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Barn & Willow


A few months ago, I decided I was ready to change out the drapes in my family room.  I had wanted to for a while, but the idea of actually making eight drapery panels (the proper way…lined and hemmed) was overwhelming and prevented me from actually doing anything.

Enter a timely e-mail from Barn & Willow.  


Barn & Willow’s founder, Trisha, contacted me to see if I would be a guinea pig for their new drapery line. When I learned that French pleats and Belgian linen were involved, I was happy to sign on.  I also loved the idea of working with and supporting an entrepreneur who was pushing towards her goals.  Trisha wasn’t new to textiles and drapery and home decor, but she had a vision that finding the perfect drapes for your home shouldn’t be difficult, so she launched her own company.

I know exactly what she means, because I’ve been shopping for drapes before, for myself and with my mom and it can be difficult to find something that’s just right.  I always end up walking away empty handed and I just make my own.  In the case of my mom, she ended up spending a lot of money at a home store and we still had to hem eight curtain panels to make them work for her space.

Miss Mustard Seed-7157

(As an aside, my curtain rods could stand to be lowered about an inch, but I’ve found with small boys, it’s nice to have drapes a little off the floor, otherwise Legos, Goldfish and fluff would be piling up back there!)

Barn & Willow is launching as an online-only brand and are initially offering only 100% Belgian linen drapes in different textures (weights) and colors.


 They are currently offering the drapes in a rod pocket style, which can be hung on rings or slid directly onto the rods…


…but they’ve included a “talk to us” page where you can inquire about customized styles like French pleating or making drapes in a size that isn’t standard.

Miss Mustard Seed-7154

Apart from dragging my fingertips along some panels in a high-end home store, I’ve never really seen Belgian linen.  I can tell you, the texture is really beautiful.  “Barn & Willow’s 100% linen drapes are made from the world’s finest Belgian flax and carefully crafted by highly skilled artisans” and it shows.

Miss Mustard Seed-1-4

 I picked out heavy linen drapes in Oyster, French pleated with lining.  They are functional and beautiful.  So functional, in fact, that we took down our blinds.  I just draw the curtains if we need privacy or to filter light.


I can tell you that through this process, I have been so impressed with Barn & Willow’s attention to detail and their commitment to providing the very best product.  They recognize that drapes are an investment in your home and they want them to be perfect.  There was a panel that was never even shipped to me, because Trisha said it wasn’t perfect and they needed to make another one.  They are so committed to quality and so confident in their product, that they offer a 90 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

I’m excited to help get the word out about an up and coming home decor company that provides a beautiful product, great customer service and really loves what they do.  I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of Barn & Willow!

P.S. – Our home is currently on the market and these drapes do not convey!  :)


While I had things set up to photograph the drapes, I had to take a few closeups of the “props”…

Miss Mustard Seed-5-2

These sweet blue & white plates are actually ironstone!  I found them when I was shopping in Virginia and couldn’t believe when I turned the plate over and saw the hallmark.  I’ll share more on those later…

Miss Mustard Seed-4-2

Miss Mustard Seed-3-2

Miss Mustard Seed-2-2


One last thing, if you’ve been missing my posts in your e-mail, you should be getting them now!  I have switched from Feedburner to Mail Chimp to deliver my e-mail feed.  The first one went out today, but we’re still making tweaks and need to add subscribe boxes, so I’ll share more details later to make sure you don’t miss your daily dose of “mustard”!



Miss Mustard Seed-1-3


Disclosure: I partnered with Barn & Willow and received my family room drapes in exchange for being their “guinea pig” and promoting their brand.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Fiona, Lilyfield Life says:

    the drapes (or curtains as we Australians call them) are beautiful and yes i agree it’s so hard to find good quality drapes. I also end up making them. Marian, you are such an expert at writing a sponsored post. i love your honesty and way of talking about a product. all the best to Trisha and Barn & Willow
    Fiona x

  2. Colleen says:

    You mentioned that you thought you might have the curtains mounted too high off the ground. Well, linen does have a tendency to grow and shrink with the seasons, so what might be too short right now will be perfect at another time. And, I’m curious if you have any issues with baseboard heat and having hanging panels over the heat source?

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      I didn’t even think of that! I did hang them a little short on purpose, so they wouldn’t puddle and would be easy to clean under, but they would look better if they skimmed the floor a bit more, I think.

      As far as the baseboards, they are heated with hot water, so it’s not an issue having fabric directly against them. It would be a problem if they were electric.

  3. Starla says:

    The drapes are beautiful. You can tell they’re well made. Those plates are so adorable! Love the pattern and that they’re ironstone.:)

  4. Gonna check it out. Like yourself, I could sew my own, but will I? I actually made some nice fully lined pleated curtains for my dining room, but since I hung them too low (ironic, huh?) my dogs ruined the bottoms.

