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my house hunt sound track


A lot of you have asked about how the sale of our house is going as well as the house hunt.  I haven’t been ignoring those questions, but I’ve just been busy talking about Lucketts stuff and furniture makeovers.  It felt like too big of an answer to squish in at the bottom of another post, so I’m dedicating an entire post to an update.

For those who missed it, we put our house on the market a little over a month ago.  We really love our current home and have put a lot of work into it, but our business is growing out of our basement and has taken over a lot of our house.  I didn’t realize how many closets and cabinets are filled with things that are for my business, not our personal use.  We would rather expand into something we own instead of leasing a commercial space.  Plus, we’ve always dreamed of having more property with more possibilities.  Our business and life goals and dreams have come together and we’re ready to go for it

Home for sale.jpg

As most of you probably know, selling and buying a home is an emotional, stressful process.  Not only are you dealing with your home, a little corner of the world that is safe and yours, but also dealing with the biggest investment of your life.  I’ve been pretty relaxed about the whole thing, because we don’t have to move.  When you add need into the equation, it gets even more tense, but because it’s our choice to move, we’re not in any hurry or under any set time table.

That being said, I had a plan.  There was a farmette we loved.  It was so perfect for us and I was already planning improvements and arranging the furniture in my mind.  I wanted to have our house and the farm under contract before Lucketts, so I could sell the furniture that wouldn’t work for our new house and we could move in June.  That was my plan.

Things didn’t go according to my plan.  After being on the market for over six months, someone decided to put a contract on the farm we liked just a couple of weeks after we set our sights on it.  I wouldn’t say we were devastated, because that’s too strong of a word, but it felt like a loss.  I teetered between being really bummed and being hopeful, resting in the fact that God has the perfect place for us and this one wasn’t it.  I was looking into the future to the time when we said, “I’m so glad we didn’t get that farm.  This is so much better for us.”  Whatever this is.

For those who don’t know, my background is in musical theatre.  I grew up on the stage and singing with my family.  My mom was a music teacher and taught everyone in my family to play the guitar.  She always played music as we fell asleep at night and I still remember the crisis it was when my tape player batteries were dead and it was time to fall asleep.  Music has always played a big role in my life and I always seem to have a running soundtrack in my mind as I go through life – sappy heart-broken songs when I was brooding over a boy, uplifting songs when I was going through a hard time, anthems when I was feeling triumphant.  I remember when I saw the grand canyon last summer, I got in the car and said, “I just have to listen to some music, Jeff!”  There was a Downhere song that goes…Because I’ll never hold a picture of the whole horizon in my view.  Because I’ll never split the night in two it makes me wonder who am I and great are You.  I had to listen to that after seeing that amazing sight.  It will forever be the grand canyon song for me.

I shared that random snippet from the life-of-Marian to say that as we’ve been going through our house selling & house hunting, two songs have become the “sound track.”

The first one I have listened to over and over again, especially when I’m feeling bummed about losing the farm we really loved or because no one has made an offer on our house or because things aren’t going according to my plan.

Sovereign by Chris Tomlin speaks to all of that and so much more…

He pretty much nailed it with that song, right?  Sovereign on the ocean floor…in the mountain air…all the pieces of my life…You work everything for good…God, whatever comes my way, I can trust You.  It’s hard to not see God as sovereign over a house hunt when you acknowledge that He spoke the entire universe into order.

The other one is Just Haven’t Met You Yet by Michael Buble.  This song is not so much a comfort, but it runs through my head and I find myself humming it as I’m searching through Trulia and Zillow for the one…

When I start to get discouraged because this one is too expensive and that one has an awesome house, but not enough land and this other one has beautiful property, but the house is a disaster, I think, I just haven’t met you yet!  The place that is perfect for us and the timing and all the little details will work out and we’ll look back and say, “Ah-ha!  This is so much better than what we had planned!”

I’m realizing now that I’ve let all of you into my weird little world!  I’m sure I’m not the only one with a soundtrack, though.  Right…?

