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What I kept…


I spent most of the day digging through my Lucketts – leftover pile.  I didn’t have a lot, but we just dumped it all at the basement steps after the event and I really needed to go through it.  Most of the items will go in the online shop, but I do always set a few things aside to keep.  One thing I kept was a pair of needlepoint pillows.  I made these years ago (actually blogged about them HERE) and they’ve been in my living room and guest room, but were finally stuffed in the “pillow closet.”  They’re really too pretty to languish in a closet, so I decided to sell them.  Well, they didn’t sell, so I put them on the daybed in my family room and they are perfect there!  I’m so happy they didn’t sell!

French day bed | vintage painted stool | ironstone platters | needlepoint pillow

needlepoint pillow | buffalo check

I also kept a square ironstone tureen that didn’t sell.  It was one of the higher priced ironstone pieces, so I think that’s why I took it home.  I paired it with one of the few things I bought at Lucketts, an ironstone platter with a really pretty rim.  (It was $20.)

ironstone tureen & platter

I’ll show you the other things I bought in another post, but I spent a grand total of about $50, so I didn’t do a lot of shopping.

A few things never even made it to the fair, because I got first dibs.

ironstone hallmark | blue & white

This is just about one of the prettiest ironstone pitchers I’ve ever seen.  The blue and white pattern is so beautiful and I love the shape.  I’ve never seen another one like it.  At $40, it wasn’t cheap, but I thought it was a good deal for such a rare and pretty piece.

ironstone pitcher | blue & white

ironstone pitcher | blue & white

I also kept this $15 ironstone mold.

antique ironstone pudding mold

I grabbed it up without hesitation, because it was such a great price AND I’ve never seen any that are so large or shaped like this.

antique ironstone pudding mold

antique ironstone pudding mold

See how large it is compared to my other molds?

antique ironstone pudding mold

It would make a pretty impressive tower of pudding!  With crazing that goes on for days.  Sigh.

It’s a little awkward to display, but I just nestled it on its side, so you can see the pretty part.

ironstone | antique hutch

ironstone | antique hutch

I really am starting to run out of places to put new ironstone pieces!  I think I’m coming to a time when I’ll need to weed out the collection.

ironstone | antique hutch

But, not yet.

Settle down.

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  1. You must live in an ironstone rich area – I’ve never EVER found a single piece. I might just have to shop your stash when you decide to purge :)

  2. It’s good think you said settle down! I’m so excited for the purging, I am like a dog in a Beggin Strips commercial. :)

  3. That blue patterned ironstone pitcher is gorgeous! …And, it is SO you, Marian. I am glad you kept it. :-)

  4. I got excited when I read “online store” then frantically searched for it. But all I found was the one I’ve found before w/ no furniture of decor items besides the usual (lovely) preserved boxwood wreathes and books. I couldn’t even fine the milk paint that I love for sale. Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Also – how do I get on your “list” to be notified when you sell something you’ve made or “re-made”? I get your emails, but whenever I see something you’re “going to sell” – it’s already sold a long time before (like before the email time)
    I’m not complaining — just wondering why I’m so “clueless”
    I LOVE your decor inspiration and blog.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yep, that is the online store, I just haven’t listed anything new on there since Lucketts. I will start filling it up soon, though!

    • Hi Mimi! Also, the milkpaint (if you were looking for it) is under the Milk Paint tab (or at the designated website, missmustardseedsmilkpaint dot com). Also, check the Mustard Seed Pages for more sellers with the MMS style 😉

  5. Ann Rolfe says:

    Been collecting white ironstone for many years as well. Can’t pass a piece up even though I have no more space! It’s now at home and the cottage. Can serve 30 people a full course Christmas dinner entirely on old ironstone now. Love the shapes and patina, beats new any day!!!

  6. Judy H. says:

    Living in central Missouri, you would think the area would be rife with flea markets, thrift stores, tag sales and on. Surprisingly, there is a dearth of these places. I have yet to go to any place in the town I live in and the surrounding 80 mile area and find a piece of ironstone!
    I love your pitcher and square tureen, they are a feast for the eyes, I’m so glad you kept them!
    If no one purchased them, it’s because they still need to be with you.

    • Missy says:

      Judy, I also live in Missouri….on the Western edge and the ironstone pickins’ are no better over here! I have bought the majority of my ironstone on Ebay, probably over a 12 – 15 year period. I have bought a few large pitchers at antique malls in, funnily enough, central Missouri, when there with my kids at rodeo’s or ball tournaments. My area is bloated with tag sales, flea markets, thrift stores and it is garage sale season right now also, but I have yet to find or buy a single piece of ironstone in this area. My mother, on the other hand, has walked into several garage sales and called me to say “Oh yeah, I bought one of those white platters you like for .50 cents” or “You know those big white pitchers you have on your shelf….well I got you one at a garage sale for $4”. Ha! I guess timing and location really is everything!

  7. I agree with Kristen, a piece of ironstone is pretty rare around here:( I went to a flea market on Saturday that must have had at least 250 vendors and there wasn’t a piece of ironstone there! If there were, someone must have scooped them all up! I love all your pieces, I may need to take a trip to PA!

  8. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I love your beautiful pillows and gasped when you mentioned you took them out of the closet to sell. I’m glad they didn’t (sorry) because they look perfect where you placed them. The pitcher is absolutely beautiful. And because I’m a newbie, I didn’t even realize that molds were for sale. LOL Thanks again!
    Love reading your posts.

  9. Thank you for sharing! The blue and white pitcher is so pretty, I would have paid $40 for it too.

  10. Pamela says:

    I can’t believe you made those pillows! What a ton of work. I did a footstool and said enough, but my MIL was a needle pointer. I have one so much like yours but more tan-ish that I love so that when I saw your set up i thought, “if I were going to Lucketts I would buy that pillow.” Your future daughter in law’s will be glad you kept them!

