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the fate of the guest bed


I knew this day would come, but I didn’t think it would be so soon.

We’ve always had a full-sized bed in our guest room and it’s always worked just fine, but we’ve had it in the back of our minds for a while that we wanted to upgrade it to a queen.  I’ll share more on it in a few weeks, but we now have the opportunity to upgrade to a queen, so we’re doing it.  I’m so happy for our guests, especially Jeff’s parents, but my excitement is tempered by the fact that my hand painted bed frame, that I’ve only enjoyed for a couple of months, isn’t going to work anymore.

Sniff.  I know.

So, I will be selling the bed frame along with with the mattress and box spring.

Miss Mustard Seed-7257

Miss Mustard Seed-7274

You can read the details on how I painted the bed HERE.

I’m selling the frame, side rails, slats, box spring and mattress all for $350.00.  The mattress set was purchased about 12 years ago, but has always been used in a guest room with a cover on it, so it’s had very light use and is in great condition.  There isn’t any sagging or anything.  It comes from a smoke-free home, pet-free home.  The bed frame is an antique, made of wood.  There are a few places on the footboard where the trim is broken and the veneer is chipped.  The imperfections are cosmetic, so the frame is sturdy and useable and I think they only add to the charm of the piece.

Miss Mustard Seed-7265

Just send me an e-mail if you’re interested in purchasing the bed. [email protected]  I’d like to sell it for local pick up only at this point (south central, PA).

So, what is going in its place?  Well, that’s for another post…

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  1. What a lovely bed!

  2. btw: Did you not know that you CAN use a QUEEN mattress on your full size bed frame? In 1969
    when we were furnishing several rooms at once with a move we purchased what they called extensions for the full size bed frame. 20 years later when replacing the bedroom furniture I had FORGOTTEN …keep in mind the small difference in size between the full and queen size. Do the math. Your problem could be solved -comfort for your guests and you get to keep your BEAUTIFUL BED.

  3. marian says:

    I don’t think it would work on this bed, because of the curved footboard. It actually curves around the base of the mattress.

  4. Holy Moses. I have never ever wished I lived closer to PA in my entire life!

  5. I would still love to buy the bed….I think it’s just beautiful

  6. That bed is kind of famous now. I would have offered it free to the new homeowners to help me sell my house. My friend once bought a house because the owners said the dining room set came with the house.

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