Anyway, my boys have been a part of this process as we’ve talked about farms and moving and getting a dog and chickens and needing more business space and cleaning up a lot because someone might come look at our house.  We’ve prayed for patience and perfect timing and contentment and asked God for what we want as a family.  And yesterday, my youngest brought me this…


 …it’s our farm.  Yes, with a purple roof and a green door…



…and even a barn and a baby horse (which Jeff says we will never, ever have.)  He’s such a sweet guy.  My youngest, not Jeff.  He’s a humbug when it comes to getting horses.  (Just kidding, Jeff’s a sweet guy, too, he’s just more realistic when it comes to vet bills and mucking stalls.)

So, to sum it up…we haven’t sold our house and we haven’t found a place we want to move to.  We’re just waiting for things to happen.

We did find a place last week that we really liked.  The house had amazing light…I mean, huge windows and multi-directional light in almost every room.  I loved it.  We would have to build our own outbuilding, though, which is exciting and scary, but we need to do some more research before we can consider that as an option.  And we need to sell our house before we can even do anything!

I’ll keep you updated as things happen…

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  1. Such an excellent attitude. I will add you to my prayers that your patience will last. And be rewarded. The last time we moved, it was right near the end of the housing bubble. Prices were going up $10,000 every month and it was actually wiser to get a contract on a house and then sell the one you were in, so you actually had a place to live. Crazy times. It took us a year to find the right place, and I thought I was going to go crazy, but like you, we didn’t have to move. So I waited. And man, was the wait worth it!!! The house I live in have been like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. It just seems to morph into whatever I need it to be. It truly has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. But I wish I would have been able to use your attitude during the wait. That is the time I learned patience with the Lord, rather than using it. So yay for you for being wiser than I was. You’ll be blessed, sweet lady. The Lord sees you.
    All the Best,
    The Other Marian

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      LOL…I love the Harry Potter reference. That’s just the kind of house we need, because I have a feeling things will always been growing and changing with our family and business. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Rest assured, Marian, that you are NOT the only one with a soundtrack. :-) I often feel like Ally McBeal with all the songs playing in my head. For example, the last day of school I always hear Alice Cooper singing “School’s Out”. Another time, I knew I HAD to find a new teaching assignment because every time I entered a particular school, Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” would blare in my head.

    Best wishes (you don’t need luck when you have God!) on your house hunting and selling. The right one will come along!

  3. It truly is God’s timing. We looked for homes in our dream area last year. Found a really great small home but our home didn’t sell and the dream home did. We had just resigned we would stay put for a few more years. However, three weeks ago, on a whim, I browsed online and found something interesting. Called the listing agent and went to see it. that one wasn’t for us, but another listing he had was perfect in every way. Made an offer contingent on our house selling, offer accepted. We got a cash offer on our home after ONE showing. We are moving this Friday! Keep praying… God has dream making plans for YOU!

  4. Marion, I love your attitude and know you’re on the right track. Nothing is good or bad, it just is.
    Last week hubs and I went to a tree farm to look at trees for our house. Hubs drove over an unseen sharp metal pipe and blew our tire in 90 degree hot Texas sun. Oh crap. But, 2 workers immediately drove up and said they would get there manager and a hydraulic jack. The manager came immediately (while hubs was on hold with road side assistance) and he and his guys changed to the spare in 5 mins. We happily gave them $50 although they tried to refuse. When we got our blown tire to the tire shop we use, they said our tires (which looked perfect) were down to a dangerous level. We are waiting for our grandchild’s birth and will be driving a 10-hour trip at any minute and at any time of the night. If our tire hadn’t got blown on the pipe by accident, we would surely have been stuck somewhere lonely in the middle of the night due to not knowing our tires needed replacement. God watches over us. He will lead you to the right place at the right time.

  5. PS. When I got divorced 22 years ago after a 20-year marriage where we stayed together only for the kids, I was emptying out an old box of stuff and there was an old tape with “I Can See Clearly Now” which has the words…It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day… I played the crap out of that tape and that song is still on every CD mix I have. It’s my theme song.

