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what’s in the truck


We loaded the truck this evening and, unlike previous years, it didn’t rain!  It has rained most years when we pack the truck, which isn’t a huge deal, but it’s a pain to try to keep everything dry.  It was very soupy (humid) and threatened to rain, but waited until everything was in the truck.  Whew!  It was also the smoothest truck-packing we’ve ever had.  The guys who came to help worked so hard and were patient with me as I requested things be moved into the house first for a photo shoot, then out to the truck.  For three of them, I think this is their second or third year helping, so they have become Lucketts-packing-pros.  We are really blessed to have young men like this to help each year.


Here are some things that ended up on the truck…










This black desk actually belonged to my dad’s grandma.  He rescued it from an attic and brought it to me to fix up to sell.  Well, my aunt liked it so much that she bought it!  So, it’ll come off the truck at Lucketts and head right back to PA.



I fell in love with the top of this piece.

And yesterday, my mom made some glass glitter crowns just for fun.  I didn’t have these last year, but they always sell well, so we’re bringing them back.  I’ll also have jars of German Glass Glitter to sell in four different colors.  (More on the glitter later.)


I’ll share full before & afters on each of these pieces, but I wanted to show them before Lucketts for those who are shopping.  It’s nice to know what’s available!

I actually had a bunch of ironstone delivered to my door today, so I priced and packed that as well.  Girls, I hope you’re ready to buy ironstone, because I have a ridiculous amount!  I have everything from $1.00 egg cups to really beautiful tureens and casseroles, plates, platters, bowls, sugar jars, pitchers, chamber pots, spittoons even!

I’ve also been working on some surprises, like this collapsable checkout counter…


We have finally graduated from the card table.

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  1. sharon says:

    It is 104° in No sweaty humidity though. I love your swirls ~~~ good color also…as I have said before…..I love your mom! Don’t throw away that card table….you started with that. Rain?? send it to long beach ca. Waaaaay too hot for spring!!!

  2. Please show how you built your collapsible check out counter….I’ve been wanting one, but not sure how to make it!

  3. Vicki B says:

    I spent the day at the Brimfield Antique Show (aka Flea Market) in MA. If you’ve never been, you’d love it. the entire main street of this town is lined with fields and fills with over a mile of flea markets on both sides. Thousands of vendors! We walked for 4 hours today and not sure if we even saw half of it. There were a few “MMS-inspired” booths that stole the show and made up for the fact that I couldn’t be at Luckets. Happy selling Marian!

  4. Amazing Marian, I don’t know how you do it! I love every piece! That blue gathering basket has me thinking about a basket I have had in my stand forever, wonder if would be a sin to paint it? It is very tempting.
    Can’t wait to see the pics of everything set up. Fingers and toes crossed you get good weather!

  5. I love all of your cabinets!

  6. Oh my… my my my…. so gorgeous! Everything! And I am in love with your collapsible check out table! That’s ingenious. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of sales and smiling customers!

  7. Laurie says:

    I already see a cabinet that would be perfect in my bathroom! I will never get to your booth in time to secure it. I’m sure I would be trampled first. I’ve experienced the charge through the gate! I’m already here and shopped Lucketts today and scored something on my list! I LOVE THE SPRING MARKET AND I LOVE VA!!

  8. Love your blog and am always in awe of your work :-) My sister and I do a show every month in Canton, Texas (FIRST MONDAY TRADE DAYS ) and use chalkboard signs in our booth…but the chalk (WALMART CHALK) does not seem to write clearly on our signs…very light…what kind of chalk are you using?
    *it occurs to me we may need to paint our own chalkboard paint layer on these signs? GOOD LUCK at the show!

  9. Had I had the chance I ‘ d bought the turquoise cupboard!!!!!!
    Best of luck for you and your bluyers at Lucketts!

  10. Michelle says:

    I love all of your pieces! However, if you don’t sell the typewriter (slim chance) I would be interested in buying it from you! I almost fell over when I saw it. The wording “Woodstock” on the top indicates that it was made in Woodstock, IL where I live. There used to be a typewriter factory in town (which shut down decades ago). The only remnant is is a completely unrelated business on the site where the factory once stood that has several of typewriters in the window that were made locally. Any way, even if you do sell it at least you can provide the customer with a little bit of history about where it was made now. Best wishes for a fantastic, dry weekend!

  11. Patty connelly says:

    Good luck, hope you have beautiful weather and a great time.

  12. Margaret says:

    Beautiful Marian! Every piece looks spectacular, I am sure you’ll have a successful outing and we’ll pray for no rain! I, like Sharon, am in So Cal, not on the coast but in the Inland Empire. What we wouldn’t give out here right now for a little rain! Enjoy this weekend, be blessed by the fruit of all your hard work!

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