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hand painted wardrobe


I realized I had a furniture make over from Lucketts that I never shared!  How in the world did that happen?  Well, I’m fixing that today.

 This wardrobe was by far the worst piece of furniture I purchased to sell at the market. I bought it in a furniture lot that included two dressers, this wardrobe and a victrola.  All of them showed signs of neglect and had some degree of water damage.  This wardrobe seemed to be exposed to heat as well, that eventually loosened the glued joints.  So, the back and sides were almost separated.  It had good bones and a pretty shape and I have a handy husband, so I took a chance on it.

antique wardrobe before | miss mustard seed

Jeff and his dad glued, clamped and screwed that wardrobe to sure it up, which was not an easy task.  The wardrobe was a little wonky and you had to pull it together just right, so the doors would still fit in their recesses.  I don’t know how they did it, but they got it straightened up and functional again.  Cari gave it a good scrubbing and prepped it to paint for me.  I painted it in some random mixture of MMS milk paint without the bonding agent, so it would chip.  I didn’t write down the custom color, unfortunately!  I think Eulalie’s Sky, Shutter Gray and Grain Sack may have been involved.  I love the arched detail on the doors, so I highlighted the panels with Ironstone and then added some decorative painting in loose swirls.

hand painted milk paint wardrobe | miss mustard seed


(I think this is a piece that looked better in person than it does in the photograph.  In person, the irregular finish looks worn and soft, but with the contrast bumped up a bit on the pictures, it looks more streaky.  Just an FYI.)

The chippiness was perfect, though!

hand painted milk paint wardrobe | miss mustard seed


I left the original hardware as is.

hand painted milk paint wardrobe | miss mustard seed

hand painted milk paint wardrobe | miss mustard seed


…and it sold in the morning rush on the Saturday of the Lucketts Market.

hand painted milk paint wardrobe | miss mustard seed

It’s now time to start shopping for the Chapel Market in Pike Road, AL in October, so I can have some really awesome pieces.  I’ve learned that shopping early gives me a much better inventory.

Let the furniture hunt begin!

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  1. love it!

  2. Happy Shopping! Wish I could join you!

  3. Tosca says:

    I absolutely love the colour! It is beautiful!

  4. So pretty! Yesterday I was looking at your guest room bed and thought I would gladly see some more ornament painting on your furniture…and voila! :))) Thanks for sharing!

  5. That was one of my favorite pieces that you had at Lucketts..So much so I have been looking for a wardrobe to copy for my home! :)

  6. I think this is the prettiest paint color I have ever seen! You need to add it to your line! I would buy it for sure!!

  7. Hello Marian,
    Glad that you remembered to share this beauty with us…wow…what a great makeover you did on her. Looking forward to seeing what you buy for the Chapel Market.


  8. Ali Carney says:

    Hi Marian. Love your blog! Also noticed your paint was used by another blogger today – Jenny ar Little Green Notebook. Very cool since both your styles are very different. Can’t wait to try your milk paint soon.

  9. The design on the front matches well with the style and era of the piece. Very elegant!

  10. Love it….great inspiration!
    Pinning away.
    Happy Day

  11. Michelle says:

    I thought of you Saturday when I was at the re-store in Lancaster. They had a pair of needle point chairs with pretty backs that are just your style. They were asking $45.00 a piece. Not sure if that is a good price but I kind of thought it was a bit high. They also had a gorgeous buffet that I would have loved to bring home with me but I had no room in my car after our Costco run.
    Happy Shopping.

  12. Oh that is pretty, SO PRETTY!

  13. mary young says:

    Everyday is not complete without visiting Miss Mustard Seed. We can all live vicariously
    through your marvelous talents and friendship. Every time I see a tired piece of furniture
    I think of you and your magic. Mary

  14. Gilda says:

    The paint didn’t take well on that added piece at the bottom (apron) and so when you look at it in the photos, it really lacks the patina and pigment that the rest of the original wood has, unfortunately…maybe needs more work?

  15. I love the wardrobe and the color. Your book is wonderful, so beautiful and to have you personally write a note makes it so special. You just reminded me today about Pike Road in October. I missed it last year but hope to meet you this year. I live just outside of Montgomery. Thanks for inspiring us all with your beautiful down to earth blog.

  16. Would you share where you get some of your “finds”? I’m desparately looking for something that I can repurpose as an island/pennisula/bar in my kitchen – such as an old table or work bench. Plus I”m looking for an old buffet or low dresser that I can paint & reuse in my dinning room for linen storage & a liquor or wine cabinet. I want to paint both of these things with some of your paint. You inspire me so much!

  17. It’s beautiful….I love the hand painted detail….I’m with you, I wouldn’t have passed it up either. :-)

  18. Kimberlee says:

    That’s absolutely beautiful! I would never have guessed it was the same piece. You have such an amazing talent!

  19. That just goes to show you even the saddest looking pieces can be restored! It’s beautiful!

  20. So so pretty!

  21. Patti says:

    absolutely fabulous…

  22. Sandy says:

    You are a genius…beautiful work! I love to restore old pieces also but I’m never sure what to ask for them. Would it be rude of me to ask what price range you sold it for?

  23. What a transformation! Love how that wardrobe turned out!

  24. The white painted detailing on the front against that lovely grey/blue is amazing. I love how the darker natural wood shines through the distressed areas! Way cute & cozy!


  25. Elizabeth L says:

    I love this wardrobe! I also love the website, although like the above comment, recently it seems a little wonky and you have to look a little harder to find the days post. My actual question, is what do you all use to clean it up before you paint? I’ve tried several different things and would just like to know what you like the best if you don’t mind. Thanks for always inspiring!

  26. It’s so beautiful…love the colour, the chippy…the hand painted detail. Amazing.

  27. Christy Keyton says:

    Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you bring to Pike Road this year. I will be there “with bells on!”

  28. Oh my! Your wardrobe is just beautiful – love the color and details!
    Sally @cottagefix

  29. Beverly White says:

    I have a wardrobe almost identical. I would like to do it tricycle over typewriter. Should I do more than one layer of typewriter before tricycle? Thanks for any help

  30. I’m so glad you shared more about this piece! I remember it catching my eye during your posts from Lucketts. Have you ever done a tutorial about your design on the door panels? I’d love to learn how you do that.

  31. Jodie Robinson says:

    Beautiful piece! Are you able to share your distressing/chippy technique? I have wanted to achieve this effect but don’t know how. Is there something you are doing or applying first on the areas you want the paint to chip? This looks different than just sanding. Would love if you could share! Thanks!

  32. Melissa says:

    Hi I have a wardrobe just like this that I want to paint. It is more like the color of the empire buffet you painted. Should I use the tough coat on it first? But I still would like a little bit of chipping and distress to the piece. Will I have to do that by hand? Also, did you finish this with a wax or anything? Thanks.

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