  6. Oh, Marion, you will find the right house for your family and your business. I know God is preparing the perfect space for you. I’ll also pray that you get the right house.

    Last year, I was looking for a home for my son and I. He’s severely disabled and has a very large wheelchair. I needed to find a place before my lease was up and was looking for a ranch home since I thought it would meet his needs. In the months prior to my house hunt, I spent every night online looking at homes. I’d sent the ones I’d like to my friends and they’d tell me they pray I get that home. I would always tell them not to pray for that home but to pray that we would get the “right home” for us.

    I looked for months and was discouraged. I’d find a home and would be outbid or it wouldn’t work out. There seemed to be nothing that really worked. Many of the ranch home had doorways that were too narrow for my son’s wheelchair. In other homes, the bathroom doorways were too narrow or there wasn’t enough space in the tub to get him in there. I wanted a home more than anything and time was running out. Finally, I went and looked at a townhome that I had dismissed 10 months earlier. I was certain I did not want a townhome under any circumstances. It was perfect for us. When I went inside, it had all been redone-new floors, windows, walls, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It had a office with French doors so that I could get my son’s wheelchair in there. This is now his bedroom. It was an open floor plan that worked perfect for him. It had travertine tile in the bathroom that I loved. as well as dark birch wood floors, tall baseboards, granite countertops and a nice porch. Essentially, everything I loved. I couldn’t have picked the colors any better. I bought the place and felt like everything was made especially for us. It was perfect. After we moved in, I came across a photo from a real estate flyer that I had tore out and put on the front cover of one of my notebooks. It was exactly like the home I purchased. I felt like God had this home redone just for us. When I talked to the neighbors, they would say they didn’t understand why it was on the market for so long. I always smile because I know that this home was just waiting for us. In the end, none of the homes I looked at were better than this one.

    I know that was a long story but I know things will work out for you. I have purchased three homes in my lifetime and know that when things are meant to be, things go really smooth. When things aren’t meant to be, there are issues. Hang in there. You are doing great.

    P.S. Be sure to get enough land because your business is going to be even bigger than you ever imagined. You are an immensely talented young lady.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      That is such an awesome story of God knowing exactly what’s perfect for us. :) I’m so glad you found such a perfect home for you and your son. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marian,

    My DOG even has a theme song ( Happy by Pharrell) so I completely understand. I don’t know how I would get by without music.

    I too missed out on a dream house and was crushed – until the one we were meant to have – so much better in every way – came along six months later, when we weren’t even looking :)

    Not our plan, but His plan for us.



    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Ha! So funny. We actually wrote songs that we used to sing for our cats. We’re weird! :)

      • Love you to pieces, however, I feel compelled to say you need to lose the nose ring.
        Fans may not say it, but it does not go with your new look and is juvenile. Really, not in.

        • Stephanie says:

          Jill, really?? You felt “compelled” to tell her? More like you felt it was necessary to be rude! Juvenile? Juvenile is commenting on someone’s blog, that you don’t even know personally, and telling them they’re not “in”.
          Next time, do all of us a favor, and keep any mean spirited comments to yourself.

          Marian, much love to you! I’m guessing Jill’s comment didn’t bother you nearly as much as it has me. Lol!

          ps – keep the nose ring if you like it. i think it suits you beautifully!

      • Trudy says:

        Hi Marian,
        I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now and have been so inspired by your vision, enthusiasm and energy! In regard to your house hunt, I felt I had to pass this along: in Wolfsboro NH, there is a farm called The Old Ways at Mustard Seed Farm – look for it on Facebook. It’s been on the market since winter. Had to share it – :-)

