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Lucketts 2016 Recap | part 1


My alarm went off at 5:15 am on Friday morning.  I don’t usually do 5:15 am (or anything before 8:30, if I can help it.)  It was like Christmas morning, though.  Your body feels energized instead of groggy.  Exciting things await, so let’s get to it.

I showered and put on the linen shirt dress and jeans I set out the night before.  I usually wear a t-shirt to Lucketts, but I opted to wear a “real outfit” this year.

I packed some berries and crackers to eat later in the day and took a few bites of a bagel.  I had too much nervous energy to eat very much.  I left the house at 6:15 in a van loaded with topiaries and plants and made it to Lucketts about 7:30.

As soon as I arrived, I went into “Marian Lucketts Mode.”  I am not like this the other 364 days of the year, but while we’re setting up for Lucketts, the pressure is on.  The usually easy-going, mild-mannered Marian becomes “Miss Mustard Seed the Dictator.”

I’ve had this vision in my head and have been working towards it for weeks, so it’s going to happen how I want it to happen.

Yes.  I really want that moved three inches.

No.  I cannot handle the rolled up sides of the tent cluttering up my space.

You get the idea.

I hustled around, moving, arranging, styling, occassionally acknowledging the people around me, asking them to move that over there or telling them they needed to just “make it happen” or “figure it out.”

The dictator does not have time to worry about where the cooler is going to go.


Thankfully, my team knows me pretty well and they give me a lot of grace as I’m barking out orders and telling them to look at the to-do list I put together for each of them.  They know how important it is to me to see everything come together just how I want it.  We have one shot at it before the booth gets picked apart.

 Lucketts MMS-0013


Lucketts MMS-0105

We were a bit crunched for time, so I would say we got the booth to about 95% of how I wanted it.  I wished I had about another hour just to play around with the accessories and get everything just so.  This booth was so much larger than anything I’ve had in the past. I would think we were done and then I would realize there’s an entire vignette that I hadn’t even worked on!

We had about 15 minutes until the market opened and I called the space finished.  I ran around and snapped some hurried pictures.  Fortunately, I had asked Brianna Wilbur, a very talented portrait and wedding photographer, to come to take some pictures of the event for me.  I’ve learned from the past few years that I’m always in a rush and don’t have the camera out anywhere near enough!  The pictures that aren’t watermarked are all hers.

In the space, we had a few focal points.  One was the tufted sofa and “living room” set up in front of the mural…

Lucketts MMS-0065


The bed in the “girl’s vintage bedroom”…

Lucketts MMS-0039


And the Farmhouse White table…


I wanted to put a chalkboard up next to the scale, but the ropes were in the way and we just didn’t have the time to rearrange it.

Lucketts MMS-0071

Lucketts MMS-0072

The chalkboard ended up leaning behind the table, which worked out fine.  Katie did the chalk art on the board.


I arranged other vignettes around larger pieces of furniture…

Lucketts MMS-0069

Lucketts MMS-0058

Lucketts MMS-0048

Lucketts MMS-0096

Lucketts MMS-0087

Lucketts MMS-0095

Lucketts MMS-0080

Lucketts MMS-0068

Lucketts MMS-0067

Lucketts MMS-0066

Lucketts MMS-0059

Lucketts MMS-0060

Lucketts MMS-0061

Lucketts MMS-0064

Lucketts MMS-0055

Lucketts MMS-0054

Lucketts MMS-0053

Lucketts MMS-0052

Lucketts MMS-0044

Lucketts MMS-0045

Lucketts MMS-0046


Lucketts MMS-0042

Lucketts MMS-0043

Lucketts MMS-0038

Lucketts MMS-0037


Lucketts MMS-0026

Lucketts MMS-0027

Lucketts MMS-0019

Lucketts MMS-0021

Lucketts MMS-0025

Lucketts MMS-0028

Lucketts MMS-0032

Lucketts MMS-0035

In addition to all of the antiques, we brought some Miss Mustard Seed products, like the new t-shirts…

Lucketts MMS-0081


…milk paint, of course…

Lucketts MMS-0086

Lucketts MMS-0082



…and books…

Lucketts MMS-0089

As I took pictures of the space, everyday Marian came back.

We’ve all done everything we can and now we’re just minutes away from the gates being opened.


I put my camera away and started to gather the crew, so we could review our jobs once customers came.  I didn’t even have the chance to gather everyone before I heard Jeff say, “They are coming!  They opened the gates early!”  

I quickly asked, “Is everyone ready?”

Well, their answer really didn’t matter, because the shoppers were ready and a good number of them were making a beeline for our tent…

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  1. What a great job you did on your booth, love your taste Marian. I will have to figure out how to get to your store from Vancouver, BC, Canada!

  2. Marian, you are an inspiration! I am years behind you working as a realtor and plugging along on my blog. I love your style. I must get to Lucketts this year, maybe the November one! Keep on inspiring.

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