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studio flooring options


In my post yesterday, I shared that we’ll be installing some new flooring in the studio.  Well, not in the entire studio, but a corner of it, so I can use that area for photo shoots.  The corner we’ll be installing it in is this one…


You can see that the flooring is a bit of a mish-mash; some of the old pine and some plywood, so I haven’t used that corner for photo shoots despite the nice light and big, blank wall.

So, I’ve been planning to float some flooring in that corner, so I can create “rooms”.  Rooms that I can design, put together, photograph, and ultimately, sell everything in them.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?!

So, I was looking for a few specific things.  First of all, I wanted a floor that would be neutral and wouldn’t cast any sort of hue, specifically red, orange or yellow.  (The floors I have now are wicked orange.)  I wanted a hard-wearing laminate, but it has to look good.  No cheesy, fake-as-all-get-out laminate wood floor.  It has to have a texture and warmth to it.   Lastly, it had to be a “click-together” floor that will just float over the existing floor.  I rent my studio space, so I can’t lay down anything that’s permanent.

Even as I was looking at flooring samples, I received an e-mail from Quick-Step, asking if I had any upcoming flooring projects.

Well, interesting that you asked!  As a matter of fact…

  Yeah, it really happens like that sometimes!

I took a look at their flooring options and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Well, in the pictures, anyway.  I selected some flooring samples in the gray, brown, and even cream family, so I could see them in person.


I really liked all of the samples.  Each one had something I liked about it, but there was one that jumped out at me right off the bat.  When I know what I like, I don’t have to hem and haw about it.


The one on the bottom right was the winner for me.  It’s the French Country Oak Planks from their

Reclaime´ line.



I love the texture and the grain and how it looks (and even feels) like real, reclaimed wood.


I can hardly wait to see them all clicked together.  We’ll be installing it next week and I’ll share all of the details on the process.


Disclosure: I received free product from Quick-Step in exchange for an honest review on this blog.  All opinions are my own and I wouldn’t have partnered with them if I wasn’t impressed with the quality of their product.

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  1. I am not a big fan of laminate but understand it’s use in this application. Having said that, I must say that is a really pretty laminate!

  2. Nancy says:

    That would have been my choice, as well! It doesn’t have that “plasticy” finish that seems to set laminates apart. I’m anxious to see it on the floor!

  3. I love that one too! I’ve been wanting to tear out the carpet in our master bedroom and replace it with wood or laminate flooring. The rest of our house has tile but didn’t wan tile in the bedroom (we are in Florida). I have been delaying on it, but this looks like the perfect floor.

    Thanks for finding “the one” for me. Saved me a ton of work.


  4. I KNEW that was the one you picked before I read it in the post! It’s gorgeous.

  5. Leslie says:

    That was my favorite! Love it…happy clicking!

  6. Will you let us know after the install if they have that hollow clicking sound when you walk on them like pergo does??

  7. Kathryn says:

    Hmmmm….this looks pretty, but it looks like it has a maroon hue. I’ll be anxious to see your final layout as I’m searching for flooring as I type. I’ like warm with lots of grey so will check out this manufacturer.

  8. Judy Williams says:

    I picked the exact same one as you as my favorite. I may be a bit biased as it looks very much like the vinyl plank flooring I put in about a year ago (also a click floating floor) and we LOVE it! I am sure yours is going to look great.

  9. Laurie says:

    That is my favorite too!

  10. Susan says:

    Before I even read which one you picked that’s the one I would have picked !! It’s beautiful 😍 And the best part is that I see it’s made in the USA!! Way to support American jobs. I can’t wait to see it down!

  11. Marian, that’s exactly what I did for my phot area and that color looks so close to the one I chose. It really helped my photos look more professional. Looking forward to seeing yours all together. Bonus is I installed it myself!!



  12. Cheryl says:

    My eye went to that one right away😃.

  13. Vickie Shields says:

    I’m sad to say that I’m looking at this thinking OMG this will be fantastic in my daughter’s house…if we have to pull up her floor. We are not-so-patiently waiting and holding our breath to see if her house took on water during these horrible floods in Baton Rouge. We can’t get in to see and having just moved in a few weeks ago she doesn’t know any neighbors yet to call. She got back from her honeymoon Friday night and woke up to warnings to get out Saturday morning. Praying that we won’t need to replace her floors but happy to know that this is a beautiful option…if necessary.

    • Margaret says:

      Sorry your daughter had such a traumatic end to her honeymoon. Life should get better from now on.

  14. Great article. I read this article properly. This is one of the best posts. Thanks sharing this article

  15. gorgeous! great pick. I love the painted whir planks too!

  16. *white

  17. also, would you mind sharing what product name some of the other samples are? I’d love the link to the white painted plank and the medium tone gray/wood plank (pictured middle left). We’re looking at flooring options for our mudroom and sunroom. Thanks!

    • marian says:

      The gray one is Envique Gable Oak Planks and the white one is Envique Bridal Pine Planks.

  18. Chris says:

    The floor is beautiful. However, don’t know if you have already started, but I have been reading about health hazards of wood laminate flooring, Dr. Oz had a show about it recently- I know toxins are a concern to you so you may want to read up about it. With your talent, wondering if you could create that look with your paint?

  19. Alicia says:

    I love your choice! Looking forward to seeing your new “room”! Such fun! If I lived in your area I’d be there to “volunteer” myself.

    Followed your link to their website and Verando Oak Planks caught my eye!!!! I love the Manor House but my kitchen is tiny and gets so hot that it needs lighter floors than the current laminate walnut.

  20. Oh they have some beautiful options!! I like the one you chose I think itll look wonderful in that studio. Those gray and white one’s are beautiful as well, so much pretty!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

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