  8. I commented on a similar post about what we think we want, need…and I heard back from you, so this may sound familiar. When we found our dream home–64 acres in the Blue Ridge Mtns., amazing custom built home with all wood floors, huge windows, three huge stone fireplaces, wrap around porch–it really was like a dream looking back. When I first saw it on the internet I lost my breath. It was everything we had ever talked about. We enjoyed that life for almost 4 years, then the market got really bad and my husband had to find a new job. We had to leave everything we had hoped for. That life/home was what we had dreamed of. However, God had other plans. He knew what was best for us, our children, my husband’s career. We are now SO HAPPY in our 1960’s split level, in a school district rated in the top 2% of all public schools in the country! We have our health, a wonderful community with access to anything, and the best opportunities for our girls. And my husband is thriving in his job. Looking back we thought we were supposed to be on top of that mtn. living the dream. It was a dream and this is real…where God wants us to be, where HE knew we would thrive. I hope to be here until I am old and grey. I will unless God has other plans! When you find it, and it works out, and you think with your head and not JUST your heart, and talk about it, God will lead you down the path to your new front door. Best to you and your family Marian. It will be a fun journey. Oh, and my husband “promised” my oldest daughter a horse. Pretty foolish as we had to move AND to find out she is really allergic to them!

  9. Natalie says:

    A dear friend told me lately that there are three potential answers to prayer:

    *Not yet
    *I have something better for you.

    Anytime in my crazy life I have tried to control an outcome, I messed it up; but when I let go and let GOD, better than ever imagined.

    Peace and good tidings to you! Bless this chapter, dear LORD!!

  10. Hi Marion! How I understand what all you’re saying today…well, except I don’t have children at home any more and I don’t have a business! But we’ve just sold our home of almost 18 years and have moved to a tiny little condo and eventually will move to be by our two grandbabies. I prayed and prayed for God to send a buyer. He sent one in His time and the new owners love our house and I prayed for that too. We put our house on the market in late January and just closed on it last week. I felt in limbo for so long. My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you.” That’s all I need to read as I know God will have the ‘right house’ for us when it’s time. Oh, about the songs…yes, I do the same thing. I even end each of my posts with a song and that’s the reason my blog is called “Note Songs”. I wish you the best and I’m glad to know you’re okay with the wait. I’m sure there is something even better than the farm for you and your little family.
    Here’s an old praise song for you…”In His time, in His time. He makes all things beautiful in His time…”
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. Shelly says:


    Won’t we all be shocked if you end up in a house with a green door or a purple roof! :)
    I have seen a purple roof, it was metal and on a white house. It actually was very pretty believe it or not. Not something I would have picked out, but it was still cute! 😉


  12. Kristine says:

    I was just wondering, hmm, wonder what’s going on with the house and then you posted! Thanks for the update!
    I think my jaw dropped when I read Jill’s comments. Stephanie said it so well, not much more to add. Other than, Jill, if you want to have style, grace, maturity, a big heart and a compassionate soul, in other words, if you long to be more like Marian, you’ll post again. With an apology. Loving someone “to pieces” doesn’t mean tearing them to pieces. Not to mention, the subject was house hunting and waiting on God’s timing. Can’t even imagine why you were “compelled” in this direction.
    Funny thing, I never even notice the nose ring. All I ever notice is Marian’s shining spirit and humble heart.

  13. Patricia says:

    I just have to jump in here. When you are the proprietor of a blog, ladies, you cannot expect every single comment to stroke the blogger. Sometimes when I read the comments on Marian’s blog I am amazed at the lack of stimulating conversation that they illicit. It is a continual parade of worship for everything Miss Mustard Seed does. Jill (whoever she is)
    made a less than flattering observation and boy the claws came out didn’t they. I think MMS can handle it without her fan club getting in an uproar.

    • Stephanie says:

      Let me get this straight… Telling someone their nose ring is “juvenile” and “not in”, is stimulating conversation?? Hahahaha!

      My “claws” aren’t out. I just found Jill’s comments offensive. And as I said in my post, I’m sure I was probably more offended than even Marion was.

    • Teresa says:

      Well said Patricia! Every time the nose ring issue is brought up it stirs up a hornets nest and I think sometimes its done intentionally just for that purpose. Take the high road and realize it for what it is. An attempt by one commenter to redirect the subject of the post to their own personal agenda.