  5. They’re gorgeous! They would work beautifully almost anywhere, and you picked out the perfect color. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Becky says:

    Marian, I think the drapes will be beautiful. I love the texture. Also, so glad to being getting your posts again! It’s been over a month for me. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I look forward to all your inspiration.

  7. I LOVE belgian linen! I’ve had some and worked with it and it is my absolute fav – hands down. And I popped over to see the curtains and the price is very reasonable for belgian linen and lined the way they are. I’ve made my share of curtains and lined panels may look simple but they take a lot of time and energy! And I know how expensive belgian linen is so I’m very impressed with their prices for the panels.
    I know you know all this Marian – just putting it out there for whoever might possibly read my comment!

    • Thanks so much Jill for checking out Barn and Willow and posting your review. I would love to work with you if you are looking to get new drapes for your home. Let me know if you would like me to send the swatches to you. I love the fabric – Belgian linen is classy and exclusive indeed and the best thing about these drapes is that it can make the room look elegant and exclusive yet casual.

  8. I’m also glad to be getting your posts delivered to my inbox again! Yeah! I also love Belgian linen. I’m always on the lookout for linen sheets. You have beautiful curtains.

    • Hi Mouse, we are currently focusing on drapes but wait for few months and your wish might be fulfilled. do let us know what you think of the drapes.

  9. I was just in a local Goodwill and saw the very same ironstone only with a small green flower instead of the blue. I had them in my basket and then put them back because I was trying to be better about dragging home every piece of ironstone that I find. See, this is what happens when I try to be good. I am just going to be bad, bad, bad all the time!

  10. Shelley says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your house being under-contract! How exciting for you…now you can feel confident in putting a contract on a larger farm house with a barn to work your magic in!

    Won’t these gorgeous Belgian Linen drapes love wonderful in your new farm house…I wouldn’t leave them behind either…they are just too nice.

    Good luck on your house hunting in earnest…

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Oh, I wish it was, but it’s not under contract, yet. We’re still waiting.

  11. Just beautiful. I love the look, and color options, and it is so wonderful to see an inspiring story!

    I really like the length of your curtains!! With wood floors, I prefer to have them not touching the ground- we have a pug who sheds like crazy, so the amount of dust bunnies that would be collecting along the edge of the curtains would drive me nuts!! 😉 They look more free and easy. :) Just sayin.

    • Thanks Denise for your kind words. Please do let us know if you have any custom curtain requirements.We will make sure that you get the best product and experience @

  12. They’re beautiful. The price of nice curtains makes me sad. I need 8 panels as well…. :( But we just bought a house and haven’t sold our old one yet, so double mortgage payments means no curtains for a while. Pout.

  13. Karen Hawkins says:

    Love the linen drapes, they are gorgeous but the price….they are out of line with most peoples budgets. Pottery Barn has some great linen drapes at 1/2 to 1/3 the price.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for the feedback. Yes true the pottery barn drapes are less expensive but our drapes are Belgian linen and one of the finest ones. You would feel the difference when you feel it. I don’t think Pottery Barn offers Belgian linen of this quality. Our drapes definitely offer lot of exclusivity to the room. Let me know how I can help. Thanks again for the feedback.

  14. Nancy says:

    LOVE love love those drapes!!! And the color selection…wow! And yes, I am finally getting you back in my “in box”!! Thank you!

    • Hi Nancy, glad that you liked the drapes. We have put lot of effort in finding the best linen.(seriously took us months before we zeroed down on these in Belgium :) ) don’t hesitate to reach out to me in case you have any questions or if you want to check out some sample fabrics.

  15. Ok, so, first of all these photos are absolutely stunning. Wow! And this room is insanely gorgeous. I am dying over the blue buffalo gingham check settee. Oh my gosh… What a pretty pretty post, and i will totally go check out the drapes. They look really amazing


  16. Denise says:

    Marian – Is there any chance you’ve ever done a tutorial on how to use pinhooks with rod pocket panels? I’ve got some thermal drapes with rod pockets that are just too thick to pleat nicely on the rods.

  17. Gilda says:

    I tried to order from Barn and willow and it won’t let me place the order!!! Frustrating, because that is exatly what I want for my office…now I hesitate to return to the site..I tried 4 times!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaa

    • Hi Gilda,

      My sincere apologies to you for the issues you had using barnandwillow and thanks a ton for ordering the swatches. The swatches are on it’s way and you should receive it soon. I would love to get a chance to speak with you though and understand what might have gone wrong. Based on my investigation it looks like it might be a web browser issue.
      Please feel free to call me anytime (the number is on the website) or email me with a time and number to call you. Sorry again. Hope you like the fabric..:)
      Please let me know how can I help

  18. I love the texture of linen – all the random nubs! Drapes look great. Best of success to Barn & Willow!
    Oh, and Marian, those floral ironstone plates are just precious!

  19. Charlotte says:

    Yay!!! So happy to be getting email notifications once again!