  11. Just got my lucketts trip posted with some pics of your space if you want to check them out.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Marian … I really need to stop & have an ironstone “lesson” before I collect more pieces!!! Some of those you call ironstone, I might pass by, thinking they were new porcelain. My idea of ironstone has always been the older, heavier, and, of course, crackled, often brown crazed pieces like that gorgeous mold ~ not the bright, shiny white of the lidded piece you just found! I need to learn to recognize ironstone of all “ages,” esp. if the pieces are not marked!

  13. Teresa says:

    I saw those beautiful needlepoint pillows at Lucketts and really admired them. I just didn’t have a place for them.

    When I was at the Marburger Farms show in Round Top, TX last year I saw quite a bit of ironstone. One dealer had an entire booth of ironstone and I bought several smaller platters from her. It does seem to be very regional though and I only see it here and there.

  14. MaryS says:

    Settle Down??!! :) You are too funny!!! This made me laugh out loud.

  15. MaryS says:

    My goodness!!! That blue pitcher is stunning and I’m not a person who likes blue. $40 was a great price for such a treasure. So glad you kept it.

  16. Beautiful pitcher and unique mold. Love the way you’re displaying it. You may need to get the new book by Mary Randolph Carter, “Never Stop to Think…Do I Have a Place for This” lol., then you’ll reconsider the purge. :)

  17. That pitcher is gorgeous!

  18. Fiona, Lilyfield Life says:

    you’re funny. settle down made me laugh out loud.

  19. Kristi says:

    As far as I’m concerned, ironstone is a perfectly acceptable inheritance. I say, collect all you can and tell your boys its for their benefit. :)

  20. Heidi says:

    Where did you buy the plate hangers from that the large platters in the first picture are hanging from? I can’t seem to find a large enough wire plate hanger, and I’m worried about finding one that can hold that much weight.
    Thank you!

  21. Marian, if you ever decide to ‘purge the blue and white pitcher’, please let me know, as I collect pitchers of all shapes, sizes and colors to display bouquets in. Blue and white is my all-time favorite combo and you are right, it was definitely worth every penny of the $40 you spent for it. Absolutely beautiful! How’s the house search coming? Are you sure you really want to move? Your place seems so ideal for you and your family. Would love to learn more about collecting ironstone; doesn’t seem to be much in the antique stores here in the pacific northwest…..

  22. Now that I have “settled down” after checking the store 1 hundred times……still excitement over rules!!! UGH :)

  23. Nancy says:

    That pillow is perfect where it is!! Sometimes things just work out for a reason :)

  24. wow, I did not see that pillow Marian…I love the color as the sofa in my bedroom is that same color and would have gone perfectly….however, it looks beautiful on your sofa….And, you can never have enough ironstone!…love that gorgeous pitcher!..Hope you have recuperated well from the Fair…

  25. Rick S says:

    Whenever I hear someone say their cupboards are getting too full to display their collection I think they need another cupboard. You find so many pretty ones, no proplem :)


  26. I too have a special place in my heart for needlework pillows rather it be embroidery, crewel, or needlepoint. I have several that my hubby’s mom made and I cherish them. Thank you so much for stating the price you paid for your ironstone! Because of you….I now have the bug and do not know if I am getting my pieces for a reasonable price. I live in Chattanooga Tn and have found several pieces at good prices. We have a booth at the Knitting Mill, the bet antique mall in town. It is a new experience and my hubby and I have a ball getting up early on the weekend and hitting the road! I am a pre-k teacher and he is retired, while I’m at school he is cleaning, polishing, and researching our finds. It is a wonderful hobby!

  27. Kim O'Donoghue says:

    What a pleasant surprise to have your daily update in my inbox. A few of my favorite bloggers went AWOL on me for a few weeks. I have heard different things about carriers, etc. but I’m glad I’m back in your loop! Lovely ironstone!

  28. Oh my gosh, if i had seen those pillows i would have bought them in 5 seconds! The pitcher IS one of the prettiest ever …
    Got to go catch up on all your posts i’ve missed now!


  29. Karen Skilbred says:

    Have missed anything in my “mail” ever since you left for Lucketts – was I just not receiving for some reason or did you not send anything out. Signed up again so am glad to have gotten something today. Keep up the great work!

  30. Hi Marian,
    I love the blue & white pitcher and would love to find that pattern. I can’t quite make out the name stamp on the bottom. I see the word vitrified and English Imperial but can’t tell what the other words are in the circle stamp. Please let me know.

  31. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, and find it simpatico with what I like to surround myself. I noticed your needlepoint pillows as I was perusing pictures of the Lucketts display. They are lovely, and I’m happy they found their way back to your house. I know that you have a beautiful ironstone collection, and that your painted pieces are beyond compare. I am writing to say that I think of these two pillows as heirlooms for your future descendants. I know they will be proud say that their great great grandmother Marian made them by hand!

  32. Hi Marian – I love the blue and white pitcher. I never had a problem receiving your posts, however, I always receive them in my inbox a day later from when your posts go live. Why is that?

  33. Faerie says:

    OK, for your next career, Miss Marian, you can shop for us! I would hire you to find the best pieces for me any old time! Just teasing, but it sure doesn’t hurt a girl to dream!!! I never seem to find the gorgeous pieces you do!!!

  34. Linda carter says:

    And here in Baltimore you can’t GIVE ironstone away !!! I love it but no one ever seems to buy any at the flea market

  35. Lori Carroll says:

    When you do weed out items will you post on blog or just in your store? I would be interested in a tureen.

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