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say hello to “bergere”


It’s been a while since I asked you to say hello to a new milk paint color!  I’m really excited to share our first Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint color from our European color line that will be launched in January 2015.  We are introducing six new colors that will be carried in our European & UK markets, but will be available elsewhere on a limited basis…meaning our retailers outside of Europe aren’t required to carry the colors, but some will.  I would encourage calling ahead before driving somewhere to buy one of these limited colors.

So, the first color I’m introducing is a smokey blue/gray called Bergere, named after the French style of chair that I love so much.  (And no, they aren’t all blues!)  This is definitely a chameleon color that looks bluer in some light, grayer in others and lighter/darker as well depending on what’s around it.  It has much warmer undertones than the other blues in the MMSMP line and is more muted as well.  Being a blue girl, I absolutely love this color.

bergere collage

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

Here’s how the dresser started…

empire dresser before | miss mustard seed

 (I didn’t get a proper before picture on this one.)  Now, this piece wasn’t bad, but it does look better in this picture than it did in person.  The finish wasn’t good and the sides were painted in a maroon/brown, so don’t be too upset that I painted it.

Since this piece had a reddish stain on it, Kriste put a coat of Tough Coat to act as a sealer/primer and then I applied two coat of Bergere.  I finished it with a light distressing and a coat of Hemp Oil, so the color would be the focal point of this piece.  As I got ready to style it to photograph, I decided to let Kriste stretch her legs and do the styling and the shoot.  She’s ready for it.

She played around with the arrangement for a while and then I came in at the end and we talked over a few things, made a couple of changes and this is where we ended up…

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

She did so good, didn’t she?  She also took all of the pictures!  It was fun for me watching her work.  One thing I’ve been terrible at in my business is finding ways to recreate myself and what I do.  I’ve brought people in to help, but I always protect areas that “only I can do.”  The problem with that is that as things grow, I get swamped and then I shy away from growth.  I think there will always be things that I need to do, but I know there are a lot of things other people can help me with and I need to let them and encourage them.

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

Everything in the picture will be for sale at the Chapel Market, except the rug, which is just a prop, and the pair of French chairs, which have already been pre-sold.  I’ll take a closeup next week of the sweet little stool I upholstered in ticking on Wednesday.

"bergere" blue milk paint | miss mustard seed

I have a few more makeovers to share, some more projects to do and some new finds as well!  I just picked up a really cool dental cabinet today and something I’ve been hunting for a while…

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  1. Oh I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this new color line! This color is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see them all!

  2. Oh so lovely! Beautifully styled!

  3. Besides loving the color (!), I’m liking the angles that Kriste used for shooting some of the pics. Don’t get me wrong, love your photography too, but this adds a freshness to the page.

  4. Debbie Klausing says:

    This is one of those colors that you can’t quite figure out whether it is blue, blue-gray, gray-blue, or whatever. That is exactly why I am drawn to it! I can never decide whether I prefer blue or green, so I adore your blue greens also! Or maybe green-blue? I am so excited for you. Will be watching for anything that looks bird egg blue in your new line! I actually carried around a robin egg shell just to look at it and be in awe of the color.

  5. This is definitely the color for me! Love it. Can’t wait.

  6. This color is gorgeous! I was so excited when I saw the “say hello” tag – new colors! I am also glad that you are letting go of the reins a bit – that’s a really healthy and smart decision. We all need balance and precious time.

  7. A lovely new color. I will be sure and check in with my supplier to see if she is going to try and carry this color. Yes, delegating can be hard but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier. Your space at Chapel Market is going to be so lovely.

  8. Teresa says:

    Kriste did do a great job and I know she has learned so much working side by side with you. One of the traits of being a great boss is the willingness to let employees grow in their jobs and realizing their skills and strengths.

    BTW…love the new color and cant wait to see the others!

  9. LINDA C. says:

    It is so beautiful, I’m a blue girl too, love to mix with hints of oranges and reds! I hope this line eventually makes it to the good ol’ USA!

  10. Denise says:

    Ooooohh! I cannot wait to get this color! It’s perfect for a dresser I want to paint real soon. When can we get it in the US? Hope to see you at Chapel Market, Marian!!

