think you were able to come. You’ve grown into your own little empire so to speak. I’m thrilled for you. But I guess with that comes some level of responsibility?? Your loyal readers and followers know this just isn’t you. I was taken aback by Terry’s comment about the plugs, but had to admit I was thinking the same thing. It takes all of the sincerity out of a post.

  24. Dear Marian,
    When I saw the living room, I LOVED IT instantly!
    You show us there are many ways to Miss Mustard Seed….! ! !
    A beautiful rendition of living, your new living room arrangement classy MMS !!!
    …anddd Miss Mustard Seed adaptable to all since you’ve shown us so many ways you have done things in that room, different layouts, different furniture pieces, so much is possible with Miss Mustard Seed!!!!…since we’ve seen the befores of the same room, many before also beautiful, and since you’ve put it all out there welllll, there is so much MMS to choose from ! ! ! ….thankyou for showing us your house/rooms in transition, your home and your life, your privacy, sweety…you’re a brave little soul… <3 to put it all out there, it is VERY MUCH a part of your beauty.
    A big thankyou and huggggg…I look forward to continueing on watching , reading, and you are still you in that room TOTALLY !!!!
    thank you for giving and sharing so openly….
    AWW gee, you are just LOVED TOTALLY ! LOL

  25. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I love your new pieces, and it seems like your family does too. Am happy for all your comments,very helpful.

  26. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Your new furniture is just beautiful! You and your family will really enjoy it! So happy for you!

    I am an “Ashley” Furniture gal and everything we have bought from them has given us a lot of joy — and has stood up well. Their furniture is made really well.


  27. I think there comes a time that you just need a couch that works for a family. Your son’s are growing in to larger people and need a couch that can stand up to bigger, rougher boys! I personally have never sat on a vintage couch that said “cozY”…. this sectional looks perfect in your room and is FUNCTIONAL. I think it was a great selection.

  28. Pat Smedley says:

    Love love the way the room has evolved and your choices of the bed, the rug, curtain, and bean bag. It is perfect for a room for your son that has to double as a guest room Miriam. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Krista says:

    As always, your rooms are lovely although this time they look a bit more like what we might see in a catalog. Still a very good post and quite entertaining to read the comments😊. Someone suggested that you paint the door white to blend it in but I think it should stay black and you should paint and frame some of those charming scenes that you paint on furniture and hang them instead of the white platters.

  30. Something I’ve found myself appreciating is when the disclaimer is at the top of the post. For whatever reason it makes a difference to me, so am throwing that into the suggestion pile.

  31. Love your new furnishings! We’re deep in the sectional debate at our house too! Love that antler pillow with lace trim. Do you mind telling me where you bought it? Would love a few for my couch!

  32. Becky says:

    They cant wait to lift you up so they can tear you down!
    I’m just wondering do they work for free? I’d think not!

  33. Sharon Grundy says:

    Dear Marian,
    I hope that you are not discouraged by the comments or left reading these feeling bad. You may have tough skin and may not need anyone “defending” you but I was just sad to hear that a joyous and exciting blog post would turn into something other than sharing in that joy and excitement for you.
    As a believer, your priority is to please the Lord and He has placed you and Jeff in leadership over your children. Your ministry is your family and not us. The Lord has given you a gift to be used for His glory and He has blessed us with the chance to follow your growth, share in your life, learn from you, and glean from your labor. Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing publicly and experimenting with new things. There is nothing wrong with your sponsored posts. How will you or anyone know whether a product is suitable for our needs? And it’s an exciting part of your job to try these products! I’ve also read some sponsored products that haven’t worked for you.
    People naturally change and grow so you are still you! Your style doesn’t define you, Christ does when God looks at you and sees His son. Your identity is in Christ and not in your decor.
    I want to encourage you to continue serving your family. There are people who just care, appreciate, and want to encourage you. We care not because of your style but because of your sweet and caring self that we have come to know just from your blogs, personally, or just through corresponding with you.
    Thank you again for being a pioneer! It all looks great and I hope your family enjoys it as much as we do!

  34. Melinda says:

    I think you have taken the practical for your family and blended it with your own style, not an easy task! It is so true that our furniture changes with our needs.

  35. I for one LOVE the new furniture!!! You made great choices that stay with your style AND bridge the gap between an antique vs. modern day feel. Fabulous!

  36. Denise P says:

    I don’t know if anyone is still reading comments on this post, but as I just got around to reading it I’d thought I’d throw in my two cents.
    As a rule, I dislike sponsored posts. (I understand the need and desire to produce income from a blog.) I only read sponsored posts if I’m very interested in the product. I liked the look of this sectional, so I read. And then I read ALL the comments. Wow! Can Marion choose to put whatever furniture she wants in her house? Of course she can! However, anyone who works hard to establish a brand (as Marion has done with this blog and everything under the MMS umbrella) knows how important that brand is. I agree with many of the commenters that this post does not fit in with the Miss Mustard Seed brand. Readers come here for a reason, and that is to see Marion’s unique and special touch on furniture, decor, and design. What we got was a commercial for factory production. I personally think that the coffee table she chose is awful, but it is not in my living room so it doesn’t matter what I think about it. However, in the vast majority of posts on this blog Marion declares that her heart goes “pitter-patter” for turned legs, “chippy goodness,” the imperfections of age, etc. For her to then place that bad reproduction piece in her house and say how happy she is with it is disingenuous.

    I am a huge MMS fan; I’ve been reading since the early days. But I was so put off by this post that I stopped reading part way through.

    Marion, you did your loyal readers and this blog a great disservice.

  37. Denise P says:

    I forgot to say – I love Calvin’s room!

  38. Rebecca says:

    I have had mixed feelings about sponsored posts in the past but lately have concluded they are a great way for bloggers to generate income. It’s also why I turned off my ad-blocker software. I don’t mind the ads on the screen, and I feel better knowing the blogger makes well-earned compensation.

    Here’s why I don’t mind this post. It’s my belief that designers know how to make a room look great whether using antiques, high-end furnishings, craigslist finds, or estate sale pieces. You are a terrific designer. You’ve taken affordable furnishings and made them look really great. I think many people will be able to use the ideas for their own home whether they purchase the exact pieces or not.

    I also believe that changing the furnishings to suit a wider audience will help you sell your home in the future. Many buyers can’t see past a particular style of decorating (however beautiful), and this new setup will help your home look well-designed with mass appeal. In fact, you could sell the furnishings with the home! You can then create your forever home in your personal style which will, hopefully, stifle the dissension from your hard-core followers.

  39. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    Looks great! Your home is taking on a more industrial modern look. It works.

  40. Jewels says:

    Good God! A sectional, a coffee table, a media center, a bed, and a rug!!!!! Shoot, I’m starting a blog if I can get all this free stuff too!!!! lol

  41. Jessica K says:

    Hi Marian! For the media center, can you comment on if the drawer fronts need to be open in order for remotes to work! Really liking the look and functionality of this piece!

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