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antique haul | 6.27.16


Last week, I acquired a few fun things.  One of my “pickers” brought me a load of ironstone (plus I brought in some pieces from my house) and I found some goodies at a local antique shop.

Here’s a video showing everything…

This is the small blue & white pitcher I mentioned in the video…


Isn’t it so sweet?


After studying it a bit, I thought it looked familiar.  I matched the hallmark on the bottom with some plates and bowls I have…



…and they are a match!


So, I’m keeping that piece!  I even found the matching sugar jar on Etsy and snapped it up.

I also picked up a pretty stoneware bowl…

mms-8867 mms-8869

…a boatload of bakelite flatware..

mms-8877 mms-8878

…a small, antique chandelier with all of the crystals…


…a couple of shaving mirrors…

mms-8850 mms-8854

…and a teeny, tiny dress form.  I named her Liz Marie, because, well, Liz Marie is teeny, tiny.


It’s a simple dress form, but it has some pretty details that drew me to it.


And she looks fetching in an MMS tee!


And my favorite find is this antique parasol…


It’s one of those pieces that makes me smile.


Especially when it’s opened up.  It’s so beautiful and delicate and the details are just lovely.


Hard not to smile at that.

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  1. Ashley J says:

    I loved seeing all the finds!! Thank you so much for sharing! Can’t wait to see them in the online shop! And your hair looks cute, by the way! :)

  2. Michelle says:

    I enjoying starting my day off reading your latest post and reading of your lastest finds are always my favorite. I love, love, love the antique chandelier. I have been looking for one for a long time for my bathroom but have yet to find one. The one in the video would be perfect. I’m hoping it’s still available when we get back from vacation. I love it!

  3. Sheila says:

    I’m so glad I watched the video! I have several soup tureens and see them all the time at thrift stores ( they’re usually pfaltsgraff ) and while I love them, I didn’t know what to do with them. They will look fabulous in my bathroom with plants! And just in time, too, as I have a renewed interest in my first love- house plants .And I never thought to separate the wash bowl sets so I’ve always just left them on the shelf.

  4. Susan says:

    Suddenly, I’m getting a ton of ads on Marian’s page! Anyone else getting? (I view on an iPad.) On today’s page, I see ad photos between each and every one of Marian’s photos as well as many pop-ups on the whole screen, and the bar ads at the bottom of the page. I have cleared my viewing history in Settings. Can anyone help me?

  5. OOOh some of those finds make my heart go pitter patter. Hoping I get a chance at one especially when they are listed ! Saving my money for the next sale ! xox

  6. That parasol is lovely! The little ruffle around the pole on the top made me smile. And I love the way you photographed the inside – the structure of the thing is often even more interesting than the ‘proper’ view of the outside! Great find.

  7. What lovely things!

    I think Pennsylvania may be the ironstone capital of America!

    A road trip may be in order.

    Happy Sales! :)

  8. Chelsea says:

    I’d love to buy all of that Bakelite flatware. I can’t find any around me in decent condition. You selling it to your readers by chance? 😉

  9. But wait! I thought you sold the sofa at Lucketts???!!!!

    • marian says:

      Yes, I did. The owner has not picked it up from the studio, yet, so I’m just enjoying it a bit more.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great finds….but I see a lot of bloggers finding that exact era of chandeliers and thinking they are true antiques or really old. They are not. Well, if you call mid 1980’s vintage (30 years ago) then i guess so……but i do not think they qualify. I have that exact one you found and another larger one that I bought brand new in the mid ’80’s. They were fairly reasonable then. I used them to get by…until I could find and afford true goodies.

  11. Love, love, love all your finds!!

  12. Dana Stone says:

    Hey! I have some of that pattern too! I have a soup tureen -missing ladle and a sweet covered sugar!

  13. Oh fun! Just look at the gorgeous lines on that parasol !

  14. Chris Moore says:

    These are my fave posts. It’s as if I were shopping. I live in Washington state, so it’s interesting to see regional differences.

    Can you speak about your pickers? How many do you have? How did you find them or did they come to you? Do they just bring you things they think you will like? I am asking because I would love to be a picker. What are your criteria?

