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fresh flowers from the bouqs


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by The Bouqs Company.  All opinions are my own and I was excited to introduce my readers to such a great brand.


I don’t often buy fresh flowers for myself, just because.  I buy them on a semi-regular basis these days for when I’m doing specific photo shoots, but that’s a business expense.  If I’m going to buy them for myself personally or to give to someone as a gift, well, they had better well be worth it.


And I found some that are.

I spotted The Bouqs Company on Instagram and immediately loved their feed.  When I looked up their website, I liked them even more.

No cheap candy.  No glass vases that always end up in yard sales and thrift stores. (I added that one.)  No teddybears.

Just beautiful flowers, delivered fresh to your door.


They arrive in a box, tucked in nice and snug…


…to keep the fresh-cut blooms intact.



Now comes the fun part.  Remove the plastic and rubber bands and clip the flowers, so the stems can drink in water better.  I also tend to use shorter “vases”, aka ironstone sugar jars and small pitchers, so I like to cut them down to size.


Remove any leaves or blooms that will sit below the water line.  Those just rot in the water and can spoil the bouquet quicker.


The Bouqs Company cuts flowers the day they are ordered and ships them out the next day, so they aren’t already cut, sitting around waiting to be ordered.

I knew this when I placed my order, so I have to admit that I was a little bummed when some of the flowers I received were droopy.


I almost threw them away, because they looked a little sad, but the instructions said to put them in water and let them hydrate after their trip, so I did.  And, wouldn’t you know it, they perked right up!


This is the marshmallow bouquet, by the way.

There were a lot of closed and tight blooms in the bouquet the day I received them and, as they’ve opened up over the past few days, they keep getting prettier and prettier.



Here’s another brighter bouquet (cakes n’cream) I ordered…


We used both of these arrangements in our Look Book Two shoot at the manor…


It was hard for them to not steal the show.




A few things I learned about as I was ordering…

  • The flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano, so the soil is rich and full of nutrients.  Better soil means healthier, beautiful blooms.
  • The pictures of the flowers are exactly what you get, so you don’t end up with cheap flower fillers that you weren’t expecting.
  • They have a nice variety of bouquet styles…formal, traditional, wild, funky, modern, eclectic.  I really enjoyed scrolling through and taking in the colors and textures.
  • Shipping is always free.

My bouquets are going on nine days and still hanging in there!  I had to pull out the ones that were fading to make one arrangement, but they still look beautiful!

If you have an occasion to order flowers from or would like some just because, you can get 20% off you order by using coupon code “FRESHBLOOMS”.  This offer is only good for one week.

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  1. Saskia says:

    I’d love to have small bouquets of flowers around the house all the time, but because I work outside of the home it seems a waste of money. I do believe that flowers or plants for that matter liven up the house.I love English cottage flowers like David Austin roses, delphinium, digitalis, lathyrus, lupins, alchamilla mollis,… The list goes on. In summertime I like to go out in the garden and cut whatever is in bloom and make mini bouquets (we have a small garden) to put on the kitchen table, the living room mantel piece and on mine and my daughter’s nightstand.
    A few posts ago you talked about going after your dreams…one of my dreams is to have a large cutting garden where people can come and cut their own bouquet to take home.

  2. Consuela Agayoff says:

    These are beautiful. I buy flowers at Kroger where I live. I often buy clearance flowers for my mother-in-law and myself and the bouquets last 10-14 days on the low side.

  3. Alice R says:

    Funny, while I was reading this I just received a bouquet from them my daughter sent for my birthday! The flowers are quite beautiful, and seem quite fresh. I love them!

  4. I use them too! I loved them from the moment that I spotted their advertisements! I am always picky when I call a florist….and most get irritated because what I ask is that there is NO filler added. Most of it is yucky junk. So the next thing they say is well we’ll have to charge you more because we’ll have to add more flowers to make it work.
    So finally a what you see is what you get approach to flower arrangements! I just love them! With your coupon, I may just have to order a bunch!

  5. Love the Cakes n’ Cream bouquet!
    I’ll have to check out come Mothers Day… I’m sure my MIL would appreciate a different kind of bouquet from what the local florists usually deliver.

  6. Denise says:

    Love the Cakes n Cream bouquet. Notice the profile photo has been changed. Great photo!

  7. Debra says:


    Love your new photo! Your hair style is adorbs and the color and highlights are so flattering.

  8. B Folk says:

    I just today noticed that your “Hello there!” photo is new and came here to comment. The new one has red in it, wow! I liked the old photo, and I like the new photo, too. Sometimes, we just need to freshen things up a bit. Speaking of fresh, those flowers are beautiful! Ranunculus (ranunculi?) give me a rash when I handle them, but they are one of my favorite flowers to look at.

  9. What a great thing to know about! I went over and followed them on Instagram. Love the look of their flowers! So nice to know about a site that sends fresh natural flowers without all the canned looking arrangement junk.


  10. Kelly says:

    I just saw them on shark tank! The flowers look lovely. Happy you had a nice experience. Will definitely try them out.

  11. Krista says:

    The flowers are gorgeous & I love your new profile photo! So pretty!

  12. sandi says:

    Yes, really like your new photo. Love you hair in the page style vs the flip up. The shape is more complementary with your smile and breezy sophisticated. And the flowers are just beautiful. I think I have some of those in silk and now I know why I like them so much.

  13. KitsyKeelSmith says:

    Hi Marian,

    What beautiful flowers. I believe they are ranunculus, one of my favorites. By the way, I really like your new picture with the apron. And your little pearl necklace is so sweet.

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