  11. Great photographs and styling…..for a long while I wanted to be a MMS mini so I am very jealous of you Miss Kriste. What a great job you both have and you definitely work well together and it shows. Keep up the wonderful work and postings! xox

  12. Beautiful styling and photos!! And I must say… Bergere is my very favorite MMSMP blue!!!!

  13. martha garrett says:


    I love the blue, you are right, kind of gray, blue, I’m like you cannot get
    enough of the blue. I just bought two plates at ebay (flow) for my bathroom,
    they look very good.
    I love the staging, don’t be afraid to delegate, nobody can take your talent, you are gifted
    and God gave it to you. I like Kristen’s photos, but they are not by you, and she is talented
    in her own way.
    So, good luck in Alabama, I’m sure everything will go very fast,


  14. cheapdiva says:

    What I appreciate is the fact that you don’t over distress pieces. I want a “soft” distressing, not something that looks like it has been left outside for years! There’s a fine line between getting a piece to look like it is worn from years of loving use and someone “antiquing” a piece.

  15. Vanna says:

    Dear Ms Marion…You know I adore you and your blog….BUT……What’s with the available in Europe and the UK thing? Are you trying to torture us here in the US? *winks* Because it’s working!! Lol! Love the “bergere” color! ….Now wish me luck that I will be able to find some eventually in my neck of the country….*le sigh* Vanna

    • marian says:

      They will be available in the US, but we didn’t want to make them mandatory. We don’t want to have so many colors that it’s difficult for small shops to carry our line. Our online retailers will carry them and I imagine a lot of US retailers will carry them.

  16. Hope Allen says:

    the color is fantastic!!! Love Love Love the color and the piece 😀

  17. Marian, I LOVE this color. Gorgeous! I’m also a blue girl! I hope my stockist carries it! Love how the dresser and the rest of your stuff is looking for the Chapel Market

  18. The chest turned out so pretty. Your new color is really pretty. I really love the little round stool in this photo shoot! 14

  19. Kathryn says:

    Bergere looks like a color I might really like. Awesome!!! I’ve been wondering about the hemp oil. It doesn’t seem to change the paint color. Does it yellow a white finish? And will it darken natural wood. I’m looking for a product that WON’T yellow the white or darken a naturally light wood (like birch). Thanks

  20. Susan says:

    I want the stool!!

  21. Love this new color. I don’t suppose you could bring me some to the chapel market when I come to collect my new chairs? I just acquired a French-style curio which desperately needs some new paint.

  22. Beautiful, beautiful color! Love the softness. Kriste did an amazing job with the styling and photography – wonderfully done!

  23. I don’t know how you do it all! Shop for treasures, writes posts each day, take pictures, paint and refinish projects, be a mom and a wife, and now a new place! You make it look effortless and beautiful all the time! This is your calling! Love following!

  24. maryS says:

    Ooohh la-la!! NICE !!

  25. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    I love this shade of blue! I really hope it will be made readily available in Wa.

  26. It’s so funny that you mention the fear of growth factor. I’m in that situation now. I build furniture, paint furniture and although I’ve been doing it for 4 years, I’m still on the small end of the scale. I have a “creative control” issue and I feel like I can’t let anyone do any part of the process. I want to grow my business but that means hiring help and I just have this fear of getting too big. It seems so silly to say out loud but you’ve made an excellent point about letting people help. There are a couple of people who want to if I let them. I need to let go a little. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. absolutely love that color. do you have distributers in Ireland?

  28. maria says:

    Oh I would so love to buy the little stool – will you be listing it in your shop, and if so, when & what will the price be? Love the blue – perfect!! I keep on loving your blog too!!

  29. Cindy says:

    Beautiful color and pictures. I’d like to see pictures of this color compared to your other blues.

  30. I am also a blue girl and absolutely LOVE this color! Exactly what I have picturing in my mind to do my home office in! I hope I can find it when it is released in January!

  31. Dianne says:

    LOVE the color. I too am a ‘blue’ girl. I love the piece also, those knobs are wonderful.

  32. Gorgeous shade of blue! You are amazing with colors! That’s a great photo shoot too. I love the suitcases too, especially the canvasy taupe one. I would sooo buy that!


  33. Ginger Marshall says:

    Can you give a side by side comparison picture of Bergere and your other blues?

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