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industrial cart & the andrews sisters


I’ve been eyeing industrial carts for years now.  They have so many things going for them!  Really cool hardware, wheels, warm patina on the wood and sometimes even great stenciled graphics and typography, if you’re lucky.  While I’ve always petted them in antique stores and opened the listings on Criag’s List, I’ve never felt compelled to actually buy one.  When my kids were younger, I was worried about little fingers being caught in the wheels and stuck with splinters.  They’re also really heavy and usually pretty large, so they are tough to even get home!  I’ve turned over the tags, given them second glances and even called Jeff for a second opinion once or twice, but I never bought one…until Friday.

Kriste and I went to a local antique mall that has several buildings and a wide variety of antiques…everything from kitschy-not-really-antique things to high end museum quality pieces, so you never really know what you’re going to find.  We were in one of the buildings that sways towards the higher price range, so I wasn’t expecting to find very much.  I picked up a couple pieces of blue & white transferware and a few other things…about what I expected.  As I was getting ready to check out, I noticed the corner of an industrial cart sticking out from under some quilts, baskets, etc.  Out of curiosity, I nudged a quilt out of the way to look at the price tag.  $135.  Hm.  That’s really a good price.  I pulled back a bit more stuff and saw it was blue & white with really cool wheels and a stenciled logo.  It also looked much more petite than other “lineberry carts”  I’ve seen.  I thought about it for another 10 seconds and then declared I was going to buy it.  As another bonus, it was on sale, so I ended up getting it for $108!

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

I was moving it out of the way today and it ended up in front of the French daybed, where it looks perfect as a coffee table.  I’ve seen them used as coffee tables before, but I thought this one might be too low.  It looks really good, though.  I may have to steal it for my house some day!

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

(The floors in the studio are very crooked, so one wheel is airborne…)

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

Come on…that stenciled logo and the chippy blue & white paint…was this thing made for me or what?!

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

It’s going to be a great photo prop and even a surface to shoot on…

antique ice cream scoop | miss mustard seed

I was picking up these antique ice cream scoops all day and playing with them like a little kid, so I finally gave in and bought one.  I love the gears and the combination of the brass, steel and copper, with the wooden handle.  If you’re going to scoop ice cream, why not do it with a really great scoop that makes you smile?

antique industrial cart | miss mustard seed

It was a great day in the studio and I finally had a lot of energy to get things done.  I finished an empire dresser, we started painting another one and I got the victorian settee about 90% finished.  It felt good to get so much done.  There’s still plenty to do, but I feel better about making some great progress.


I also had an awesome mail day.  My parents always joke that I’m in the right business, because I love getting packages.  I order a lot of things online and I sometimes lose track, so some days are like Christmas!  Today was one of those days.  I got some glass milk bottles I ordered for a crate we found on Friday, some decorative paint rollers from England and a few other goodies.  This was the best surprise of all, though…

78 record | miss mustard seed

If you remember, I mentioned a few weeks ago that one of my sweet readers found a 78 record I’ve been looking for, Bei Mir Bist Du Schon by The Andrews Sisters, and sent it to me as a gift.  It was so thoughtful and generous of her.  I pulled it out of the package and the record was snapped in half.  I was bummed, of course, but I was mostly bummed for her.  She did this incredibly thoughtful thing and the record broke in transit.  I taped it together and played it one time and my boys and I danced to the scratchy record.

I’ve been hunting for the record since, but haven’t even been able to buy it on eBay.  Well, in the mail today, Bernandette sent me another copy of the record.  This girl is a magnet for these to find two in such a short time and again, she was so generous and sent it to me.

78 record | miss mustard seed

Bernadette didn’t ask me for anything in return, but of course I wanted to share it on the blog and repay her in some small way by showcasing how talented she is with furniture.  Check out this weathered, dry brushed hutch


…and this vanity is stunning!


If you’d like to see more, you can follow Bernadette on her blog, Old House Chic.

Now, I’m off to listen to my new/old record…

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  1. Debbie Klausing says:

    As soon as I saw that cart I could not imagine it being more perfect for you! The color is wonderful. What a find!

  2. I cheered out loud (and scared my dog half to death) when I read that the record arrived home to you in one piece!

    You are an inspiration to more of us than you will ever know and one whole record, one broken one and third one waiting on stand by just in case will never do justice to the times I needed words of wisdom and found it in your blog.

    Thank you, Marian!

  3. Donna Keating says:

    Love your blue cart find. Oh to be so lucky. I bought a wooden porch swing with worn green paint one day at an antique mall for an amazing price because the seller was leaving the mall and put every thing in her booth 50% off. Made me so giddy with joy.

  4. Becky says:

    The cart is perfect in everyway! Enjoy it. Also, you know everyone wants to go shopping with you. You find the best stuff. I Always enjoy seeing your latest find.

  5. Hi Marian, the cart is lovely.

    I have a similar, old-fashioned ice cream scoop that I picked up for use as a photo prop too.

    I really enjoy seeing how your studio is coming together. So many beautiful vignettes are being created in the space and it’s a pleasure to pop by..

  6. When I saw that industrial cart (and before reading the blog post), I thought YOU painted it, Marian. It’s so “you”! :-)

    Oh, and what a blessing to have followers like Bernadette! You are right. She is so talented with furniture. I love that hutch!

  7. Marian that cart is deliriously gorgeous! I have also coveted one but have never been able to acquire one yet; I will definitely keep a lookout for a smaller one like that! Love!!

  8. Oh Happy Day! Love the cart, it’s so “you”! That ice cream scoop is darling, too. Now I’m off to listen to Bei Mir Bist Du Schon and try to remember my college German. :)

  9. To Old House Chic, the vanity is beautiful. Marian I wish I could go shopping with you too! Good eye and taste. Nice to see how fabulous your shop is turning out.

  10. Diane says:

    Amazing score with that cart! Good for you.

  11. I love these carts too! They are usually way out of my price range so Hubby and I have been thinking of recreating our own version without the huge price tag. You scored a great deal!

  12. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    What a great find and a terrific price! Antique malls here usually have market or above prices on the items. I need to start checking Craig’s List. I also checked out your friend’s blog. She also does a great job. Thanks for posting…

  13. What a deal…the cart looks awesome in your space and you have inspired me! I work with carts often and have a blue one ready for sanding…maybe I won’t sand it as much…thanks for posting and for sharing Old House Chic..beautiful vanity.

  14. Great price on the cart!!! It was obviously meant for you with the blue and white paint. I paid much more for the one I bought. You can still see the graphics on mine too, though it was hidden under layers of paint. (Mine is from the “Nutting Co.” too though its a bit different style). I used your Tung Oil on the wood and Hemp Oil to refinish the wheels and hardware. I love how it turned out. (Jennylynn from Homestead House used a picture of it on her blog post “Tung Oil vs Hemp Oil. Just sayin’… if you want to preserve it instead of painting it…

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