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French Style & a fabric wall


I received an e-mail a few months ago, asking if I would contribute to a new magazine, French Style.  Well, that sounds right up my alley!  Yesterday, I found the magazine in Target and snapped it up.

Miss Mustard Seed-7314

First of all, it really is a beautiful magazine.  I loved looking through it and I felt so proud that I was a small part of it and I was very pleased with how my article and photographs turned out.  I always felt like my pictures in print looked yellowish and not as sharp as the other pictures in the magazine.  I felt like these were my best and that’s a great feeling.

Miss Mustard Seed-7313

You can find the magazine on newsstands now.


One of the rooms featured in the article is my master bedroom and the fabric wall behind the headboard.  Most people assume it’s wall paper, but it’s actually fabric!  I used an old Army wive’s trick that my mom used when we lived in military housing…starch.

starching fabric to walls | just peel it off when ready to remove | miss mustard seed

You can find my full, detailed tutorial HERE on, but the abbreviated version is that you roll starch, just plain laundry starch, on the wall, put the fabric in place and then roll over it once more with the starch.  Allow it to dry and it’s done!

starching fabric to walls | just peel it off when ready to remove | miss mustard seed

Here’s the brilliant thing about this wall treatment…when you are ready to remove it, you just peel it off and it doesn’t leave any messy glue or damage on the wall in any way.  It’s so much easier than wallpaper to install and it’s less of a commitment, which is perfect for habitual redecorators or renters.

starching fabric to walls | just peel it off when ready to remove | miss mustard seed

I chose a bold fabric to make a feature wall, but you could use a cream linen, just to add texture or something graphic like stripes or checks.  Think of the endless possibilities!!

create a feature wall with fabric & starch -

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  1. Naomi W says:

    I assume you will be taking down the wall fabric to use in your next home?? I love the design.

  2. OK, I love the walls…but the bed is absolutely amazing. Did you upholster the bed yourself or did you purchase it as is. I’d like to do something like this to my existing headboard. Any suggestions or tips?

  3. Karen says:

    I did this about 30 years ago as a military wife and learned it from another military wife. The method I learned was to put some liquid starch in a bucket or pail, one that is wide and not too narrow. Add some water. Put your strip of fabric in the bucket until wet, wring it out, smooth on the wall. I used a wisk broom to smooth out the bubbles. Wonderful way to decorate that isn’t permanent or difficult to change. I might have to try this again. And will try your mothers method!

  4. Emily says:

    Gorgeous! Do you recall the fabric designer or collection name?

  5. Margaret says:

    This was wonderful… I hadn’t seen this done since I was a small girl in Scotland! So love your style! Thanks…🎈💕

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