      • Kristine says:

        Not to beat this to death, but no, not well said Patricia. Not sure which perplexes me more, mean comments (not “less than flattering” – mean) or having people chime in to excuse, defend or minimize them. Give me a break, this is a home decor blog, not a political forum.

        When did it become okay to hurt others? And then practically dare others’ to object to it with veiled suggestions to take the “high road” and not be in such an “uproar” and oh, the dreaded “claws” accusation which so stereotypes women.

        Don’t want to derail this wonderful post any further and sorry Marian but man, how can we tell children about the golden rule when we adults let ourselves off the hook so easily?

  14. Marion, our sweet house is also for sale (for 3 weeks now) with no buyer yet. It can almost feel a little personal when you put so much of yourself into a home and no one is running to buy it. LOL. I think God must laugh at us sometimes the way we want to create our path…He is saying “Oh child, I have so much more planned than you can ever create yourself”. He has shown that to me over and over. While my husband and I were visiting our daughter in Hanover/Gettysburg in Feb, we saw a lovely brick historical home with property for sale in your little town. We thought, wow , this would be a great house to live in!! Its such a beautiful area :) Since that visit we have received orders to DC. We have no idea of how it will play out and where we will live, but we do know that God is faithful and it will be as it should be. :) I read somewhere that the verse Be Still and know that I am God, also means “let go” and know that I am God. *Cheers* to letting go and letting God! Im sure the person who is to buy your home is waiting on their timing as well :) Thank you for sharing your heart! – Jodi

  15. Thanks for sharing your housing journey with us, Marian. My family and I are in the throes of a pretty anxiety-filled housing search right now and every day I pray that my faith remains strong enough to get me through. I do believe God has a plan for us. It’s just hard when your house has been on the market for three months in a town where nothing is selling and homes in the town you’re moving to are selling in 24 hours (I’m not kidding). My husband had to take a job in another state almost two years ago and has been commuting back and forth, 4 days there, 3 days at home with us. It’s been very taxing on the kids (we have 3). Luckily our marriage is strong because it’s been a real trial for us. We thought we’d be able to move this summer so we could be settled before school starts, but that doesn’t seem like an option now. Like you, we can’t buy a new house until our house sells! You really are lucky to have time on your side. Without the pressure, I’m sure things will work out for you and your family. Thank you so much for the music, it really uplifted me when I needed it most. And the best of luck with your house hunting.
    xo Kathleen
    Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}

  16. Thank you, Marian! This post is exactly what I needed to read today. We spent our Memorial Day afternoon driving around looking at land. It is only beginning for us (and “We’ve Only Just Begun” just popped into my head – ha), but it has already started to stress me out! So many unknowns. I need to remember that God is totally and completely in control. Thank you for sharing all of this! :)

  17. JudyMae says:

    For several years every time we passed a house on one of the “good” streets in town that was for sale when we bought our house, we would say “Man, we should have bought that house!” And felt like we had really made a bad move. One day when we passed it, it was for sale so we eagerly contacted the Realtor to see it. We hated the inside! It wasn’t nearly as big as it looked and we didn’t like it as much as the one we were living in. You just never know… Good luck in your search. You deserve the best.

  18. Susan says:

    Praying for the perfect (for your family) house and God’s perfect timing. We recently went through this, not being able to come to contract on “the” house and then walking into the one I am sitting in now and knowing it was our house. What blessings we have!

    Patience be yours!

  19. For all things there is a season.

  20. Walking on Broken Glass… by Annie Lennox

    Oh How Happy… by Shade of Blue

    Happy GIrl… by Martina McBride

    Good luck…

  21. tariawilson says:

    We bought a house 18 mos. ago. It took us almost a year of looking to find it. We were in bidding wars and lots of other ups and downs in the process. It was so worth the wait. We spent 6 months rehabbing the place before we moved in. In that time our house we needed to sell went up in value, a bunch. We had over 15 offers and a contract in several days. I guess my point is be patient and things will fall into place. We never thought we could move up to such a wonderful home but it all worked out. It will for your family too.

