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a full look at the hutch


I shared a preview of the hutch HERE, but many of you were asking for a full view of it.  So, here you go!

primitive milk painted hutch | miss mustard seed

It’s smack by my front door (in the living room) right now, so it’s not in a great place to be showcased.  Now, my usual rule is that if I don’t have the perfect place for something, I don’t keep it.  It’s getting a little tough now, as our house in on the market, so I have given myself some liberty to keep things that might work for our future home or studio.  I have the perfect place for it in the house we’re hoping to buy, but we have to wait for our house to sell, first.  Patience…patience…

primitive milk painted hutch | miss mustard seed

So, it’s just hanging out now, but I really love this piece.

primitive milk painted hutch | miss mustard seed

primitive milk painted hutch | miss mustard seed

primitive milk painted hutch | miss mustard seed

I did paint this piece in a custom-mixed MMSMP color, but had to be very careful, so I didn’t cover the amazing existing patina.  If you’re interested in the details on how I did it, check out my tutorial on Painting Around Patina on the MMSMP blog.


Before writing this post, I booked my hotel room for an upcoming trip.  I’m crossing the border and headed to Toronto for the Home Show on Sept 18-21, 2014.  I’ll be doing book signings, presenting on the main stage, teaching workshops, manning the booth and hanging out with The Property Brothers.  Ha, not really, but I’ve heard they’re supposed to be there.  I haven’t done anything like this before, so even pressing the buy button for the hotel rooms made me nervous.  Jeff had to finally push it to put me out of my misery.  Seriously…it took me an hour to find and book a hotel, not because it was hard, but because I was nervous about it!

Anyway, MMS Milk Paint is really starting to get some great attention and I need to not fight it.  My default is to hide in my basement and paint furniture, so it’s awesome that I’ve partnered with people who will push me a bit out of my comfort zone.

This event is open to the public, so I would love to see some of my readers, if you can make it!  More details to come!

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  1. Toronto … woo hoo. I’ll definitely be at the Home Show to see you! Welcome to Canada.

  2. Toronto! WOW how exciting! I so hope I can make it from Ottawa. I’m not a big commenter but I subscribe to your blog, follow on facebook, love your paint and your style. It would be so awesome to meet you. Welcome to Canada Marian.

  3. Well how interesting that you will be in my neck of the woods. Great things to see and visit if you get time. Congrats on your immense success

  4. Welcome to Toronto! So excited that you are coming here! I recently finished a dresser using milk paint and I can’t believe how amazing it turned out. And I love the buttery smooth feel of the wax. I hope I have a chance to see/meet you at the show!

  5. The hutch came out great! Good luck with your house search. I know it’s a process, but you’ll find your perfect home at the perfect timing :) I might stop by at your workshop in Tronto – it’s not that far from where I live in upstate NY! Please keep us posted.

  6. It looks like you are being welcome with open arms! Embrace this–you are living so many girl’s/women’s dreams. :) Congratulations on your success and enjoy this wonderful journey God has given you–to inspire, shine, share, grow, and experience the gift you have been given.

  7. Good luck in Toronto! I know I am having a hard time keeping MMSMP on my shelves. I am sure you will be well received.

    • marian says:

      Awesome, Dana! It’s been so fun to watch your journey as well. You’re an amazing artist. :)

  8. Love the hutch and the paint, too. Great news about Toronto. I predict that we’ll be seeing you on HGTV or DIY in the near future, or maybe on QVC (have you done that yet?). Good luck on the house hunt and selling of your current home, too. When you find the right place, your heart will know it.

  9. Deborah Zebrak says:

    Marian – the big T.O. eagerly awaits you. I was planning to pass on the Home Show in the fall but no way now! I can’t wait to meet you.

  10. Carol says:

    Fantastic! I will be visiting Ontario from Victoria, BC and will make a point of coming to the Home Show to see you! How exciting! Yes, welcome to Canada! Canada loves you!!! :)

  11. Marianne says:

    I love your hutch. Hanging on to it is the best idea . Your home will sell soon. Hang in there.

  12. Toronto! YEAH! I am so EXCITED about this news! I can’t wait! I’ll definitely be there! Looking forward to meeting YOU Marion! :)

  13. Kathryn says:

    and dear….not that you don’t have a very handsome husband, because you do. But IF you get a chance to meet those dreamy looking Property Brothers, please DO take a pic!

  14. Haha! Give the Property Brother’s a kiss from us! At least use us as an excuse! Have fun.

  15. Winnie says:

    So sorry to bother you, Marian, but I need to ask what ever happened to “Pages”? The link seems to have disappeared from your website of late, and I haven’t seen any mention of problems! Thanks so much. Love this hutch – I would have never been able to let it go, either!

  16. The Toronto Home show is a perfect place for you to showcase MMS!!!

    I live 2 hours away, but will be making a trip in for sure!!! You’ll love Toronto!! We Canadians are awesome.

  17. MaryLisa Noyes says:

    It came out amazing with the blended color. PLEASE don’t let go of this piece because you will kick yourself. I looked for severall years until finding one here on my trip to Long Island. I purchased it for a good price and got a reasonable price to ship it to the Seattle area. These are not easy pieces to find anymore without costing a fortune. They are so beautiful and only get better with time.
    Enjoy your time in Canada. I’m sure everyone will welcome you and put you at ease.

  18. I am “patiently” waiting to sell my house also, so ready to move on…..

  19. You picked a very beautiful shade of blue for that hutch and congratulations on the upcoming trip to Canada but cancel the hotel reservations and stay at a Bed and Breakfast! Let’s all try, wherever we can, to support small businesses.

    • marian says:

      I love staying at small inns and B&B’s, but we’re going to be at the Home Show most of the time and I wanted to be in a place near the venue. Maybe next time!

  20. Great news! Looking forward to seeing your presentations!

  21. Amy D says:

    Marian, you will do fantastic at the show! Just be yourself. You are so personable and great on camera (I took your Building a Creatively Made Business course), so I know your talk and workshops will be great. You have so much to share and people want to hear you! Congratulations on all your success! I think your business will just continue to grow. You’ve inspired me to start taking steps toward starting a business, too!

  22. Frankie Leal says:

    I would love to try using glass glitter, your results are so beautiful!

  23. Prayers for a quick painless sale!!! Love the hutch color and love it with your floor!!!

  24. Marian – MMS milk paint is incredibly awesome (especially for those of trying to live a more sustainable/earth-friendlier lifestyle) — you definitely do not need to fight it — revel in it!!

  25. Love the hutch! It has a country flare and the blue gives it such pop. You have such a great eye. I feel like we have a very similar style, which makes your blog one of my favorites. You go girl!

  26. Yes! Toronto! I saw the Homestead House’ ad for the Home Show already (mentioning you of course) and so looking forward to going. You are going to meet some great people. I can hardly wait!

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