  20. Good luck in selling your home. I hope you’ll be staying in the Gettysburg area, because it is so beautiful & peacefull there. I’m presently trying to declutter & sell my home in NJ, because we’ve already bought & we’re in the process of re-decorating our retirement home in Fairfield, PA. Once I’m there permanently, I’m planning on trying your milk paint on some furniture. I can’t wait! Now I’m going to check out this new drapery web site, too.

  21. I loooooove the French pleating, that looks wonderful!
    We have our curtains placed a couple of inches higher than the floor, so I think yours are placed just right!

    • Hi Bea, I love love how Miss Mustard Seed has done every corner of her house, the french pleating looks gorgeous indeed…:)

  22. Eleanor Marino says:

    I love the Belgian linen curtains in your family room!! They look perfect with the wainscoting and wall color!! I love the wall color in your family room. Could you please tell me the color?

    • Hi Eleanor, glad that you liked the drapes. do reach out to us in case you are looking at buying new drapes. These linen fabrics are sourced exclusively from Belgium and I am sure you would love them!

  23. Barbara Moore says:

    Love the new drapes and will definitely be checking out this new source. I love love love your ruffled table runner. What kind of fabric is it?

  24. Marian, the drapes are gorgeous…I love linen and the Belgian linen magnificent…I am going over and checking out Trisha’s site…and just love that name, Barn and Willow…

    • Thanks Shirley, it took us quite some time to come up with a nice name. One day we went to check out a friend’s newly bought house in Woodside, CA (the woodside neighborhood is pretty much in the woods and looks charming) and the most unique thing that stood out on their 2 acre land was a barn and a beautiful willow tree next to it. I immediately knew i got the name for our company. Eventually we would like to offer home accessories beyond just drapes (both for the interiors and exterior) .

      Please do check out and feel free to let me know if any questions.

  25. Marianne Davies says:

    I am so happy to be receiving your posts in my e-mail again. I was so missing them. I love the new drapes. Beautiful fabric.

    • Thanks Marianne, we love the fabric too and took us going through hundreds of different fabrics from different mills..but the moment we saw Belgian linen we knew this was exclusive.

  26. sharon says:

    i keep getting “doubles” of your e-mails…just picked up all new curtains at ikea….although i love cream color anything….i enjoy a sweeping on the floor length!!!

    • Miss Mustard Seed says:

      Yep, sorry! We started the new e-mail feed and we’re trying to get the old one turned off. We think we did that today, so hopefully tomorrow you’ll just get one.

    • Agree Sharon, off-white and cream brings a natural elegance to the room. In fact our Oyster white (the one Marian has used) is the one that has sold the most so far. I am sure you are loving your new curtains..:)

  27. Sharon F, says:

    I absolutely love those drapes. You can tell that every detail was well done and thought through. Now, those plates! Those are just awesome. If you decide to sell them…I’m on them like right now.

    • Thanks Sharon, we take pride in the craftsmanship of the drapes because the richness of Belgian linen deserves to be carefully crafted. Please do check out and feel free to let me know if any questions/suggestions..:)

  28. Fabulous drapes and color and will keep this company in mind for when I move to my new place. I’ve always preferred drapes to blinds; I despise blinds and, during colder months, enjoy going through the house and pulling the drapes against the night. When we first moved into this then drafty farmhouse, I hung a quilt over the front door to keep cold from invading the hall.

    • Thanks a lot Sandra, would love to work with you when you are ready to get drapes for your new home. Decorating the new home is so exciting..:) btw, i love the name Thistle Cove Farm!

  29. I just love what you did in your FR! The blue and whits looks so clean and fresh. Those colors have a calming and cooling effect.
    Love the drapes as well!

  30. karen keller-eyer says:

    I have a 8-1/2″ serving bowl in my stash that matches your dishes. I has the same 8-sided squared off edges that the plates have if you are interested……it is in perfect shape too!
    LOVE the drapes!!!!!

    • Thanks Karen. we love the Belgian linen too and in fact irrespective of the style (french pleat, rod pocket), Belgian linen gives a rich and classy look

  31. Barbie says:

    The drapes are beautiful. Good for you getting them for free. They are pricey!!!

  32. Perfectly made, is a beautiful! My favorite.

  33. Cecelia Krajcar says:

    Love linen draperies and I so love to read your blog. It is the “old” woman, back in the day, Home Economics major, teacher career, that wants to teach still, I guess…. Drapes is a verb, not a noun. Draperies drape. I hope this does not offend anyone. I learn so much from reading your blog and others. It is with this intent that I post this message.

  34. Marty M says:

    Those blue and white floral dishes – wow! Are they discontinued Ralph Lauren dishes? Love them!

  35. Miss Mustard Seed says:

    The bowls were from Anthropologie and the others are vintage ironstone dishes.

  36. Marian- I LOVE these curtains. I also LOVE the large blue gingham material on your couch. Where could I find material like this? I’ve tried “googling” large blue gingham fabric and had zero luck. Suggestions are greatly appreciated :)

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