  22. itallbeganwithpaint says:

    It is so hard to wait patiently when looking for a house. We looked for 4 yrs before being able to buy our own place, meanwhile living in 3 different rentals. Either the price range was too high since we were first time home owners or it just was not the right one for us. It still didn’t stop me from imagine how I would decorate each one we would go look at. And then we found the perfect one although we lived in a single wide trailer for a yr with 3 children, until we built our house this winter. I know I def appreciate our house even more since we had to wait for soo long.

  23. Sharon says:

    Your blog was sent to me by a friend today. I can relate. My house just sold in SoCal and I am moving to OK in July. I am going there next week to find my next and hopefully last home as moving is pretty stressful especially when you have to do it alone. It was time to downsize and I wanted to be near my grandchildren. I agree, music is very healing, inspirational and touches me on so many levels. I,too, have a soundtrack. It’s good to know I am not the only one LOL….God will lead us where we need to be.

  24. Grace says:

    Wow, I wish I was so completely where you are when we were house hunting. We put offers in on 9 houses and went into contract on 4 of them. What a roller coaster ride. The best I could do after having my heart broken on the first offer that wasn’t accepted was to pray, “Lord, your will be done.” I was too confused to want anything else, but knew that was the safest place to be. So, just like you believe, I can testify that we look back on everyone of those houses that were going to be “perfect” with GREAT relief that they didn’t go through. The house we ended up in is the best by far and our neighbors are beyond wonderful. What a blessing to trust in God and know that it will all work out. Keep the faith sister God is trust worthy!

    My son says I don’t have thick enough skin to have a blog…I think he is right! Wow, again.

  25. Yeah I have that sound track thing too. I never really realized it until you wrote this post! Lol. We are in the middle of the should we list our house right now. I have to give it to god! I can’t handle the mess and stress!

  26. I am too in a “waiting for something to happen” section of my life. I constantly here Tom Petty ” You take it on faith, you take it to the heart The waiting is the hardest part…”

  27. Johnette McDaniel says:

    I can certainly sympathize. We are basically in the same situation. I am not the most patient person, so I have to pray a lot, hoping that God doesn’t choose this time in my life to teach me a lesson in this area! On the other hand, I seek God’s guidance to our perfect home. Anxious to see if it will be the home we have now, or the ‘one of our plans’. Either way, it will be exactly what we need. So will be yours. I have added your family to my prayer list.

  28. Hi. I do not feel I personally know you. I read your blog. But today, heavy hearted over my own TBI and the many difficulties it has six years later well I’m growing worse, not better. And a week ago very close high school friends’ son, great Christian kid about 22now, was in a terrible accident and is in San Francisco with a couple brain surgeries done and I’m receiving the updates now. I’ve wept for it is not what I would ever want for a young man nor would I want this for my dear friends. Yet praise for the Father who is Sovereign and they know God is using this quiet ICU time to prepare them for the next step…and you put Chris Tomlins song in your post. I listen, and am reminded of my own injury, handled poorly resulting in worse long term injury to much in many areas, so I listen for me and then for Rita and Loren, parents to Taylor, still in a coma. And I weep. I stop and write them an email. Little things like, Yes, I could hear when I was non responsive but it kind of floated by. I remember my husband softly singing first verse of Jesus loves me and feeling comfort. But too much touching drove my brain/head crazy –hard to explain–but I had no way to tell him. So a one touch but not stroking. Stimulates brain too much when brain is working so very hard to do all. I explained remembering my husband begging me not to leave him, whispered in my ear–but I did not know why he said that. I did not understand. I talked of this song touching me and then my heart changed and my prayers were for them as I listened.
    Do you believe that God chose YOU to not have your house sell so that you would have this Chris Tomlin song play on the very day I’ve been feeling confused in my own brain by many changes but that most importantly I used this song in ministering to my high school friends ? Think upon it. The big picture. The Dad became a Christian at my kitchen table. I was great friends with the gal that he eventually married so when she and I talked lots last summer regarding a Bible Study reunion, I asked if his conversion ‘stuck’ and she exclaimed,”Oh yes! He is such a Godly man. Serving The Lord. Wonderful husband and father and loves our Lord so very much.” This is the couple God planned in advance that you would be used to minister to clear out in California–with a chain going for Taylor to heal, have the infection leave his body from the surgeries, praises that his crushed vertebrae at this time do not appear to have paralyzed him and are praising God for this and for us….God works and orchestrates your searching but as you are doing that He is using you to minister to a hurting reader and then she also passes this encouragement on to a hurting family she cares for. All because you had not found your house yet.

