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good gifts


I have always loved getting gifts.  Bring on Christmas and birthdays, special occasions and pretty packages!

And an unexpected surprise of this blog has been gifts.  Even my mom, who knows how thrilled I get at a present, commented on it.  “Well, you certainly got into the right business!”

These gifts are from readers who have become friends over the years of following my journey and want to send me a token of that friendship.


Last week, I received several unexpected packages.  One contained notecards with my name on them and a little blue bike with a basket


Just like the one I learned to ride on and recently sold at Lucketts…


Another was a grain sack with blue stripes and an “MM” monogram.




This custom sign with an excerpt of “my” verse on it…



And a local reader brought me this rusty metal doll bed that she fetched from the trash…


I sort of loved the fact that she declared she found something in the garbage that I would love.  I mean, who tells someone they are giving them a gift that was picked out of the trash?


Well, a kindred spirit, that’s who.  She was right that I loved it and we celebrated the fact that someone threw away such a treasure for her to find.

I happened to have a piece of a wooden drawer that fit almost perfectly in it.


I took a minute in the studio to put a few of the gifts together.


I love how individual items are just that…individual items.  But, when you put them together, you see a style emerge.  Such was the case with all of these gifts.  Smaller pieces, curated by strangers, that came together in a way that was totally Marian.

And I’ve received a lot of other beautiful gifts over the years.  Everything from cow paintings, candles, bath salts and t-shirts, to jewelry, cookies, books, ironstone, and even furniture!

I know every blogger says it, but I really do have the best readers.  Not because you send gifts, but because of the sentiment behind those gifts.  A sentiment of encouragement and friendship that has made this blog a special place in cyberspace.

Thanks for being a part of it.

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  1. The doll bed works perfectly as a little shelf. I love seeing how others find uses for little treasures found in the garbage, side of the road, etc.

  2. Aw what a sweet little find!!

  3. Mary Noyes says:

    The doll bed is my fav!

  4. Diane Westbrook says:

    What wonderful gifts and such sweet people to share those with you!! I love the little rusty bed and am so glad that someone had the vision to see it’s potential and that it would be a perfect gift for you.
    I left a comment yesterday and have not seen an answer….Is the shopping area on your site called mustard seed pages, closed down? I loved looking at what was for sale and had been thinking of posting some items.
    Thanks for you response…..Diane

  5. I love this blog! ♥

  6. No, no, no, thank YOU.

  7. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the reminder of the mustard seed- I needed that Faith encouragement today. ;0)

  8. Cheryl says:

    ❤️ And that’s all I have to contribute! I GET IT!!

  9. Sweet little bed from a thoughtful friend. You are a lucky lady to inspire others to show their regards for you with gifts. You get double pleasure…delight in a perfect item that suits you to a T, and the bonus gift of knowing that someone took the time to think of you.

  10. Naomi S. says:

    Yes, the doll bed is really special. Just imagine what little child might have played with it, putting dollies to sleep. I wonder what its vintage is? As far back as the 20’s or 30’s maybe? Or even older?Was it a gift for some little girl’s birthday and did she love it right away? Many questions about it’s former life and now it’s with you, Marian, in its new incarnation!

    I have a little wooden doll bed that was my mother’s–in the 20’s probably. It has a little dresser with attached mirror on it. They are lanquishing in my basement storage room. I wonder if I should paint them with MMS milk paint. I know the bed needs a new mattress, at least. Hmmn. Another project! But fun to think about.

    I think you have the kind of readers you do because of who YOU are. People gravitate to kind, generous, open and interesting people with curiosity and willingness to try new things and to put themselves out there. People who are authentic and who are fun to be around. That’s you, I think, though I’ve not met you in person. Who you are comes across pretty clearly from your posts. That’s why you are so loved by your “fans” and that’s why they want to give you gifts. Out of appreciation for the gifts that you give them. Take it in, girl: you are loved by many.

  11. Cindy Ellicott says:

    Oh Marian, the doll bed looks great! I KNEW you could see its potential as a wonderful prop in a lovely vignette. So glad you have it, even if it’s just for a little while, to take the little bed’s picture and appreciate things of a by gone time. Very lovely post! Thank you, I really enjoy your blog.

  12. Leslie says:

    How wonderful!! Sweet blessings!!

  13. When you are a blessing to others, you will be blessed in return! You are blessed indeed!


  14. Maaike says:

    I just want you to know that your blog always feels like a gift from you to me. Thank you!!!!

  15. Donna says:

    “Cast your bread upon the waters for you will find it after many days.” Eccl. 11:1 You’ve done this so now you’re reaping the blessings from it! You’re a blessing for so many, and we enjoy reading about the simple things that bring joy! ( I too love the doll bed), such a sweet memory of simpler times…

  16. Barbara says:

    I don’t think I can any of the sentiments above. You are truly a blessing in my lfe. And I thank you for that. i am so glad that others share the same thoughts and praises.

    You are funny, kind, loving, straight forward when needed, creative, shy, and over a women desiring the Lord’s ways. I could have gone on you know. Ii am so honored and it is an honor to call you friend.

    Thanks for inspiring me to get up and do something on the days that I feel good.

    Much love and thanks!!

  17. Tracy Keegan says:

    I just discovered your paints last week. Friday, my mom said she’d like to have a shelf painted red. I was so excited! I had a specific reason to purchase tricycle! She loves her shelf and I got to try milk paint on my first project all by myself! It was a gift for both of us. Thank you!

  18. What sweet surprises to receive in the mail! And how nice to open the box to find something other than bills. Haha
    I love everything you received, and each is a reflection of you; but I think those note cards are just adorable! They may not be old, rusty or chippy; but they are bright, cheerful and nostalgic – providing a picture of a sweet memory for you. How special that someone took the time to capture that for you, in a way that takes up much less room than the bicycle! ?
    I appreciate you sharing yourself, and all your wonderful creativity, with all of us. It’s always a pleasure to see when a new post comes up. Thank you for your inspiration!

  19. Rachel says:

    So funny. I found a wrought iron plant stand in a neighbor’s trash this morning while out walking my dogs. Love what you did with that adorable doll bed.

  20. Cheryl says:

    I love that doll bed!!… And you’ve styled it so perfectly.

  21. It is so sweet when others think of you and personally choose an item that they feel would be a blessing for another.

    So personal.

    So thoughtful.

    So kind.

    Enjoy your treasures. They are all delightful!


  22. Becky says:

    Marian, I just left you a comment above. When I clicked on my name, it took me to a site that is NOT my blog…most likely a VIRUS. Do not click on my name. It’s a page about something to do with something that is not my blog, Sweet Cottage Dreams. Please delete that comment and I will just not enter my web page on this comment or others that I leave in the future.

    Love all of the sweet and personal gifts. Such a wonderful act of kindness.


  23. debbie says:

    All the gifts are very sweet, special and unique just like you. You deserve all the blessings that are coming your way! You have some incredibly thoughtful and generous followers. Bad things happen to good people but also good things happen to good people.

  24. Dana Stone says:

    That bed is sweet! Looking at the pictures I believe it might be an old “salesman” sample. Someone may have used for a doll, but seems too detailed for a toy bed. Cool and maybe rare find. Making an even more special gift.

  25. April Seabolt says:

    You’re truly a jewel…a crown and mansion await you.

    God Bless

  26. I love seeing these! I always wonder how you may have displayed the Bavarian tin heart I brought at Chapel market two years ago. I love that we share a heart for Germany.

  27. Jenae says:

    I was looking to see where you got your wooden sign about faith. Wanting to purchase one thanks

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