  15. Such pretty pictures and pretty merchandise! Eye candy, for sure. Thank you for spreading beauty around the world!

  16. Jennifer Ross says:

    I just saw a piece on Sunday marked Parisian Granite, and I think it was the same pattern. I’ve never heard of it but it’s very sweet. Thanks for sharing. (I’m getting the ads too.)

  17. I get the ads on my iphone but not on my computer……

  18. I loved seeing your vintage finds! I’m especially jealous of your ironstone. I have been looking all over for it. Thanks for sharing. Milena

  19. Laurie says:

    I so LOVE and want that parasol! I’ve been looking forever with no luck.
    It’s so cute and yes it did make me SMILE! :)

  20. joan clanton says:

    so enjoy your blog. as above, the ads are a bit much. if i counted right, there were 10 and there were four additional ads across the bottom of the screen that i could not get rid of.

  21. Vicki King says:

    I use a MacBook Air laptop and I get no ads, if that helps any.

  22. Katherine Schaffer says:

    Marian –
    Here’s the scoop on your ironstone pieces:
    – you are correct – during the period when ironstone was manufactured, butter dishes were round. They would have had a cover and a pierced strainer that would have fit on the bottom of the dish as well.
    – The pieces you are identifying as “mugs” are NOT mugs. They were created as “handleless tea cups” . Handles on tea (and coffee cups) came along later. Ironstone collectors still identify these pieces as “handleless tea cups”. Any mugs you find in Ironstone (the ones with handles) would originally have been shaving mugs or if they were small and had a lid, they were/are mustard pots. Any ironstone mugs found now (i.e.-those with handles) were created by companies like Buffalo, Shenango or similar potteries as restaurant ware beginning in the 20/s and 30’s.
    – You are showing “Covered Vegetable dishes” — the term “Casserole” came along quite a while after those covered Vegetable dishes – lids were meant to keep the food warm after it was dished hot from the stove and taken to the table. They would NOT have been used to cook/bake in an oven.
    — and finally – your lovely bedspread looks like a Bates bed spread. They made higher quality spreads and that gorgeous fringe was their hallmark and set them apart from the less expensive brands
    — enjoy all those treasure!

    • marian says:

      Good information, thanks!

      Yes, about the cups/mugs…I was referring to the fact that they are for drinking, just using the word mug instead of cup. :) Some people have said they thing they are for pudding, but they come with a saucer, so they are clearly for drinking.

      • Katherine Schaffer says:

        the same Buffalo, Shenango, etc companies made custard cups for restaurant use. But to continue to try to convince you of the correct term — they are not MUGS (which have a handle on them) — they are cups

  23. Naomi S. says:

    I use a MAC desk top computer and I get pop-up ads all the time. Not quite so bad as between every photo, but the strips at the bottom of the photo quite frequently. I tho’t it was just because my computer is really old or something.

    Great eye-candy. Thanks for show and tell.

  24. Hyedi says:

    Oh. MY. GOSH.
    That bowl is so gorgeous! I’m drooling.

  25. Sarah G says:

    Love your finds, as always! Thank you for sharing! I love those little ironstone cups and use them as my “espresso cups”. they really are the perfect size!

  26. I obviously need ot get out more. When I go looking I don;t seem to find tthis many fun and beautiful items. Do you rewire the chandelier?

    Happy 4th! Linda

  27. I love your finds. It must be just that part of the country because here in my part of Kentucky I have been hard pressed to find anything good. Even at yard sales and thrift stores and Craigslist! So disappointing! Even despite regular stalking :)I am not originally from here and was used to an abundance is great things up north. Congratulations on all your great finds.

  28. Pat Mirza says:

    I love your blog and posts. I actually don’t read them everyday but prefer to ‘binge-watch’ because it creates an excited, creative mood in me and I look around my own home to see what I can transform. And thus I have a question: will MMS milk paints and related products work well on cheap, non-antique furniture? I like the lines but not the finishes of some of the furniture purchased in the leaner years. Is there any prep work necessary, like removing varnish? Any caveats? Thanks again for creating my favorite blog!

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