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      That’s powerful! God can certainly use whatever he wants for His glory and our good. I’m so glad He used this post and that song to encourage you during a tough time. I hope your friend’s son has full healing.

  29. You will find the perfect new home! Over the course of 20 years, we visited the Charleston area and I always felt this was where my soul belonged. We had lived all over the country moving with jobs and I always dreamed about the impossibility of moving here. Well, after months of preparing our house to sell, listing it for 4 months, moving across the country with 2 cats in tow, living in a hotel for 10 days, moving into a less than desirable rental property for 7 months, and finally just moving into a beautiful house we built, in the Charleston area, I can tell you that with lots of patience and prayers, my dream for our retirement home came true, and my soul has claimed its new home! And yours will too! You have worked hard for this and now it’s time to let go and let God!!

  30. Debbie M. says:

    Thank you for posting the Soverign song. It was just what I needed to hear & be reminded of. My family & I are missionaries to the country of Botswana in Africa. We are in the States now preparing to go back for a 4 year term & are facing our biggest challenge in our 10 years of missions work, leaving our 2 oldest children in the States for college. I have been struggling with leaving them here, especially not knowing when we’ll see them again. As I listened to the song, tears streamed down my face, as I was reminded again that God will take care of them!! He loves them even more than I do & He is faithful! P.S. I found your blog a few years ago while in Africa & loved ready it & getting inspiration for our home there! Blessings, Debbie

  31. God Bless you Marian!

  32. Paula Lusk says:

    Hi Marion, I too have a soundtrack to my life and I was glad to see you updated us about your home sale/search. Thank you.
    We have been in your position 2 times. And the Lord watched us and waited both times. When he was ready, we sold and bought new homes. We had a major life change in 2010, we gave it immediately to Him and he rules and guides us everyday. Home is where your loved ones are. Blessing to you and your family.

  33. We bought a 2 front door 200 year old plus house while on home assignment about 13 years ago. It was just the right one at just the right price. A God gift of haven for us global nomads. We worked on it during each home visit. After living in it for over 3 years, a first to be in one home for so long, I am learning to really love staying put and actually repainting walls. Your house will come along. What fun you will have!

  34. Ruth Edwards-Shirley says:

    House hunting is stressful, but when the time is right, all will be revealed. Gos’s timing is perfect. The upside is, you will have a whole new world to decorate!

    God Bless you in your search for a new nest.

  35. Kristi says:

    Just Haven’t Met You Yet was my soundtrack for our first adoption! I still get all mushy and sentimental every time I hear it.

  36. Love that you have songs for certain life moments. Music is so powerful, i use it all the time to match and or adjust my mood. I’ve been so inspired reading everyone’s comments about selling your house. Wow… can’t wait to see what manifests!


  37. I think life is about waiting and the growth of our faith and being content like Paul in the Bible, no matter what situation he finds himself in. I always turn to Hymns and my favorite, Be Still My Soul, comes from my favorite scripture, Psalm 46. I am waiting on whether or not I am meant to have another baby. I am blessed with a wonderful son but I never thought I would only have one child. He is now 5 and am struggling about going through the whole pregnancy thing and baby thing again. Nearing 40, I want to worry about all kinds of things that go along with that. I thought I wouldn’t have children then I had my son, so I am so glad to be a mom, but so sad not to have a house with more little feet and laughter and for my son not to have siblings.

  38. Hi Marian,
    I recently found your blog while doing research to refinish a hutch. We recently moved to south central PA, know all about God’s timing and house buying. Although we did have a deadline, my husband is a pastor and we needed to be in the area by a certain date.

    We’ve been living in parsonages for several years so had to rediscover the real estate world. We knew exactly what we wanted, and ended up with a blessing from God and not our desires. We don’t know exactly why he has placed us in a development with little outdoor space but lots of house for empty nesters, we were looking for a rancher in the country….go figure. His ways and timing are perfect, I encourage you to not be afraid to take a step when you know God is leading you.

    Blessings in your journey!

  39. caren says:

    Hi Marian,
    I thought i would share my story…not that I think you need a faith boost or anything, but I think its important to share God glory stories!
    We had been living in a great house, but had outgrown it. I was sure that God wanted us to have the larger house up the street, even wrote the elderly owner several times trying to get her to agree! :) The thought of moving out of our neighborhood made me totally freak out! I even withdrew a contract on a house at one point!

    There was a “dream” neighborhood we used to drive through regularly, hoping that by a miracle a house that we could afford would come on the market. Timed passed…nothing.

    After taking a break, having my third child and being to tired to look, an prior realtor called to ask if we were still looking. We decided to go forward again. During the search she learned that a house in our dream neighborhood had gone back on the market after a fall-through, at a reduced price! We made an immediate offer and got the house and I was not the least bit afraid to move! I also learned that month that I had a malignant tumor on my jaw. I couldn’t understand…God, why!? I finally find our dream house, but life feels like a nightmare.

    I have to say, God was in it all. The day we moved I was meeting with surgeons and oncologists. My mom was able to come stay with us and actually have a place to sleep; my kids were busy and happy playing with neighbor friends, our porch overlooking the yard full of flowers gave me peace and comfort, etc.

    I constantly praise God for placing us here…for many reasons. He blew me away, and answered my prayers really beyond what I could imagine! I know He will do the same for you, can’t wait to hear your story.

    C’s Potential
    ps. 4 years cancer free!! Sound track for sure…mostly Third Day.

  40. Well you certainly can’t go wrong with Chris Tomlin or Michael Buble! Both great songs for a house-hunting soundtrack. We lost our “dream house” when we were hunting over 40 years ago….a little cape cod compete with picket fence and all. The seller took another offer because we hadn’t sold our other home….and we were crushed. Then God sent us back to a house we had looked at earlier but thought it needed too much work…and it was like we saw it with completely new eyes. We bought it, fixed up every square inch of it and loved living in it for 18 years. Our daughter had a much better experience growing up there, we believe, than she would have at the other place. God knew it was best for us and I’m glad He said no to the “dream house”. 😉 We did buy a beautiful farm table from the seller and still have it today!

  41. All the best to you on your farmette hunt! My hubby and I share the same lovely idea-chickens, Back to Eden Garden, all that good stuff.

  42. Bury a St Joseph statue on your yard…worked for me!

  43. Shellie says:

    Loved reading this today, as my family and I are in a similar situation. Don’t have to sell our home, but really want to. We want to downsize and eliminate debt. Have learned a lot over the past two years and God has really worked on our hearts. We realized we can do without a lot of “things” that we once thought were nessesary.
    We also thought we found the perfect little cottage home a street over from the river in Florida where we currently live. The guy was even going to wait until our current home sold. Things did not work out and he ended up selling it to someone else. My heart was a little broken, as I thought it was the one. We are prayerful and have been during this entire process. I know that it wasn’t the home for us because He has a plan. I have to trust in Him and be patient. I don’t know where He wants us yet, but it will happen.
    Thank you for your post. I read your blog often but wasn’t aware you were selling your home until today. Maybe I was supposed to read it today to give me hope.
    I’ll be praying you all find the perfect place as well.
    I’m from Haririsburg by the way! :-)
    Best regards,
    Shellie in Florida

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